HP's Summer of Alpha with Athletix Sports Stack

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  1. HP's Summer of Alpha with Athletix Sports Stack

    Hello Everyone and Welcome to my log. My name is Kevin and I have been honorably chosen to run a stack provided by JD and Athletix Sports. I'm currently in PHASE III of my training which began in January. This summer I have made it my mission to get as lean as possible while maintaining all my strength. Many people spend a lifetime by bulking and cutting. I on the other hand have gone on multiple schemes to cut weight and each time I do I actually gain weight. In fact I gain very easily.

    Over the last two and half years I've competing in several Powerlifting contests. One as recently as June 23-24 @ York Barbell, called the 2012 IPA Powerlifting Spectacular. I started with PureAthletic Power and began building my brand from there. PureAthleticPower or PAP is a non sanctioned venue which continually grew within the Southwest Virginia Area but failed to give anything worth being proud of. I have collected several plastic trophies and certificates, all which have made their way into the trash. The guy running PAP has billed the participants for large amounts to participate and purchased cheap awards. I have earned nothing less than first place in the RAW SUBmaster SHW division This last contest I earned a significant trophy which has made me proud to hold and cherish for a lifetime. A new chapter has begun in my career.

    To go back a bit furthur, I stand 6'5" and weigh according to York BB, 351.2 lbs. Wow. Since last August 2011 I weighed in @ 308. All which has been gained utilizing nothing but natural products. Sure you can call BS in fact, I will even go furthur to tell you summer 92 I weighed in @ 190. I grew up playing basketball all my life until I graduated colege. My downfall of weight gain began when I broke my ankle senior year as a ROTC Army Cadet @ Shippensburg University. One thing no one told me was you can't eat like you do if your not running or balling. Thus began a huge rollercoaster of gainning and losing weight until I topped out at 290 in 2005 while in the Navy.

    Did I ever play football? I never played growing up except a little pop warner, yet daily I get mistaken for playing RIGHT now. Folks I just turned 39 last friday. I have walked on to two semi pro teams in the past HAMPTON ROADS BULLDOGS, BLUEFIELD BARONS and possibly this fall I may walk onto an ARENA team in Kentucky, 45 minutes away.

    Why the long winded history. It's not nearly enough to explain who I am. It is enough to get you started. I never in my life have I utilized enhancements or any other drugs to gain my size. In fact I always try to lose it, yet I gain and it's a bit ridiculous, I will not sacrifice my strength to do it.

    I averaged 405 on the press but 425 is a personal best in competition, I have pushed a 450 in the gym. Utilizing the USPLABS line I have gained a tremmendous amount of strength throughout last year and now. My lineup currently is Licogenix/Formula X/Division 1.

    I follow many logs on this forum and decided to add my own in order to hold myself accountable but to continue striving for the big 500. Nothing will stop me. I plan on updating weekly. I love powerlifting and plan to do it till I can't lift my arms. Without furthur ado lets get this started! Salute!

    Current Maxes: Competition Only
    Squat: 475
    Bench: 425, 315X20 Reps, 365X10
    Incline Bench: 385
    Close Grip Bench: 405
    Deadlift: 565
    Friday June 29, 2012

    Workout consisited of Chest/Back Focus

    Pullups/Chinups: 12,10,9,9,8, 6 Wide, 6 Wide, 5 Wide
    Bench Press:365X5,355X5, 345X5, 335X5, 325X5 (no burnout due to time)

    Goals for Next week 7/1/12-7/7/12:

    Bench: 375X5, 365X5, 355X5, 345X5, 335X5 and 325X15 Burnout.

    Incline bench: 315X8 Final Set.

    CGB: 415X1

    Pullup Sessions (Week1, FIRST Week of Program Level 2),
    Session I: 12/10/9/9/8
    Session II: 12/10/10/9
    Session III: 13/10/10/9/8

    Deadlift: 315X15
    Squat: 315X20

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  2. The Stack

    Division 1- 2 caps in the morning, 1 cap mid day and 1 cap pre-bed.

    Licogenix- 2 caps in the morning and 2 caps at night(try to get it 12 hours after first dose). Some guys prefer 6 caps a day, others found they got a bit dry and went back down to 4 caps.

    Formula-X- This can be dosed many ways, I would try dosing 1 scoop pre-workout and on your next workout day try 1 scoop intra-workout, see which dosing you like more, I'm really liking the intra dosing, best recovery product I've used for intra-supplements, the ultimate intra-workout test booster as well On off days use 1 scoop in the morning OR before bed, see what works for you best.

