I just devoured 1.5 scoops and heading to the gym for a quick session. Definitely in the mood for a "quick pick me up". Had a hell of a weekend and now back to business. A big shout out to Adizzle and the entire PerformMaxLabs for making this possible. Will post how things went when i get back
    "Anger is actually good emotion that's often misunderstood or irrationally used."

  2. well yesterday's session when quite well, actually better than i'd thought it would. i was fortunate to attain 2 samples packs which i used both separately and the experience was ok. but i started with 1.5 scoops and the pump and focus was not like the 2 prior sample experiences. i have a a heavy stim tolerance so i quessed i had to start with the 1.5 to give it a fair shot, but will defintely will be dosing at 2 scoops this afternoon. just to take things onto another level.

    the taste is awesome, they get a 10 from me just off that alone. the market is flooded with friut punch flavorings but performax labs got it right and it's realy light in the dye dept. which is also another plus.

    i'd set out to putting an hour session in and from the time i started drinking the powermax i was lil suspect cause i' didn't get amp'd like i felt i should, but once i started getting in the zone, it was on and poppin'. fatique was reduced once i set things off. i had a busy weekend that involved a wedding so i've been hella busy for a few days prior, gettting things ready, and hadn't been working out for the last 4 days so i needed that extra push that came in the form of 1.5 scoops of powermax. though i can't wait to see how 2 scoops deliver.

    not only did it deliver that extra energy needed but gave a nice pump also that lasted through-out entire session with-out any crash later. and to top things off i was able to eat a nice decent meal which some pwo's don't let me right after my session. so things are off to a good start. will post back later with today's 2 scoop experience.
    "Anger is actually good emotion that's often misunderstood or irrationally used."

  3. Hell yea brother, jsut caught this now but should be a good one!

    Yea the energy with PowerMax should be very clean and smooth so those looking to really get "stimmed out" wont enjoy it as much. But as you've seen, the incredible focus paired with clean long lasting energy is more then enough to produce a really solid workout.

    As well the pumps are awesome with this product with a lot of users commenting it feels like Hemavol! Another thing to mention is NMT i believe increases gastrin production, which could increase hunger. We loved the idea of using this ingredient so post workout your able to really get in all those calories you should. Also of products use stimulants that may be better suited in a fat burner and actually curb your appetite, which isnt ideal for bulking or even jsut getting in post workout calories!
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  4. Adizzle1 beat me to it. NMT was taken into consideration, with all the negative sides resultant of 1,3 DMAA. What's the point of training for results if you're not able to consume nutrients needed for progression? 2 Scoops is the money spot for me, but I also have a high stim tolerance. Maybe 1-1.5 scoops would be ideal for those with a lower tolerance. Looking forward to your Powermax @ 2 scoops experience. Thanks for the update once again!
    Former- Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  5. Cant wait for some more updates!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  6. buddum, bum, bum, bum, i'm loving it. yeah i know too much mcd'dee's. but i'm talking about the power of the P-Max. Sessions have been alot better, especially due to the fact that i'm on a bulk run with the og metha-drol. i'm able to function and accomplish what i intend to while i'm in my session. the energy isn't out of this world, not that i'm blaming the product, but i'm a heavy stim head and i work the night shift so yall know how that can be. no jitters, or lost of appetite but crazy focus that's letting me put in some nice workouts. been keeping at 2 scoops over tha last few sessions but am going to bring it back to 1-1.5. and stretch it out.

    2 scoops is definitely the sweet spot for those heavy stim heads, such as myselflol, the pumps have been insane and it's been helping out a bit with my back pumps, which i feel the taurine may be the reason, so the Pmax is a very versatile pwo, at lease for me in my situation.

    the 2 times i dosed at 2 scoops the sessions were about an hour and a half each, which i expected to be too sore the next day, but with some added bcaa's there non existant, well sort of, but not exactly. not only that i had an evening session and was still able get to sleep without any hassle, an i dosed about 3-4 hrs. before bedtime, now what yall know about that.
    "Anger is actually good emotion that's often misunderstood or irrationally used."

  7. Hell yea sounds like its starting to really work for you, sometimes you jsut need to find the sweet spot to really see the benifits of the product. 2 scoops for me is where i need to be!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  8. Well this log has been incredibly slow, any updates for us?
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  9. Hey PrinceVince, i notice your keeping up with your Endurance Log. We would greatly appreciate some more updates on this log as well!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  10. Yes sounded like you were off to a good start with Powermax and the log. Eager to see some updates, hope all is well!
    Former- Performax Labs Online Company Rep.


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