Enhanced goes Terminator X w/ Formula X!!

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  1. Enhanced goes Terminator X w/ Formula X!!

    Formula X Day 1:

    Weight -171

    Once again,I find it necessary to thank Judgement Day & the good people of AthletixSports for giving me this opportunity to log their product,Formula X. I've been fortunate enough in the past to log products for Athletix, & this is definitely the one in their lineup that I've had my eye on for a while now. I'm no stranger to DAA -I love the stuff. It just works. I've also run it alongside LCLT too,so once again,this is nothing new. What I've not run before is the addition of the 8:1:1 BCAAS and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine!! Those are what really got me wanting to run this. Such a simple,yet,tried & true ingredient profile.

    I'm a shift worker in a chemical plant working rotating shifts. I don't really recognize weekends because of my schedule & my wife does not work. Therefore,I don't necessarily have a set in stone routine in the gym as far as body parts goes. While most might be hitting chest on Mondays,I could be wrapping up my week hitting legs. It's very dynamic. My schedule also alternates days & nights. I'm on shift tonight,& volunteered for 12 hours of overtime tomorrow night. When I work nights,I try to get into the gym on my way to work. Every once in a while,I may try to get a workout in after my night shift,but I was just put into a different department,& it tends to keep me busy for the better part of my 12 hours. My previous department afforded me the opportunity to get plenty of good rest on nights.. Oh,how I miss that department.. lol..

    During this run,I'll be paying close attention to a few things: Energy/Endurance Recovery both during the workout,and how my body recovers outside of the gym Libido Sleep Strength Physical appearance

    I'll try & hit on each of those each time I leave a full update. There'll be times where I'll just pass through to give a quick gym update or what I'm feeling update. I weighed in this afternoon right after I woke up. I've been holding steady @ 171 for a few weeks now. I'm living w/ the mother in law,so the diet has been downhill since the first part of April. We're building our house & hoping to move in around the 18 th of July. After that,I'm thinking of going 100% cut to get rid of this abdominal fat. I feel that Formula X would be perfect in helping me obtain my goals. To give this a fair shake,I'll keep my additional supplements to multi,protein powder,and fish oil. For my pre-workout jolt,I'll be hitting the Starbucks K-cups that we get. I friggin' love those things. If I decide to hit the gym in the mornings after night shift,I may dose 3g of Di-Creatine Malate for a little extra help.

    This afternoons shoulder workout was a damn good one. Obviously,being day 1,I can't give too much credit to X. I did,however,feel like the longer I was in the gym,the more intense my sets/reps got. I put 1 full/level scoop in a gallon of water & started drinking it on the drive to the gym. Tastes awesome!!! Very light & pleasant. J By the time I was hitting shrugs,I was finishing off the jug.

    Here's a quick shot I got at the end of the workout. Let's see if I can't put a little more size/definition in those shoulders & shrink that waist a little more!!!

    Thanks to all those that follow this. I promise not to get so long winded on the rest of my updates!! Lol.. Feel free to comment/critique as you see fit.

  2. No trip to the gym today might try and make it first thing in the morning when I get off shift

  3. Formula X: Day 3

    Weight - N/A wasn't able to weigh in this morning, as I got off shift @ 6am & went to the gym before going home. I should be able to get it upon waking tomorrow morning before heading to the gym.

    Like I said, I hit the gym this morning after I got off shift. We were messing around @ the new house yesterday, so I wasn't able to make it. I got a couple hours of rest @ work last night, so I was able to get a pretty decent chest workout in this morning.

    About 30 min prior to arriving @ the gym, I dosed 1 level scoop of Formula X w/ 3g of D-C-M. I mixed the X w/ about 16oz of ice cold water. This stuff tastes awesome!! Especially in this heat! I remember seeing someone complain about the mixability of this stuff! WTH?? This stuff basically disolves instantly in water!

    By the time I got to the gym, I was ready to go & focused on one thing; hitting pecs fast & hard. This morning, I did the 10x10 in the incline smith machine. By the time I was done w/ that, my upper pecs were thoroughly full of blood. I finished it all off w/ low cable x-overs. That one really hits the upper pecs nicely. I tried to get a pic afterwards, but couldn't hold the camera still enough.. I guess I didn't get as much sleep last night as I thought. I left the gym, picked up a small chocolate milk, went home & friggin crashed!! Now, about 14 hours later, my chest is really feeling it!!

    Here's what's going on so far:
    Energy/Endurance - So far, I'd say this stuff is working great. Still a little too early to tell. Tomorrow morning, I'll hit back & drink it during my workout. Maybe after a few tries of before and during, I'll be able to see which one works best for me.

