hydroxycut hardcore

  1. hydroxycut hardcore

    kroger has a clearance section, and unlike walmart they actually really mark stuff down, usually half off or more!!! i saw a bottle of this for $10...what the hell, for that price i will give it a shot....let me tell you it blew away a lot of the stuff i have been getting online lately. what has happened to so called hardcore online supp companies when a supp i bought at a freakin grocery store puts their 'hardcore' supps to shame.

    i hate to say it but it seems that supp companies have lost their balls when it comes to stims!!! in particular pre-workouts, they seem to be getting much weaker on the stims.... don't the people who make this stuff know that stim effect is what sells, give me back my stims!!!!!!

  2. took 2 of these bad boys when i got up this morning, had my cup of coffee then went out and shovelled snow. the energy wasn't as insane as it was yesterday, probably because i knew what to expect...but it was pretty damned good-better than 98% of stims i have tried lately!!! shovelled snow for around an hour and a half. when i went in i had soaked 3 layers of clothes even though temp was around 18. pretty good thermo effect i would say. can't say much for appetite suppression though i was hungry as hell!!!!

  3. took 2 upon waking then 10 minutes later i was on my treadmil. i could feel it kicking in, got a good adrenalin rush. went 60 minutes on treadmil easily, i actually enjoyed it with my music blaring in my headphones!!! this stuff is the real deal....

  4. tonight will be the real test for hh...going to take 2 caps before work, then another 1-2 caps along with a scoop of ergopump nmt before gym in the morning.

  5. i guess it's time to go back to the old foggies like the stones and the who...at least they have talent even though they are older than dirt. beyonce, lol-what a joke!!!! only thing that could have saved her performance was if she pulled a janet jackson, and even that would have only been a 'flash' of something good!!!!

  6. took 2 caps of hh before work last night, had good energy for around 4 hours then effects started to die off some. by the end of night i was tired. got home from work and took 2 hh and a scoop of ergopump nmt and headed for gym. by the time i got to gym i was wide awake and ready. energy was there but strength wasn't, for some reason strength just wasn't there. decided to lower weight and do high volume, this worked out good...got a nice workout in then did some time on stairmaster machine. as far as pump goes from the ergopump, it was a little less than what i expected. for some reason my body just seemed out of whack today.

  7. just weighed in....down 4lbs.

    this might explain why strength was off today.


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