Enhanced is getting sliced & diced w/ Lean EFX Refined

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  1. Enhanced is getting sliced & diced w/ Lean EFX Refined

    That's right, it's time to finally go on an all out cut! I know, bad timing.. Oh well..

    Big thanks to the folks over @ Fahrenheit Nutrition for giving me this opportunity to log their product. The profile looks solid & I'm really looking forward to trying to get back into my 32's and see my abs again! I've spent the better part of '12 just bulking & recomping. I'm ready to try to lean out some. I might go on a lean bulk later this winter, so the extra fat I get rid of right now will help out a little.

    I'm going to be doing primarily cardio @ the gym, with some circuit courses thrown in. The dosing calls for 1 in the morning w/ food, not exceeding 2 caps per day. I got up this morning, & ate 2 fig newtons. Anybody have any other suggestions as to what to eat w/ this before cardio?? I didn't want to eat too much. What I had, seemed to be just right. Not too heavy, & no upset stomach at all while running.

    I started feeling the energy about 20-25 minutes after I dosed it. It definitely wasn't a huge rush of energy, just a nice, clean boost that had me ready to hit the road w/ the dog. I ran for 10 min w/ the dog, then dropped him off. When I came in, I drank about a half bottle of power aid & then went out and ran another 25 minutes around the subdv. As soon as I got to the house, I got in the car & went to the gym for an upper body circuit course. I was absolutely drenched (south Louisiana humidity) when I got to the gym. I got about a 40 min workout in before the wife called me & asked me to help get my boy ready for school.. (pre-k).

    Now, 4 hours later, I'm not one bit hungry!! I had a protein shake when I got home from the gym, mixed w/ water. Since then, I haven't been able to eat anything. I'm going to try & force a banana right now, because I'm outside sweating my a$$ off laying sod & putting up a fence. I'm already at a gallon of water for the day!! Damn..

    Anyway, thanks again to Fahrenheit for this run. Here's my beginning photo from this morning. Upon waking, I was 174.8. I'll update the weight a few times a week. Thanks to all who follow. Feel free to critique or advise where you see fit.


  2. Saved for final review!

  3. Subbed.
    I inquired about taking with food. You can take on an empty stomach, it is only for possible discomfort that they recommend the dosing that way. Took mine fasted this morning with no issues.

  4. Thanks dude!

  5. Great first day on this. First impression: NO APPETITE! I didn't get hungry till around 3pm. That was after laying 2 pallets of sod!! Total water intake today - 2.5 gallons!

    Time to unwind & get ready for tomorrow.

    Oh, energy was nice too!

  6. No weigh in today.

    Got up @ 6 for a jog. Was going to go to the gym for an arm workout, but figured I'd wait till tomorrow morning before church. Go in there pumped up in a polo. Haha.

    I took this mornings pill on an empty stomach w/ no issues.

    I'll get a weight tomorrow morning.

  7. great start man!

  8. awsome...

  9. Day 3

    Weight: Still 174.8 I had to put my son on the scale,just to be sure it was working properly.

    Thus far,these pills have absolutely crushed my appetite. I'm having to force myself to eat throughout the day, and when I do eat,it's a lot healthier than normal. By that,I mean that any fast food right now just doesn't sound appetizing.

    The energy I'm getting from this is probably the cleanest I've had from any diet pill on the market! The end of the day is nice too,with zero crash. Over the weekend,I was able to get out each morning & go out on a nice, steady jog. I made it to the gym yesterday & had a great arm workout. I have noticed every once in a while, throughout the day,that I do feel extra energized. Kinda weird.. Almost like a little rush of energy,then it goes back to normal. I've also been pushing close to 2 gallons of water a day. Tonight,here at work,I'll probably keep it down to around a gallon or just over.

