AE's at it again, thanks to Fahrenheit Nutrition (Sponsored)

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  1. good couple of workouts over the last few days. The tub of endurance is about empty, and after the pill count the lefx will be done on sunday.

    I will be finishing up with shoulders tomorrow, and legs/back on saturday, which will lead to a final review

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  2. final thoughts

    going into this, this product had the exact profile that I was looking for. It was built around bcaa's and added extra specifically for muscular endurance. It did not disappoint.

    The beauty of it imo is
    1. it mixes in seconds- there was little to no residue at all, even after roughly 20-30 seconds of mixing;
    2. dominated any doms- i lift as heavy as I can as often as I can, and rarely (maybe once) was I ever sore. That seemed to light an even bigger fire than before, as it became a challenge to make myself sore.
    3. taste- this wore on me like a fungus. I was not thrilled with it originally, but the more I consumed it the more I wanted it.

    One other aspect, I found if I mixed it with a similar flavored pre w/o it greatly enhanced that drink as well. Endurance and condense is a sweet combination fyi

    Lean EFX
    Another pleasant surprise. I am always interested to see if anything will come out of a fat loss supp or if it will even provide half of the label claim. This was an excellent addition. I will say that over the years I have gone from being stim sensitive to stim dulled. So for me....2 a day was not enough.

    1. Increased sweating from dose 1
    2. solid water loss- evident from increased vascularity
    3. good energy- good not great but also very subtle

    1. while the energy is subtle, it takes a long while to actually kick in. It could take 40 minutes to get the full effect. This was not awful by any means, but I personally like a little quicker impact

    I am pleased with both, although to me Endurance exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend endurance. I also recommend Lean EFX, although not with as much passion behind the recommendation as I did for endurance.

    Thank you again to farenheit for this opportunity

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