Gamma Labs Dual log (sponsored)

  1. Gamma Labs Dual log (sponsored)

    OK everyone my first log got taken down but Gamma is back on the boards!!.

    I have GammaO pills and PTF (pre training formula)
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  2. Gamma O-I started out running 2 pills 2 times a day and a few days ago I bumped it up to 3 pills 2 times a day.

    I like it a little better at 3 pills and I have about a week left.

    PTF-I have been using the PTF at 2 scoops and have had good focus and good workouts.
    I like that I have had no crash from this at all.
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  3. sub'd for epic results

  4. In on this

  5. I took my PTF a little later last night and I had problems sleeping. It was the first time I took it that late.
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  6. This week is going to be a messed up gym sched.
    I will be hitting the stairs hopefulyy for 60 min.
    Wed. off to take the kids trick or treat.
    Sat I have a wedding at Soldier Field that my wife is standing up in.

    This will be the final week of this log so I will try to get a few updated in. Im sorry I have such a messed up final week of a log that was started late under the circumstances
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  7. Looking forward to your final thoughts

  8. Quote Originally Posted by TheFugitive View Post
    Looking forward to your final thoughts
    Few days left man. Pretty solid product I must say. I will get the final up for you in the next day or so.
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  9. Thumbs up

    I must thank Gamma and TheFugitive for understanding how this all went down and played out!!!!
    They could have been a little hard on the 3 of us that logged but I have to say they have been extremly STAND UP for how bad of a "log" mine was

    For those that dont know we won a promo before they were "officially" on here. We started our logs 2 were taken down if I am correct. Fugitive completley understood. The minute he got back on here I put up another log.
    Pretty much only a weeks worth of a log but here are the reviews.

    I like this PWO or as they call it a PTF(Pre training Formula)Im picky with taste and in general not a fan of Fruit Punch flavor type drinks. This is not bad tasting but I am not all that concerned with the taste of any PWO in general. I rather look for results.
    Strong points of this were the FOCUS & ENDURANCE/ENERGY for me. I did feel like I could train for 3 hours no problem at all.
    This was taken at 2 scoops from the get go.
    NO CRASH which was great and when taken a little later no problems getting a normal nights sleep.

    Nice run for a natty test booster. This is a prequel to my PH run so I really like that it seemed to hardened up a tad with this. I have been eating more so I cant say that this led to my slight weight gain.

    Started at 2 pills to times a day and finished this morning. About a week ago I bumped the pills up to 3 & 3.

    Very comparable to other natty boosters in its class. It could have been a little more for me thats why I bumped it up a bit.
    Every thing that comes with a natty test booster was present here. Libido was noticable but not crazy.
    Like I said with the incease in calories I cant say that this is what made me stronger but my training was very good over the last few weeks.
    I noticed they have a liquid version of this and would be interested in seeing how different the liquid is than the pills.

    TheFugitive I must say from a REP to a REP I appreciate your kindness during this unfortunate log experience for all of us.
    A bad log doesnt make myself look any better
    Mind & Muscle Rep

  10. Marms, thanks again, you did a fine job!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by TheFugitive View Post
    Marms, thanks again, you did a fine job!
    Thanks TheFugitive.
    Mind & Muscle Rep


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