Jim Goes NUTS with AppNut!

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  1. Thanks for the very thorough review Jim! It was great to follow along. I do agree as well that you only get a small taste of what IGF-2 can do on a 4 week run. Judging by the way your clothes fit is a good indication of body composition as well.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by jimbuick View Post
    Well, for some reason I am unable to edit my post for the final review, so.....now it's going to the end of the log.

    So without further ado, here is my final review!

    As always, I will not assign numbers to these results, I will just post my thoughts on certain aspects and note anything I noticed during this 4 week run. Note, I have run most of these products for 8 weeks and firmly believe that the results are MUCH better when the products are given the extra 4 weeks to work their magic.

    First, and most importantly:

    My strength consistently climbed during this run. I attribute most of this to the performance enhancing effects of Uncut and IGF-2. I have run IGF-2 once before, and I noticed the same thing; consistent strength gains. I hit PR's on my Squat, OHP, Deadlift, and Bench Press: along with almost every assistance exercise I rotated out. For strength, this may very well be one of my go to products from now on.

    My recovery during this run was greatly improved. I noticed some severe DOMS during the first week, but after that I rarely noticed it at all. I have noticed since I have been off of the IGF-2 that I have been a little more prone to DOMS (actually have a little bicep DOMS from my stone loads on Saturday) and I rarely had any of that happening during my run. My sleep was generally improved during this run, and it normally is when I use products like this, big thumbs up as far as recovery goes.

    The energy I got from Uncut as a preworkout was consistent and clean, no jitters or crashes. It was always enough to get me through my workouts, even when they were event based GPP, which take a lot of you mentally and physically. On top of that my all day energy was generally improved as well, most likely because of the better sleep I noticed from the IGF-2. Big plus as far as I'm concerned.

    My focus during the workouts was phenomenal; for me, this is where Uncut truly shined. It was a little spotty at first, but as I gave myself more time from my last meal, to my dose I can easily say it is the best focus I have ever gotten from a preworkout. I would HIGHLY suggest you try this preworkout, especially if you're looking for more focus.

    With Uptake I have always had good success as far as pump is concerned. It has even become an issue before with the pump being so painful I would have to stop in between reps to stretch out the muscle so I could continue on with full ROM. At one point on my RE Lower body session I was physically incapable of going on because the pump was so ridiculous it was borderline cramping. Great pump product, probably one of the best on the market.

    The muscular endurance I noticed from this stack was awesome, I was able to use more weights for more reps more often. This is something that any lifter could benefit from, whether they be bodybuilders, strength athletes, or powerlifters. And the cardiovascular benefits gleaned from Uncut were extremely noticeable during the more high intensity GPP sessions, and gym sessions. I found myself short of breath less often, and it was almost as if my lungs had been forcibly opened. This effect was noticeably impacted by the loss of drive, but even Uncut alone made a noticeable improvement.

    Body Composition:
    It is important to note, that I do not track this regularly. If it happens, it is welcomed, but generally I train to be better, faster, and stronger. I don't particularly care if girls think I look good on the beach (I'm married anyway). Even without meticulous care taken for my diet I was able to gain close to 5 pounds (because I lost a little weight before the start of this log) and still lose inches on most bodyparts. Initial assumptions would be that I built muscle, while losing fat. My shirts fit tighter around my chest/shoulders and this is saying something considering I wear XLs. My waist only went up about .3 inches, the morning after a MAJOR carb meal. So, overall I am happy with the body composition results.

    These are all products I would recommend people give a try. I was initially put off by them, especially the preworkouts, because they were capped and would take longer to hit me, but it soon became apparent that the major appeal comes from the ease of downing an encapsulated preworkout and the time release it allows for the stimulants to hit. This stack was very effective for me as a wannabe strength athlete and I made some major progress while using these products. These are products that I would recommend to people, and often do. If you haven't tried these 4 products you are missing out on gains. Period.

    Again, big thanks to Dewey (who is no longer with AppNut) and AppNut for allowing me to run these and share my thoughts, and to everyone who followed me to support me as I continued down this path to greatness (or above averageness lol).
    Very detailed review. Thanks for running the log.


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