BlackStone Labs- Trenabol (trenadione) Log

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  1. BlackStone Labs- Trenabol (trenadione) Log

    Thank you to the folks at Iron Mag for allowing me a chance to run this product.

    I've used phf supplements trenavar before, enjoyed it, so I was curious as to how BSL's stacked up.

    will be using it at 60mg e/d for 4 weeks, this should be enough time to judge the compound, and give an honest review.

    Goals are to become stronger & faster, not really bigger, looking forward to the recomp effect this compound will bring.

    workouts will be full body, m w f, and cardio on tues & thurs.

    a lot of supersets, little rest.

    cardio will be zone training based off of my sub max vo2 test data.

    oh, and bootcamp is on saturday mornings.

    I will also be using an ai (6-bromo) during this cycle, to control estrogen, and will be adding in inhibit p around the middle of the cycle, to run through pct

    took my first 2 caps this morning, (30mg) and will dose again in 6 hours.

    typical dosing will be similar, first dose in am (about 4am) second dose will be about 1pm.

    current supps using:
    sns focus xt
    sns bulk leucine
    sns bulk agmatine
    sns bulk citruline malate
    sns bulk creatine mono
    controlled labs omega 3's
    Sns phenibut (as needed)

    let the shredding begin.

  2. Subbed for the ride bro. Let's see some noodz!
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  3. Pass on the nudes but interested in the compound.
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    Pass on the nudes but interested in the compound.
    I find your lack of faith (in his noodz) discouraging.
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  5. Subbed for another JB oral tren log!
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  6. Sub. I wanted this log. This is gonna be sweet

  7. Going to the gym soon.

    Wife is sick, and I'm getting it. But not going to let it stop me.

    Push it.

  8. Good workout.

    3x10 front squat to shoulder press
    3x15 plyo pushup ss pullups
    3x15 stiff legg dlift ss with lat raise
    3x12 single leg ext ss hip abduction
    3x15 cable spider curls ss reverse cable fly.

    Good workout, quick, intense.
    Cardio tomorrow.

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  10. Don't know If it's the cold or tren, but I'm thirsty as hell.

  11. I would like to follow your log, fine sir.

  12. cardio done, 20min in zone 2, (162-170bpm) nice sweat. think my fat ass broke the treadmill though, halfway through it started sqeaking super loud, and didn't stop until I finished.

    sure peeps without music were pissed. I just turned up my music, and kept running.

  13. Subbed.

    Also, when are we going to be priveledged with some nakey before pics? I am looking into this company, their products, and this product specifically with hopes of maybe ua building a future together. ;-). Would like to see others' relative success first before I go committing myself, and nakey pics. always help when it comes making those decisions of whether one wants to "commit" or not ;-p

    Good luck with the cycle either way. This is one of my first posts on here, but I've been lurking for a while and read your input on several different threads and it has my respect as a competent one. Looking forward to hopefully hearing some good things on the cycle.

  14. full frontal nude befor photo pics will be posted together with post cycle full fronal nude pics.

    workout today was good, felt like complete shiit d/t cold, and havn't been taking any dayquil cold medicine cause that shiit ruins my workouts if I even make it in.

    d/b chest press 20/15/15 s/s with leg lift into hip raise 3x20

    burpees 3x15 (last set balancing on 10lb medicine ball) s/s with behind the head cble shoulder press 3x20

    single leg power leg press 3x20 ss with single arm machine fly 3x20

    single arm cable shrug 3x20 s/s with hanging leg raise 3x10

    concentration power curls 3x8 ss with mountain climbers 3x60 foot strikes (last set done while balancing on 8lb medicine ball)

    after that fun, I'm pretty waxed. drank too much water, got a cramp in my core during the second set of mnt clmbrs.

    need to find a spot so I can practice doing hand stand shoulder presses, as they always look bad ass.

    appetite is going up, not sure if it's d/t the cold though.

  15. in4noodz

  16. Kill it brother!

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  17. Cardio today.
    2min zone 1 (150-162bpm)
    2min zone 2 (162-172bpm)
    1 min zone 3 (172-183bpm)
    Repeat X 3 =20min

  18. Quick workout today.

    More conditioning.

  19. Count me in!!

  20. Out of town, going to try to cardio in the hotel gym tonight, if not, I'll workout in the morning.

  21. appetite seems to have gone down, and look like I may be starting to lean out, this could be the sign it's beginning to show effects. not bad for end of 2nd week.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    appetite seems to have gone down, and look like I may be starting to lean out, this could be the sign it's beginning to show effects. not bad for end of 2nd week.
    Is that normal for tren in your experience? I was starving like crazy when i started the cycle but i also noticed a appetite decrease these past few days
  23. Re: BlackStone Labs- Trenabol (trenadione) Log

    Pretty curious about this new tren oral. Good work thus far man. I'll be keepin an eye on this thread

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  24. Quote Originally Posted by machorox123

    Is that normal for tren in your experience? I was starving like crazy when i started the cycle but i also noticed a appetite decrease these past few days
    I'm going to have to go back and check. I want to say yes, but am not 100%

  25. I used dienedione which was marketed as tren back in the day and I don't remember any decrease in appetite. Quite the contrary, if I remember correctly. Two totally different compounds, I know, but my interest is piqued, nonetheless.

  26. In late.

  27. In late as well but i have always enjoyed a jbry log. Love the workouts to bro. I switched this year from an all out powerlifting workout more toward what you are doing. Not near as intense as you but i am working my way there slowly. When i was powerlifting all these years my cardio suffered bigtime. Now that i am retired from that i have totally switched things up. Def looking forward to the rest of your log..take care..SJ

  28. Thanks man, appreciate it.

    todays workout:

    push up on medicine ball: 3x15
    ss with
    TW hip drop 3x10 e/s
    Plank Row 3x10e/s
    ss with
    inlcine Lig/hip raise 3x20
    standing on bosu ball bb shoulder press 3x15
    ss with
    Bulgarian split jump squats 3x10e/s
    Plank with plate transfer 3x5e/s
    ss with
    barbell burpee 3x10
    KB clean 3x15 e/s
    ss with
    physio ball foot tap 3x15 e/s


    Russian twist- 20sec->Jump squat with knee tuck- 20sec->Jumping Jacks 20sec= 1min on 45sec off, 3 rounds.

  29. ......

  30. Quote Originally Posted by jimbuick


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