    Tonight,the mood enhancement properties of this will be put to the test. I just heard last week Thursday before I left for the weekend,that some people were talking about me behind my back. I wasn't told who,so I don't know if it's people on my shift,or other shifts. Personally,I don't give a **** what they think about me,but at the same time,I damn sure don't want to be here around these people... So,I need this pill to shine tonight to keep me in an upbeat mood!! Lol..

    Depending on how much rest I get tonight will determine if I make it to the gym tomorrow morning on the way home. I'm going to try & get up tomorrow afternoon & get some cardio in before coming back to work tomorrow night.

    OK,off to go eat some chicken breastsss.

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  10. Good stuff man. Really helps keep the diet in check, so far.

  11. the steady suppression throughout the run has been a pretty common note from the other loggers

  12. I am in

  13. Day 5:

    Weight - not sure. I'll get one tomorrow morning when I get up.

    I got a decent amount of rest last night at work, so before coming home, I hit the gym & did back/chest, & then 20 min on the stationary bike. The workout was great! I dosed the pill at about 5:15 after eating a MetRx Colossal chocolate almond bar (love those things).. On the way to the gym, I remembered that I had some Agmatine in my bag that I haven't used in a long time. I took one scoop of that about 20 min before hitting the weights.

    I must have gotten better rest than I thought last night, because I friggin killed it in the gym! There were probably about 3-4 other dudes in there working out, & none of them had the intensity that I had, & I was on limited sleep!! I kept my rest between sets to a bare minimum & by the end of the weights, I was gasping for air & soaking wet. Thinking that I would end up crashing sooner or later, I opted for the bike to help calm down a little. Reading ESPN the magazine made time fly by!

    Well, here it is, going on 8:30, & I still haven't been to sleep! I will say, that I'm exhausted though.. I dropped my boy off @ school, went to home depot & wal mart, then came home & planted a tree in the front yard. After that, I went to the back yard & cut the grass - TWICE! Call me anal, but I'm a sucker for a nice, criss/cross pattern in the grass..

    After that, I had to shovel a ton of sand into a wheel barrow & move that around the yard, then rake it all out. Yeah, my hands are shot right now. Finally, around 2:30, I started feeling hungry. Oh, I did eat a small bowl of real oatmeal around 8am w/ a little cinnamon in it. So, around 2:30, I got hungry, so I opened 2 cans of tuna & drenched them in EV olive oil & balsamic vinegar. I think, w/ all the sweating I did, I drank good 2 gallons of water/power aid. After that, I pulled out the auger & dug a couple post holes & cleaned them out w/ the post hole digger. Tomorrow, I'll be finishing the aluminum fence & the back yard will finally be done!!

    Guys, These pills are without a doubt, the reason I was able to keep chugging along all day today! I mean, I maybe got an hour, maybe 1.5 hours of sleep last night.. I should've friggin crashed LONG ago! For dinner, because we were so busy, the wife ordered pizza for the kids.. I ate 1.5 slices & felt full!! WTF!!?? I friggin love pizza! Normally, I could eat a whole large easily by myself. Not tonight!

    The energy, endurance, & appetite suppression is phenomenal!!! Still looking for the mood enhancement, but then again, I work w/ a bunch of whiney little bitches that don't know what real work is...

  14. Guess who's down 2.5lbs!!!

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  15. are you checking your weight weekly or every few days? congrats on the drop either way

  16. I'd say every few days. When I go on a cut, I tend to get a little obsessed w/ the scale & mirrors! Lol.

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  17. LEAN EFX Day 7

    Weight -(as of yesterday morning: 172.5)

    Yeah buddy!! Not sure what I did different today,but I'm flying today!! I actually love the stimmed out effect, but this is just crazy! I'm totally loaded w/ energy,but still don't really have any jitters. Just a definite desire to get up & go do something NOW! Too bad I'm here at work.. lol..

