Endurance Bcaa Plus by Fahrenheit Nutrition Log/Review

  1. Endurance Bcaa Plus by Fahrenheit Nutrition Log/Review

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    This will be a month long log and am super excited to try this out. This will be a solo run and will not be running with anything else.

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    Really excited to see how the buffering effects work.

    Initial Thought

    This stuff is delicious, it taste just like blue Gatorade. It mixes very well and no chunks were left remaining. Join in for the ride!

  2. In!

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  3. In on this one as well. Will you be taking for strength and recovery (such as weight training) or for endurance (such as cycling or other endurance training)?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Black Mo View Post
    In on this one as well. Will you be taking for strength and recovery (such as weight training) or for endurance (such as cycling or other endurance training)?
    I will be taking this mostly for strength and recovery, 6 months ago I had a really bad shoulder and wrist injury that made it difficult to do much of a workout at all. Im finally healed up and ready to get my strength back and regain my muscle.

    Week 1
    Overall, I'm still loving this stuff so far. To best assess the buffering effects of BCAA Endurance, my routine for the next month will be lower reps and higher weights, as well as pushup, pullup, and 70lbs barbell curl for endurance.

    Initial Abilities:
    61 pushups
    23 pullups
    15 70lb barbell curls

    End of Week One:
    67 pushups
    25 Pullups
    17 70lb barbell curls

    My bench press was dramatically affected by my injuries and a month ago, I could barely even do 1 rep at 225.

    Start of Week 1:
    Flat Bench185x7, 205x5, 210x3
    Incline Bench 155x8, 185x5, 195x3
    Decline Bench 185x6, 205x4, 225x3

    End of Week one:
    Flat Bench 195x5, 215x4, 235x2
    Incline Bench 195x5, 225x2, 235x1
    Decline Bench 185x7, 205x4, 230x4

    Clear improvement is seen after the first work, and I cant wait to see where it goes from here. All my other lifts are also going up, and Ill keep you updated on the biggest improvements.

    Week one Final Thought
    For the taste, value, and convenience, Endurance BCAA is most def going to make its way into my routine after this month.

  5. in dis mofo!

  6. Everything is going great in the gym. I feel like my shoulder has finally healed which is great news. Anyway I maxed my bench at 270 which is a new record for me and Im stoked.

    End of Week 2
    73 pushups
    28 Pullups
    19 70lb barbell curls

    One thing I have really noticed is that I am much less sore on my days off and for lower weight- higher rep exercises, I feel the burn as usual but it's not overwhelming and I am able to keep going. I need to look up the mechanism for creatinol-o-phosphate because this stuff really is awesome. Ive had similar results with beta-alanine solo before, but creatinol-o-phosphate really does bring the buffering ability to a whole new level.

    Also, I have noticed when I go to exhaustion, my recovery time is much better: the lactic acid "burn" is much less noticeable.

    Im still loving the product, it's delicious and making some great results. It delivers an awesome amount of BCAAs by itself, but the ingredient profile is both impressive and functional.

  7. How's it going?

  8. everything ok man?

  9. any updates? final review?

  10. I want to first apologize to everyone for the update delay in this log. On 9-25-12, my brother was involved in a car accident and was in the hospital until 10-1-12 when he peacefully passed away.

    It's the first day I have been able to get back to my normal schedule since I have been so busy getting in touch with friends and relatives. Ill always love him and he was the one who encouraged me to start working out and helped me get into great shape. Don't feel bad for me or anything; Im doing great and I know he's in a better place and ill see him again someday!

    As far as the Endurance Bcaa Plus by Fahrenheit Nutrition, I still have half a tub left. I will give it a two week break, then start over for an epic 6 week non-sponsored log.

    Overall Impression
    To sum it up simply.... I put in 2 orders for Endurance Bcaa Plus by Fahrenheit Nutrition from nutra today. Not because I feel inclined to; simply because I freaking loved the stuff! I recovered faster, felt better, and had great increases in low weight high rep exercises. Im not trying to bull@%#* anyone, I really do recommend it.

    Apologies to Bolanrox for not being able to come through with a complete log, but Ill make sure to post up all the good results in my 6 week log of Endurance Bcaa Plus by Fahrenheit Nutrition. Thanks for the opportunity; the only reason I would buy a product is if it works- I loved every bit of it, Im sure ill be putting more orders for it in the future from nutra :]

  11. No worries man. So sorry to hear about your brother.

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  12. im also sorry for your loss and thanks for the review and current purchase.


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