    The Diet Plan

    Summer 2012-Beginning Today June-September

    Burn Days - I will eat between 1-9PM (Some Days 2-8) I will start eating when I feel ready to eat after 2:00 but basically skipping one meal for enjoyment sake on the other two meals. Probably somewhere aroun 3:00 PM.

    Build Days -Will be semi fasted training 4:30-6:00, I will have pre and intra work out heavy aminos (Formula-X). Post workout -About 6:30 AM I will have an amino / protein shake with some fast absorbing carbs like WMS. I will eat my first whole food meal about 2 hours post workout and then eat every 4 hours or so getting in about 3 more meals that day ending with my last meal when I get home from work with the family, and my evening protein source around 8:00-8:30 That will end up being about 14 hours of feeding in for the day on Build days. I am still playing with the macros in my head, however tapering the carbs is more than likely, or completely the opposite and back loading the carbs by not having any after the post workout shake until dinner.

    Workout Plan

    Chest: Day 1
    Barbell or dumbbell bench press 5x5 (Reverse Pyramid)
    Chin-ups/Pullups 10x10
    Dumbbell pullovers 3x10

    Abdominals: Day 2
    Abdominals Leg lifts 3x15
    Reverse crunches 3x15
    Side crunch 3x15
    Double crunch 3x15
    Crunch 3x15
    Hyperextensions 3x15

    Wheels: Day 3
    Legs Squats or leg press 10x10
    Deadlifts 10x10
    Seated calf raises 3x15
    Standing calf raises 3x15

    (Same as Day Two) Abdominals/Chest/Delts/Traps: Day 4
    Incline Bench: 3X8
    Shoulder Presses: 2X8
    Shrugs 2X15
    Pullups/Chinups/Wide Pullups

    Arms and Shoulders
    Parallel dip bars 10x10
    Preacher curls 10x10
    Arnold presses 3x10
    Side bench raises 3x10

  3. FIRST! Looking forward to following your log!

  4. You know I'm in on this HP.
    I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BaDgErFaN View Post
    FIRST! Looking forward to following your log!
    No doubt! I'm going to make this fun!

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptHowdy5150 View Post
    You know I'm in on this HP.
    Cool! I'm honored you guys are here. I'm making additions to the first two posts so be patient. This editing is a bit like work. I'm trying to get this perfected to what I want to begin this log.

  6. IPA Powerlifting Spectacular @ York Barbell June 23-24-This is how it went down

    The Meet was awesome. I can't believe a difference it makes when you have to conduct your lifts in front of a foreign audience in a different venue. Yesterday I competed in front of my home crowd although I was away from home. I'll clarify, I live in Va for the past 12yrs but competed in York,PA in my backyard where I grew up. So although I competed locally in non sanctioned events with judges this is the first where I competed where I could be ranked nationally and hold a or a few world records.

    So when the day began the anticiaption was buillding. For some reason a lot of eyes were on me. I guess it's because I stand 6'5" and weighed in at a solid 351.2lbs. WOW. Bigger than I expected or believed. I'm shocked at this but oh well. I get prepared in the rear to warm up and since I never have done squat in a comp before I was being helped by many people on stance and technique. These guys were awesome. The openers were posted and I was first since I had the lowest begining weight. I get into position and boom 225 with ease. On attempt number two I chose too low again but it was a confidence builder 350 in and out. Now I decide on the last and final. I go for it, 475. No one believed I was even considering it but I knew now it was now or never. Down, down, down, the I hear UP. I'm thinking wow all I need to do is stand, I'm rising, rising and just before I get to the top I lost focus and took a step forward, regrouped and finished. Three red lights, Damn. Yet I hear the claps and get a few pats and walked because I know I accomplished a lot by trying. I could have copped out and stopped at 405, 425 or even 455. I decided I needed to make a mark.

    Next are my strongest lifts. I knew this was my time to hit it big. My name is called 6 on the list. I began easy just to get on the board with 375. I then decided to go with my bread and butter 405. Final and third lift I is a thorn. After looking at multiple 1rm calculators and much hard pain. I decided to go for it. I have done it before in competition but not after squatting. The spotter comes to the bar and whispers on my mark. 3....2...1...Up and I take control. I say let it go. Down. Here we go I have to stop it. On the chest, the command comes...PRESS...1/4 of the way...smooth. 1/2 way it's going.......nice 3/4...trouble but just for a nano.......Locked....it's over.....RACK. I freaking did it. A year and half later after doing it before in comp. I nailed it. Damn it feels good. All that work in the gym paid off.