    I got up this morning @ 3:20 & dosed 1 pill on an empty stomach w/ 3g of di-creatine malate. By 4:15,I was at the gym,ready to get after it! I hit arms this morning,followed by about 10-15 min of ab work. I haven't hit abs seriously in probably a year!! Gonna be sore tomorrow.. I jogged around the subdivision yesterday morning for about 30 min,then went to the gym & did shoulders.

    I've noticed that I'm looking leaner all over,not just the abs. That's where I'm trying peel off the most,but I guess that just means I was carrying too much everywhere.

    That's all for now. Gotta go eat lunch before they put me back to work!

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  18. how long it is taking for you to feel it kick in? 30-45 or sooner?

  19. Sooner. Sometimes around 20 minutes

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  20. cool! 30 minutes ish seems to be the average - just trying to get a feel

  21. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    Sooner. Sometimes around 20 minutes

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    Good. It is really different for everybody. It takes longer for me unless I take it and do cardio immediately. It kicks in very quick then.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    Sooner. Sometimes around 20 minutes

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    good to know, im anxious to try this

  23. I took it this morning @ 3:45. By 4:05 I was definitely awake.

    Abs are SORE!!

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  24. Y'all didn't happen to slip some niacin in any of the pills did ya? I'm experiencing a SEVER niacin flush right now.. Took my 2 nd dose, about 6 hours later on an empty stomach (like the previous days),and I'm on fire! Went into the bathroom,& my face is bright red.. Hmmm,interesting. Guess I'll eat some food & see if it subsides.. Even my pits are on fire!!

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  25. i only heard about one ore two other people getting bad flushing, seems to be really person dependant

  26. It kinda freaked me out. I work in a chemical plant & was wondering if I walked through some sort of chemical mist or something!! Lol. I ate a protein bar & was good to go pretty quick.

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  27. I took today off because I'm working a 16 hour shift. Felt kinda nice sleeping in till 4:30 this morning. I forgot my pills at home today too!! Regular coffee just don't cut it...

    Back at it tomorrow morning w/ weigh in and cardio.

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  28. It feels good to be back at it.

    Yesterday I had a good cardio session in the morning, followed by a little ab session.

    Today was the same I did abs and then cardio. I'm getting good endurance from these pills, and I'll be asleep the appetite suppression is just nuts.

    I've noticed that I haven't really lost any more weight but I think I'm looking leaner. I was actually up 1 pound yesterday. This cut it turning into more of a recomp... lol.

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  29. I gained a couple lbs as well and keep looking leaner. Good stuff!

  30. Lean EFX Day 12

    Weight -173.0 Kinda holding steady right around there.

    Working tonight,so I didn't hit the gym till 4 this afternoon. I got up @ 7am,did a few things,then was back in bed by noon. I slept great till 3pm.. I got up,& my wife & kids baked some chocolate/chocolate chip cookies. I ate one of those & drank a k-cup starbucks. Right after that,I took one of the pills. The coffee is already fairly strong,so when the pill kicked in,it definitely KICKED in! I was amped big time. I went to the gym & did a chest/back session.

    It was an interesting workout. The whole time I was there,right after the first set,it seemed like I couldn't catch my breath.. It was almost to the point of after each set (chest,immediately followed by back),I was almost to the point of gasping for air.. I increased my rest periods a little bit between each set. I don't know if I was having some sort of anxiety attack or what!!?? I finished strong on all my lifts,& when I left the gym, everything was fine.. I don't know,maybe my body was still wanting to sleep.. I may have been in REM when the wife & kids woke me up..

    Other than that,this stuff is still making my appetite a thing of the past. I've already got my brother and wife wanting to take this.

    I'm hoping to get home tomorrow morning & get a good 5-6 hours of sleep. I'll go to the gym again tomorrow afternoon & see how my endurance goes. I normally don't like to run before coming in to work nights,but I may make an exception tomorrow. Maybe I just need to hit more cardio a little more serious.. I'd like to go to the gym this morning when I get off shift,but it doesn't look like I'm going to get enough rest here at work tonight. Too much going on in the plant.

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