pni triple threat cycle log 2/13

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  1. Good luck !
    Broser Built Athlete

  2. Keep going strong bro!
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  3. ripped up lower back muscles. all knotted up . physical therapy next week plus need to get a deep tissue massage to loosen them up. Luckily working at a college has its perks,i'm gonna go see the head trainer today to see what he can do for me. I was hoping to do a workout today but may have to for go it for this. we will see.

  4. Good luck man. It sucks having constant issues like that

  5. man i will be glad when i can get going and get my fat ass doing some cardio. I hate feeling of this gut on my belt. haven't had it in over a year and didn't miss it one bit! since i've been down i have no way to get enough of a workout in to stimulate enough caloric burn to keep it off. I got in some bw dips last night but that was about all i could handle without the pain kicking in. what a biatch!!!!

  6. setting at my desk is the only thing i have been able to do the last week because of it . the moment i get up and walk anywhere it kicks in and i am right back here.

  7. Man just focus on your rest and your diet for now if u can't do anything.

  8. good advice my man good advice! will do!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Wilpit View Post
    Man just focus on your rest and your diet for now if u can't do anything.
    I agree, and even if you think you can do something....DON'T! Wait for therapy to start up and let them assess you. I spent two years in therapy because I was prideful and kept up the push through it attitude. A bad surgery with a csf leak and a small slip up that lead to losing must function of my left leg which has just now started to regain strength to a normal level. Take it easy brother, diet and continue to rest.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by R3ACTION View Post

    I agree, and even if you think you can do something....DON'T! Wait for therapy to start up and let them assess you. I spent two years in therapy because I was prideful and kept up the push through it attitude. A bad surgery with a csf leak and a small slip up that lead to losing must function of my left leg which has just now started to regain strength to a normal level. Take it easy brother, diet and continue to rest.
    Got to the trainers and he worked me pretty good.20minutes on the bike, foam roll deep tissue massage and ice and stim for 20 felt good for the first time in weeks. Showed me some stretching exercises to do at home and recommended ice and rest.

  11. Keep healing up bro and ease your way back into it
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  12. 183 this morning not going down like i imagined but with the lack of cardio i have been doing i understand. since the meeting with the trainer at school i can stand to do bike so i will incorprate taht next week as my after work workout .
    managed to squeeze in a chest workout today at home.
    breakfast was paragon,
    one egg white with toast
    20 ounces of water

    lunch was 20 ounce whey shake

    banana for midday snack

    dinner was : icup brown rice, 1/2 cup pinto beans, 1 2 ounce slice of ham diced and sauteed together. 20 ounce water.
    i will add the macros tomorrow and log.

    chest workout consisted of :
    superset of dumbell flyes 3 sets x 10 not counting warm up 40, 45, 50
    incline db press 45, 50, 55 2x10 one to failure
    incline machine press 3 x 10 at 100 super set with machine flyes same weight
    overhead dumbell extention 55 lbs 3x10
    pushups 3 x25
    that did it for today was all i could get through in time before daughters ball practice
    good pump on the prodigy, man that stuff makes my head crawl but glad to have the rests in between. never thought i would need that long of a one . good call Luke! very good intensity during the workout.
    i am being careful with the back guys don't worry just want to do what i can to stay active and Luke has agreed to get me straight after rehab on the back. Everyone is killing it just want to do what i can . i still won't be able to do any legs or back and arms will be limited to waht i can get done here at home until complete recovery. gonna get my stuff straight onthe diet and rest is no problem getting plenty of that. this week is gonna be rough at work as will next week with key people being out and me taking up the slack be we will percevere ( it that is spelled correctly). have agreat day tomorrow everyone.

  13. Proud of ya man for not giving up. Last thing we want is to hurt yourself, so continue to take it easy and dont push it. Like i said even after this competition we will get you back on track. You will not be missing out on anything just a little delayed is all due to the injury.
    Broser Built Athlete

  14. Never give up Chef! We're all proud that you are fighting
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  15. Keep going man, it's def a hard process when healing and trying to hold back from training.

