Athletix - Stim Sample

  1. Athletix - Stim Sample

    Double S Athletix Stim- Preworkout
    So as promised, wanted to give a quick review of the new Athletix Product X Stim Product.
    Will be as brutally honest as I always am.

    Flavor after openings up the capsules and mixing it with water, appeared to be lemonade/limeade or something along these lines. Unfortunately flavor was very chemical tasting and not all that pleasing. Not terrible but with all the new flavoring systems, could be better.
    Mixability Shaker cup with wire whisk ball. Everything fully dissolved.
    Waited aout 20 minutes but the caffeine surge came on hard, a little too hard.

    My analysis
    So unfortunately I should have inquired exacty how much caffeine was in each capsule as I am not a stim head. This stuff hit me hard and unfortunately was not able to keep focus. Eyes were very heavy and had no focus/concentraion.

    I would try this again,
    A) knowing the caffeiene mgs
    B) better taste.

    My apologies Athletix as I know this is probably not what you want to hear but again, just !keeping it real"! keyword SuppTalk Radio

    Muscle Research Code AM10

  2. Thanks for the detailed review, hopefully the stim free pre-workout works better for you.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

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