PR-XT'N All Up In Your Kool-Aid(Grape Ape Flavor)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Ape McGrapes View Post
    Helllloooo....Anyone out there? ...Oh, **** it!

    My calfs are worst than yesterday. I'm walking with a slight limp, and barely made it down the stairs this morning. If it wasn't for the railing I may have fallen.

    Looks like I'll be stuck lifting Wednesday and Saturday again. Holidays and **** dawg.
    I hit some legs on Friday and my calves are still sore today. They are sore to the touch it's so bad. I like to feel a work out to an extent, but this is a little much. lol

  2. Quote Originally Posted by mpaquett View Post
    I hit some legs on Friday and my calves are still sore today. They are sore to the touch it's so bad. I like to feel a work out to an extent, but this is a little much. lol
    My feelings exactly.

    Tonight the old man picked up some pizza dough and made a few pies. A rare treat, so I pigged out a little. Popped my PRXT 30 minutes before. Not sure if just a coincidence but I had a great food pump after. Muscles felt real full.

  3. If you make your own dough get some bulk HCA and mix it with the flour

    Like a couple grams

    Then use peach salsa grilled chicken and fresh mozzarella on it.

    It'll keep weight off pretty well

  4. We go to the local joint and pick some up.

    I'll keep that tip in mind for when I finally live on my own and am forced too cook more than just my breakfast and lunch.

  5. Here's a quick Christmas morning breakfast. Nothing too fancy.

    Going to have to get some more pics up of my dinners. Ma' Dukes is the Don Chef of home cooking.

    Calfs are still sore.

  6. Looks delicious, Im making the family feast now!

  7. Yeah, we were going to make some fancier dishes, but time flies on Christmas day. Could have used some porkroll with the breakfast meat.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Ape McGrapes View Post
    Yeah, we were going to make some fancier dishes, but time flies on Christmas day. Could have used some porkroll with the breakfast meat.
    Yeah Im reaching my mid twenties so the duty of Christmas dinner is not on my hands. Though I must say I can cook a mean F****** dinner so everyone was happy.

  9. quick update as I've been busy.

    Diet was off Christmas eve and Christmas day. Maybe not calorie wise, but food wise. My aunt decided to do Christmas this year, and she doesn't cook like the rest of the fam, so it was catered. Here's a pic of dinner that night.

    Here is Wednesday nights dinner.

    Loan of Pork, Homemade Pork Garvey, Roast Potatoes, Asparagus, Applesauce, and Red Cabbage.

    And of course last night.

    Rolled chicken stuffed with stuffing, Chicken rice, and fresh green beans.

    Didn't get to the gym till Wednesday. Hit a PR on Leg press, and did a set of leg curls and extensions. My extensions were up +50lbs from the last time I did them about 10 weeks ago. Really shows the great strength gains I've made. Followed up with some calfs, and the Arm blast exercise I had. Wasn't all too impressed with it, but it was a decent arm workout non the last.

    Leg Press: 5x455lbs, 3x555lbs, 1x635lbs

    New diet and routine coming Monday to spark my recomp/cut before my lean bulk. That'll be my last week on PR-RX, and will lead into a new log of 11-KT Spray, Alphamine, and Recompadrol. Be sure to follow.

  10. Welp, I was gonna comment on your progress, but I'm fuarking starving and that food looks incredible.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  11. Yes, I eat like a king with the home cooked meals. Going to miss them when dinner switches to grilled chicken and a sweet potato.

    Maybe I will allow myself Sunday night dinners. Usually the biggest, and most delicious.

  12. Exactly a week left today. I can not wait to get in the gym tomorrow, and set this new routine off right. Ill be sticking to the 2 day split, as it fits my life right now.

    First exercise will be performed at 6-9 reps, and the second exercise(of the superset) will be performed at body weight for 15 reps(or failure). 2 minute rest in between sets.

    Back Squat
    Backsquat+Jump Squat
    Back Squat+Jump Squat
    Jump Squat

    DB Bench
    DB Bench+Push Ups
    DB Bench+Push Ups
    Push Ups

    Drag Curl
    Drag Curl+W/G Pull Up
    Drag Curl+W/G Pull Up
    W/G Pull Up

    Machine Row
    Machine Row+Chin up
    Machine Row+Chin Up
    Chin Up

    Seated DB Pullover
    Seated DB Pullover+Bench Dip
    Seated DB Pullover+Bench Dip
    Bench Dip

    Standing Military Press
    Standing Military Press+Front Raises
    Standing Military Press+Front Raises
    Front Raises

    Myotic Crunch
    Cat Vomit Stretch
    10 set Ab Circuit(10 exercises, 10 reps each no rest)

