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    I will give final review this weekend!
    Looking forward to it.
    IDL REP http://www.innovativedietlabs.com/


    Im wrapping up my T2, on a taper down dose now. I know it may not be needed but I figure, my shows over and may as well.

    Starting waist: 32.5"
    Ending Waise: 29"
    Total Loss: 3.5"

    Starting Weight:184
    Ending Weight: 166 1/4
    Total Loss: ~18lbs

    That about says it all right there, the right is from thursday morning, before I left for the airport and the one on the right is just before I started the T2.

    On a side note, T2 made me feel better. It didnt give me a stim'd out energy feel (theres not stims) but it just made me feel better. Not so run down and like my body was just functioning better. This is a problem ive had, and other also, when on Lower carb and carb cylcing diets.

    When I increased to 3 caps/day the thermo effect was really pronounced. I wouldnt advise going to 3 caps per day. It does work better but the cost:gain ratio isn't worth it IMO. If you're not dieting for a show, theres not real need to bump to 3, 2 is very effective for fat loss.

    I wouldnt say i noticed any increase in GH like this product claims, fat loss yes. Skin, hair, joint stuff no. I also noticed if I dosed after 5pm, I had a hard time sleeping.

    I dosed mine at 1 cap 4am and 1 cap 3pm. Both were about 15-30min pre exercise with a big glass of water. Id get minor heart burn and some raspberry flavor'd burps other wise.

    Feel free to post or PM me any questions!

    I will use T2 for my next contest prep, but this time. I'll dose 2 caps for the full 45 days leading up to the show!

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    After then before!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  4. Nice Final and thanks for the great log and congrats again with the show. Im glad to hear you will use the product again for contest prep
    IDL REP http://www.innovativedietlabs.com/


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