    On to the deadlift, my final lift. I began easy. 475. Just to get on the board. Then I did something I should not have done. I decided to go after the RAW amateur submaster record, 560. Long story short, I missed my last two lifts, couldn't lock out. I didn't account for the squat taking away from my dead. In November I will make sure it doesn't matter. How disappointing, but I still walked off with first place in this division, WHY? Due to me being the only one in my category. Remember there aren't many who will even admit that. Also, there aren't many my age who do it. There are records and I will break two in November 2012. I did travel 8 hrs to compete and visit family. Again, not many 36-39yr olds powerlift. I did awesome and will be back. Believe that. August is my benchmark to hit 440 in a PAP meet just for measure. November I will return to York to get swole and steel two world records.

    Athletix Sports will be my catalist to hit those numbers. I train bench with a reverse pyramid fashion. All other work is in the ascending pyramid of 8-12 reps respectively. I hope tp run this 8 weeks to coincide with my next meet which will be an Ironman Meet (Bench/Dead). The award will ****ty but my greatest reward will be hitting that number. Now lets get it!

  7. Subbed! Will be back to read over everything tomorrow Thanks for linking the log!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  8. Almost finished teeking the begining of this log. I have bnot gone and gotten any blood work done but decided to just jump right in. How am I going to gauge progress? I'm in week 10 of my 22 week program I built. I will determine based on my success to continue moving up the ladder until week 14 whether my strength is continuing to climb and my waist coontinues to get smaller to lean out. Those are the best results in my opinion. Ultimately I can give it total praise if I hit my new benchmark in 8 weeks at my next meet, which is local @ 440lbs. It's only 15lbs more than where I hit 425 last Sunday in Competition. This will give me the final say on how Athletix sports and their supps helped me with my goals. I make nothing up and I hold no punches. This will be a true review for the masses. I live from the inside out. What does this mean? I let my body tell me how I'm feeling and whether or not to push the weights or even back off.

    For example before last FrIday I stopped training for my comeptition for almost two weeks straight. One week before comp and an additional week following just to heal up and since i was out of town. When i got back last Thursday I went to the gym Friday afternoon before having to pull security at a concert that same evening. I had to go two gyms because I do pullups at the community college and bench work at the YMCA 30 minutes away from my home. Retarded, yeah maybe, but I have my reasons why and I still bench over 400+. I'll do it the way I want.

    I arrived at the concert a half hour late but no one cared, especially since my sole job was enclosed @ center stage front, right below the artists on stage. Whom was I protecting, Eric Church and his family and others. So all in all it was awesome until everyone had to leave due to a tornado which formed less than 3 miles away from the area (Bluefiled, WV @ Mitchel Stadium). There were a lot of pissed off people. Oh well, let's do it again next year.

    Cheers to those who stick with me through this journey. I hope to be able to push this log for a full 8 weeks, but we will see how the first 4 goes. Work hard and feel free to comment on anything or ask questions during this run, this is my first log on this site and what an awesome beginning it is.

    Thank you so much JD and the Athletix Sports staff for your support and sponsorship to run these products and run this log.

  9. July 2, 2012 WORKOUT

    BENCH PRESS: 375x5, 365x5, 355x5, 345x5, 335x5
    INCLINE BENCH: 135x5, 225x10, 245x8, 275x5
    CABLE CROSSOVERS: 100x10 (top) 3 sets, 100x10 (middle) 3sets, 80x10 (lower) 3sets

    CARDIO: PWO 3.0 [email protected] 3.1 mph (ramping up)

    Loving Formula-X. Awesome mixability/ taste/ recovery. So far so good also with the attributes of Division 1/Licogenix. Meaning to be able to rush on Friday to hit a reverse pyramid and begin the stack over the weekend. I returned to the gym and still stepped up into the next step of my program and hit my numbers. The last workout was listed for Friday and today. Compare the two and you will see what I mean. I'm stoked see how this helps in my complete 8 week reverse pyramid template which I will eventually hit a PR and rep out 405 at the end of my total 21 week program. AI brought me something big to end it all and finally target 440 with a .......... PAUSE........on August 18. Again it's early to tell but I'm at east giving the stack an A since I competed last Sunday, hit the gym on Friday and benched begining with 365 and in less than three days began the reverse Ladder @ 375. If everything is true then I should be able to heal and continue next week with the top weight in the reverse ladder @ 385. We shall see. Let's Go..........Salute!