    Deadlift+Good Mornings
    Deadlift+Good Mornings
    Good Mornings

    Decline Bench
    Decline Bench+Chest Dips
    Decline Bench+Chest Dips
    Chest Dips

    Incline Curl
    Incline Curl+Incline Flies
    Incline Curl+Incline Flies
    Incline Flies

    1 Arm DB Row
    1 Arm DB Row+Inverted Row
    1 Arm DB Row+Inverted Row
    Inverted Row

    Tricep Pushdown
    Tricep Pushdown+C/G Push Up
    Tricep Pushdown+C/G Push Up
    C/G Pushup

    Arnold Press
    Arnold Press+DB Shrug
    Arnold Press+DB Shrug
    DB Shrug

    Planks(2 sets)
    Lower Ab Planks(2 sets)
    Side Planks(2 sets)
    Hanging Knee Raises(2 sets)
    10 set Ab Circuit(10 exercises, 10 reps each no rest)

    I will be doing some HIIT at a near by park. Try to shoot for 4 30 second sprints/1.5 minute rests, and work my way up over time. Follow with 15 minutes steady state.

    Ill be doing some Metabolic Blasters. 3 sets of 5 exercises 10 reps each in circuit fashion.

    Renegade Rows
    3 Point Pushup(my own name for this exercise)
    Super Planks
    Maintain Climbers
    DB Swings

    This will be followed by a set of 75 DB swings. As many sets as it takes me to perform all 75, and when I can do it in 1 try, I will increase the weight.

  13. Ill be doing Intermittent Fasting. Haven't decided on when I want to break the fast but it will be in the AM for Breakfast.

    Breakfast: Protein Pancakes, 2 Eggs
    Snack: Whey Protein W/ 1% Milk
    Lunch: Turkey Burger W/ Cheese on Multigrain Sandwich Thin, 1 Sweet Potato
    Snack: Whey Protein W/ 1% Milk
    Dinner: Grilled Chicken, Multigrain Pasta, Mixed Vegis

    Extra 300 cals on workout days in the form of oats in my PWO. Probably eat dinner with the fam on Sunday nights.

    M:2100 cals
    T:1800 cals
    W: 1800 cals
    TH: 2100 cals
    F: 1800 cals
    S: 1800 cals
    SU:1800 cals

    Id like to maybe go a little higher on cals on Sunday. Maybe more like 2500-3000. Possibly by adding some Peanut butter and Oats to my protein shakes, and maybe breaking my fast. Just a thought for now. Maybe some extra cottage cheese added to my everyday diet too, or a little more fat in the form of olive oil. Any ideas?

  14. Yesterdays training did not go as well as I had hoped. A few of the supersets I could not finish the reps. Called a few exercist as well. Strangely I am extremely sore today. I just felt real weak yesterday. Some weights had tobe dropped significantly. Hopefully it is just a fluke thong, and really it could have been a number of reasons; all the New Year resolutionaries, poor sleep, or the fact I started using my Fat Gripz again.

    Diet is spot on so far. Did a ton of few prep: Marinaded and grilled the chicken, mixed up the turkey meat(teriyaki sauce, onion, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, bread crumbs) and made patties, boiled all the pasta etc...

    Didn't get to run this morning, so I will go after dinner.
    The intermittent fasting hasn't been to hard. I have been noticeably hungry though, on tleast half the caps.
    Hope Mans doesn't mind, but I started using Alphamine to replace my morning coffee. Just to try and gauge tolerance. I don't think it'll skew the PR-XT effects much at all.

  15. Everything has been up to par.

    Diet is 100% on track except for a banana I had preworkout. Needed a little substance in me as I worked out between my first and second meal

    Today's workout wasn't as hard as Mondays(but I forgot my fat gripz at home) but still kicked my ass. The intensity has the weights much lighter than I would like, but I'll shoot to increase reps. If I feel to overworked I'll cut the # of sets for sure. As for the reps, I'm definitely not hitting the numbers I want, but overall everything is consistent. for example:

    Decline Bench/Chest Dips
    Set 1: 9 reps
    Set 2: 6 reps+8 reps
    Set 3: 6 reps+5 reps
    Set 4: 10 reps

    I'd say my first set and last set seem to be easier, but that is a given. Otherwise across the board I seem to be at 6 reps and 8 reps for my supersets.

  16. Final review and progress pics coming soon for you *******s. Thanks for following!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Ape McGrapes View Post
    Final review and progress pics coming soon for you *******s. Thanks for following!
    Chhyyyeaaaaa boyyy! In.


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