I've been selected as a product tester for 2 bottles of 1-Andro RX,which will last 30 days at suggested dosing.I'll be running a log here and mirrored over on mindandmuscle.

    I'll be running Purus Labs' D-Pol + E-Pharm's Pump Spray as PCT,primarily to boost test & lower cortisol.PCT will also be ran along with Purus Labs Condense & Muscle Marinade in order to help preserve gains.

    On cycle I'll be using my regular staples of NAC + Vit. C and fish oil,with the addition of Purus Labs' Organ Shield for obvious reasons.

    Some background:

    Lifting steadily since the age of 25,now 37,I have recently returned from a nearly complete year long absence of training and healthy eating.

    I would estimate my b/f at 20% or thereabouts,likely a bit higher.I should be sitting around 10-12% b/f at 160-170.This being my goal,as far as body composition is concerned.

    Weight is around 195.I've lost a signifigant amount of LBM and gained roughly 10 pounds of fat.

    I do work in manual labor so I haven't really lost much functional strength.

    At 3 months now back into training,I'm hitting at most 60-70% of the poundages used before my lay off.Used to be able to hit 1 arm dumbbell snatches with a 95 pounder,I don't feel comforable with even 70.

    I am training around a couple long term injuries,lower back injury from hardscape construction work from around 2 years ago and I have had a well ****ed left shoulder since around 28 from training.Chiro diagnosed it as a shoulder dispingement and has said I wold need surgery last year if I didn't stop lifting and so on.

    That said,my training is pretty much at my discretion,I don't follow any specific protocol and I will be sticking to a decent amount of machine rowing to strengthen my rhomboids to lessen the strain on my shoulders from the lower poundages I will be pressing.Basically,after adhering to tightly regimented protocols like HST,5x5 and so on for the first 5 years of training,I found my approach towards training to be stale and opted to do my own thing by grifting key principles from HST,5x5,time under tension (and others I can't even remember) into an amalgam of sorts.

    Diet will be around 2500 kcals a day,lifting EOD with cardio consisting mostly of jogging with spruinting thrown in at whim 2x/week.

    I'll try to get some pre-trial pics up soon,I expect to see some decent changes after 30days on this supp,paired with training & eating clean.

    I'll add that I've used just about everything over the counter with research indicating a plausible effect WRT fat loss & muscle growth in humans over the years...green tea extract,NAC,fish oil,creatine,beta alanine,caffien,ephedrine,yohi mbine,alpha yohimbine,etc....over the counter hormonals like Nor-Derm,6-oxo,11-oxo,Havoc,1-T Tren.

    I've used illicts such as clen and DNP to cut.Ah yes,if I am able to source DNP at a decent price I may use it over the winter but that would only come after getting back into better cardiovascular shape and smoking cigs is a thing of the past.I'd imagine DNP usage + training+dieting may land me in the ER,if I were to employ its fat loss properties mediated from the 9th plane of Hell,at the moment.

    As well as injectible AAS such as test e,test prop,deca,NNP,anavar,masteron.

    That said,I know how my body responds to a veritable plethora of body comp manipulation agents and what effects to look for in evaluating a supplement that is touted to accomplish what "1-Andro RX " is.

    I started 3 days ago,nothing to note yet as far as subjective feedback is concerned.


  2. Been 7 days on cycle now and as of the past 2 days,stength gains have kicked in quickly.

    Yesterday I did a full body w/o with moderate weights and the same poundages (roughly) felt somewhat light compared to a week and change ago.Hehe.Gotta love orals.Today I went back to the gym and did some cardio and a bit of arms to see if I felt as if strength was increasing from yesterday.Yes,being the short answer to that question.

    Though I'm defnitely not loving the lethargy I'm seeing with this.I've never used 1-test but figured lethargy would be an issue without a test base like 4-AD.It's not too bad though.

    Hell,I'd be interested in logging 3 bottles of this back to back.

  3. You thinkning of any kind of cotisol spray? any recommendations?

  4. Yeah,I plan on using E-Pharm's Pump Spray though I'm not sure what you're refering to?During cycle or PCT?

    Generally speaking,I don't think cortisol should be played with via supps while on cycle,IME it's best saved for when coming off an androgen when cortisol starts to escalate.That said,I like the idea of using Pump Spray as part of PCT in order to avoid fat gain and mitigate PCT associated lethargy.A conservative to moderate dosage is best,you don't want to beat the hell out of cortisol,just supress the escalation that kicks in due to coming off androgens.Lowering cortisol too much leads to pronouned joint discomfort and mental sluggishness,hardly desirable traits during PCT.Just makes sense if you think of cortisol being the fight or flight hormone,supressing such tends to lead to a generally apathetic state. That would be my suggestion.

    Furthermore,due to the dry nature of 1-test,lowering cortisol would make joint pain more prominent,which is something I wouldn't suggest.

  5. A feww notes now that I'm halfway through the cycle and everything is in full swing.

    I'm realizing some solid recomp effects with this compound,though lethargy is starting to get to me more than last week and sleep has been negatively effected as well.Weight is down 2 pounds from 2 weeks ago,been at a slight deficit and I really have no been dieting all that meticulously so that said,2 pounds of fat is pretty good.Muscle fullness and vascularity is very pronounced,basically on par with a low dose cycle of injectible or transdermal test though the well being aspect of supraphysiological test is far from present.

    Strength is where I'd expect it to be from an oral 1-test PH ,pretty solid but it wanes during longer full body w/o's which I attribute to the lethargy associated with this compound when a test base is not employed.

    Any questions,post away....


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