    FORMULA-X Initial Review of this product

    Taste:10/10 Awesome! Just like Pink Lemonade in the stores.
    Mixability: 10/10 Mixes nicely and quickly.
    Pump : 10/10 Allowed me to get recovered over a long weekend with heavy back to back Bench Workouts which are my bread and butter of Powerlifitng.
    Endurance:0/0 Still working on this factor!
    Strength:0/0 Still working on this factor!
    Negative: None to note!

  10. Props for going all out on the bench at comp time man, sounds like you did a pretty awesome job. This is going to be an awesome log to follow, keep up the good work!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  11. Awesome job bro! I know what kind of logs you can put up and I'm looking forward to this one. Hoping to see you get that 500.
    I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by CaptHowdy5150 View Post
    Awesome job bro! I know what kind of logs you can put up and I'm looking forward to this one. Hoping to see you get that 500.
    I definitely will work towards it even if it takes me another year or two. It will happen, God willing, whom I give all the glory and credit to all and everything I am and do on this earth.

    Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    Props for going all out on the bench at comp time man, sounds like you did a pretty awesome job. This is going to be an awesome log to follow, keep up the good work!
    Thanks a lot. I definitely want to make this worth while and a true assesment since you gave me this awesome opportunity, JD (and your company). Just remember to always go back to the beginning when I post something. Sometimes when I post a skeleton of a workout and such it's on my IPAD. When I get to work I touch it up and make it look more presentable and add info as well. I want this to be a model of what to expect when you give me a sponsored opportunity.

  13. Great start! Sub'd in for the rest!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by LiftT View Post
    Great start! Sub'd in for the rest!
    Thanks for stopping by and watching. Any comments are welcomed!

  15. Hope you had or have a great workout today!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  16. Wow, just passing by but could not stop looking. Gotta park myself and watch officially.

    Sub'd !
    I started a new log at:

  17. Quote Originally Posted by fumoney View Post
    Wow, just passing by but could not stop looking. Gotta park myself and watch officially.

    Sub'd !
    Hell yeah Demolition Man! This is going to be a wicked log
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  18. Day 4 Tuesday, July 3, 2012

    Hit the gym for some pullups/Chinups. Didn't do my wide finishers due to fatigue. I had a long weekend when you consider returning from PA last Thurday, Hitting the gym Friday for some heavy reverse bench pressing leading with 365 down to 325. Pulling security Saturday for Eric Church and his family&friends im Bluefield WV and doing another heavy bench Monday leading with 375 down to 335. All is well and recovery is sick. I noticed Formula-X has been helping in this department but the jury is still out with the leaning effects of Licogenix and strength increase with Division 1. Too early to tell. I'm loving the stack and have a full/pumped feeling all day for the last few days.

    My session went like this 12/10/9/9/8. Next Monday will give me a true test at how well things are helping since I will be one week in and hitting 385x5 down to 345x5. Why am I using bench as a measure? I'm using bench as a measure because these shall help me do something i have never done, ultimately hit 440. I haven't reached this benchmark in competition. Do I do any other exercises, of course I do! Benching is my bread and butter. I love to do it. There are many who hate it, just don't knock my hustle.
  19. Day 5 4th of July! Off Day!

    Happy 236th Birthday USA! Salute!

  20. Happy Birthday USA!

    Great update!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  21. Crap just got here but already loving this log, nice set up and details brother packers in da house!!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by packers6211 View Post
    Crap just got here but already loving this log, nice set up and details brother packers in da house!!
    No doubt, appreciate you stopping by! Feel free to comment as you please.

    Day 6 Thursday July 5, 2012

    Got to run to the house. Wifey had no power for a few hours due to a storm which just come through. Lost power at work as well. We are slowly getting the field up and running as well (towers/well sites). I work for a gas company. I don't know if I will make it to the gym tonight but I will update if I do. Also, our 5 month old son kept mommy up all night while I slept well, like a baby. So I must go and seperate them and get her some sleep. Off night again, probably. I will definitely make it up Friday and Saturday AM, believe that. Alright that is all for now, check you guys in a few........................... ...........!

  23. If you get in today have a good one! if not then have a good one tomorrow
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  24. Hope all is well bro, we keep getting them here in Bama as well. I went out and played in the storms myself lol.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by packers6211 View Post
    Hope all is well bro, we keep getting them here in Bama as well. I went out and played in the storms myself lol.
    Weather has been weird here in Canada, couple week ago had some crazy big hail coming down, they were the size of golf balls coming down hard lol. All week now it's just been crazy hot.
    Core Nutritionals Representative


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