Anabolic Androgenic Research..Abomination.

  1. Cool Anabolic Androgenic Research..Abomination.

    Well got 2 bottles of abomination in the cupboard..going guinea pig on this one..
    will plan on running between 4-6 weeks on this one... will plan on 4 weeks if every thing goes ok, i will run the extra two weeks
    cycle will look like this,
    first week will be pre loading AI cycle support 2 scoops per day until pct..then will switch to aegis for pct
    Or 0/202/202/303/303.
    will also be running these supps as well
    10 mls per day fish oil
    swiss multi vit.
    Achilles joint support.
    5 mg of turine if needed.
    MP amino1 2 scoops per day.
    Starting weight of 220 looking to hit 230 plus..
    Will start preloading cycle support this friday..
    Got pre cycle pic's taken today so at least there a reference point to compare against at the end.
    Pretty excited to get started as these supp's look really good on paper let's hope they deliver the goods..
    so join in the more the merrier!!! lets get this show on the road

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  3. Cool

    Weclome Big Rigs

  4. Advanced Muscle Science/ForeRunner Labs (East Coast Sales Manager)
    "The Strongest On The Market"

  5. Name:  DOUG 010 edit.jpg
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Size:  24.1 KBFresh from arm day bi's and tri's yesterday and shoulders today

  6. Awesome log!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Awesome log!
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