ABE-EP-DPOL- LizKing shreds to summer

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  2. Did a bit of hiking this past weekend - It was great to finally get out overnight.... It had been way too long. Not sure of any diet numbers over the weekend. I was definitely low on cals Sunday - spent most of my day hiking.

    I'm down to just a couple days left of Erase Pro, Anabeta Elite, and D-Pol. Will be posting reviews shortly on those. Then I continue with Forskolin 95. I've got a bottle of Vanillean & a partial bottle of Shift I'm thinking about hitting up -since I'm still holding a little ab fat & I've got the supps & its near summer.....

    I'm in a deload week with 5/3/1 - so nothing exciting to report there.

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    Great pic. Must have been refreshing to be out there man.
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  4. Thanks LTL! The trail (or lack thereof) is what keeps me sane...

    Nothing too exciting this week. Supps running out - ABE & EPRO are done & only 1 day of D-Pol left....

    Too much beer this week - wedding over the weekend, along with music practice & gigs, led to some less than stellar diet choices. Food wasn't the issue, just putting away a few too many... Knocking that off pronto (now that I killed all the beer in the fridge - no buying more!!!). Started Forskolin & Vanillean - that'll make 12-weeks total of Forskolin, counting ABE. Working on getting the loose ends of my diet tied up - my calories have been creeping up the past couple weeks. I want to bump down a couple hundred anyway - will start with reducing carbs & dropping alcohol (duh on that one...)

    Starting the next cycle of 5/3/1 next week, so interested in how a bit of a mini-cut will work in that - should help those hanging leg raises - those are killer... Hopefully now the ABE is getting out of the system, I'll have fewer insatiable carb cravings & can get down to business.

  5. Final pics : post ABE, EPRO, DPOL

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  6. I’ll be continuing my journey with 5/3/1 (& whatever supps I may be running) in a new training log:
    LizKing's 5/3/1 Log - reps & supps

    Final Reviews:

    D-Pol: Second try with this product & I am sold! Best DAA I’ve touched (libido & mood A+), along with nitrates for a great pump. Not to mention, the flavor is actually pretty nice.

    Anabeta Elite: Great mother of hunger! Be prepared when running this. I had insatiable cravings throughout the entire 8-week run, along with food pumps at every meal. I didn’t get quite the strength gains of OG Anabeta, I was not disappointed in the least (also on a recomp vs bulk). The addition of Forskolin definitely help trim up some excess fat. I will definitely be running this again.

    Erase Pro: Helping to balance things out in the stack & give me a bit of a drier look. I was curious if this would be too much, as OG Erase made me a bit creaky the previous time I ran it. However, I did not experience an joint discomfort at all. Help me cut up quite nicely, actually.

    All in all, great recomp stack. I have not had my bodyfat checked, so this is all basically anecdotal. However, keeping a bit over maintenance cals, my weight went down several lbs, strength went up, and my abs are more visible than they’ve ever been. Filled out here, trimmed down there - I call that a success. This is an amazing recomp stack & will definitely run again.

    Now if I could get pics that did any justice….


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