  16. Ok , got home today after a hard day dealing with all the pain. took my prodigy , paragon and half a thermadex. good lord what a rush, got down in the basement and did arms before dinner. Man they swole up something fierce! hadn't had a pump like that in i don't know how long. couldn't even lift a thing afterward the last set. heres how it went:

    skull crushers 3 sets @ 50 for 10 reps
    clse grip bench 3sets same same (superset)

    straight bar pushdowns 3 sets @75 for 10, 10, 15
    ezcurl curls 3 sets at 50 for 10

    hammer curls at 35 3x10
    concentration curl 3 x10,8, 4 at 35lbs

    arms were wrecked but in agood way. totally exhausted , 2 minute rest in between supersets was a must. usually i burn through aworkout HIIT but not on this stack you would pass out. love the pump hard to get my shirt off afterward.. Good sweat too. relaxed the rest of the evening with the kids good dinner and watched the bible as a family before bed. great finish to a hard day. hope everyone had a great workout and is doing the same my brothers. God Bless. cardio and rest day tomorrow.

  17. finally got a appt. with a a chiro to check my back. these witch doctor at the clinic on campus don't have a [email protected]#$ing clue as to how to treat a muscle injury except dope you up. Got a friend of my wife who is a massage therapist gonna give me a deep tissue massage next week and I got myself a foam roller to do at home. The Physical therapist wouldn't even return my phone calls so screw her too. the chiro will do a full workup on me to see exactly what the problem is and I fear it is bad. I have never had it go this long with all that I have been doing to treat it(ice, stim, rest medicine etc) it just looks bad for me, but I am seeing the right people so we will see. couldn't do anything but abs last night because of the pain but got out 150 crunches and 50 leg raises to the point I couldn't breath so they got a good workout. just trying to do what I can to keep in the game and not set myself back as far as I could be, just the stubbornness in me I guess. Logs look great guys really racking up the weight and losing it too. I have gained around 8 in two weeks, some in my belly but my arms and chest look bigger to me. could be the muscle relaxers they have me on though! lol. keep pushing brother in iron and I will follow.

  18. Like always good luck man. Hopefully some of that 8lbs is good mass

  19. Hope its nothing too serious man. Best of luck at the appointment
    Broser Built Athlete

  20. got the verdict from the doctor today. sprained lower inside back muscles. 90 days of therapy ahead out for the contest with no back training of anykind allowed. iwill continue to lift what ican and keep my strength up just work around the injury. my luck thats what happens when you try to act like you are twenty again. she told me it was gonna happen sometime and i am lucky it can be fixed. great doctor very thorough . she said i most likely will be back in sixty due to the shape i'm in so that is aplus. i will continue to log just not take the supps until i am healed fully and start again. so i am out just not gone. good luck tot he rest of you guys i know it is not just about winning it is to see how far we can push ourselves to achieve smething great.

  21. Good luck in your recovery man.

  22. well an update for those still following week one of therapy done still nowhere near feeling any better. . she said it would get worse before getting better due to the adjustments. Gotta stay on the ice every 35 minutes throughout the day which is a pain at work but gotta o what I gotta do.

    hopefully after a full recovery I will be smarter and still be able to achieve everything I have been working toward. was going to try to do alittle leg work today if time permitted but had an emergency at work and have to stay late .. and so it goes!

  23. Just take it slow man it's important to stay healthy. Not to mention that you can never get leaner/muscular if you are broken.

  24. so true my brother so true.

  25. did a short leg workout today to try out the back. did Dorian Yates b & G leg session with quads only and calfs.
    3 sets ( two warm up , one working) leg extentions 135 @ 10, 160 @ 10 , 185 @ 10
    leg press 3 sets of 10 with superset of calf raises 325 ,415, 460
    quads were blown up fetl great back didn't bother me at all. came home iced it up good. another chiro tomorrow them off for a week.
    been doing what ican at the house, did agood chest and arm workout friday and sunday felt good to feel the burn and the pump again.
    gonna go back on my bulk a while until i get better then around may i will be ready to change over and lean up for summer.

    would like to congratulate who won but in the end you are all winners because you challenged yourself to be better no award is better than that!


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