    Recovery - This mornings workout on minimal sleep went better than I expected. I kept rest to a minimum between sets and was ready for war at the beginning of each set. That's maybe more of a focus thing than recovery, but w/out the recovery aspect, you're spinning your wheels..

    libido - I'm only 3 days in, & feeling it big here!! I respond very well to DAA, so this was to be expected..

    Sleep - I live a sleep deprived life, so when I get it, I try to make the most of it. Thus far, my sleep has been quality. Still too early to tell how it's working here.

    Strength - I'll give this a full week before I comment here.

    Physical appearance - fat friggin slob!!! LMAO!! I'm so tired of these love handles.. I'm about 25 more days out before cardio starts.. Otherwise, I like what I see. Still too early here too..

    So far, so good though! Looking forward to a full nights rest & hitting back hard tomorrow morning!!

  4. Subbed, will be back to read everything tomorrow
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  5. Formula X Day 5

    Weight -holding on to 171

    Since we last spoke,I've hit back & arms. On Sunday,I got up early enough to get in an awesome back workout, followed by 30 min on the stationary bike. I drank the Formula X during this workout,and thoroughly enjoyed it. Like the last workout I did while sipping on it,it felt as though my workout got better as time went on. Most of my lifts seemed to be up,w/ the exception of dead hang pull ups. Those,for some reason,seemed to have gotten worse.

    Yesterday morning,before coming into work,I stopped @ the gym for an arm workout. This was a bad idea from the minute I stepped out of bed.. I only got about 3 hours of sleep on Sunday night,so I went into the gym yawning.. I guess my body wasn't ready for it,because it seemed like all my lifts hurt!! I drank the Formula X during the workout again,hoping for that same feeling that I've been getting. No personal bests were attained yesterday,but I'm not discouraged. I just think I need to take better care of myself & get better rest. That's why I skipped the gym this morning. I'm off tomorrow & Thurs,& then on nights Fri-Sun,so I'll have 5 solid workouts to look forward to. I did walk out of the gym yesterday w/ one helluva pump,and that was with just drinking my coffee on the way & then the Formula X during the workout. I'm thinking I might go another 2 weeks & then start throwing in some sort of pre-workout for that extra edge. Thoughts on this?

    So far,the most notable effect I'm feeling is the DAA. The libido & oily skin are definitely kicking in! That's why I've always loved DAA -the stuff works great!

    I'm hitting shoulders tomorrow morning. I'll see if I can get a more thorough update from the home computer

  6. Formula X Day 6

    So this morning was shoulder day @ the gym. I got a decent amount of sleep last night, so when the alarm went off @ 6am, I was ready to go! I chugged my Starbucks K-cup, & was out the door. I mixed my Formula X before I left, & sipped on it a few times before I arrived @ the gym. (about a 15 min drive).

    It's funny how this stuff is working for me. I'm almost 1 full week into it, & each workout has been close to the same results. Every time, the workout progressively gets better. It starts out slow, but about the halfway point, I'm really feeling it and ready to start over & hit some of the first few sets/reps again. I found myself do that this morning. I started w/ the military presses, but before I hit traps, (towards the end of the workout), I hit a few more sets of the military presses.. I used db's this time, but they felt great!

    So, briefly, here's what going on:

    Energy/Endurance - I kind of just broke that down in the above paragraphs. I feel this stuff gets better as the workouts go on.

    Recovery - My recovery both between sets, and workout days seems better. I'm not hitting any cardio, so I keep my rest periods shorter to keep the heart rate up. I've noticed that I'm getting into the next set quicker & the muscles are accepting that. DOMS seems to go away quickly as well.

    libido - DAA is king!! lol.. Yeah, the libido is kickin!

    Sleep - Sleeping like a rock!! Maybe it's got something to do w/ my busy life, but I've been sleeping very hard. I do find it harder to wake up in the mornings though.

    Strength - Not a huge increase in strength yet. It's still early - this aint no ph..

    Physical appearance - Diggin what I'm seeing. Not really looking leaner, but muscle fullness and appearance is there.

    So, for 6 days in, I think I can already say that this stuff is an awesome product. I'm hitting legs tomorrow, seriously considering JD's leg routine he game me a while back..

    Happy 4th everyone!!

  7. Quick update:

    I was hoping to be able to hit the gym yesterday afternoon before working the night shift,but my builder called & told me to get my floors ready to seal. I'm doing my own scored/stained concrete floors in our new house,so I've been messing w/ that yesterday, today,and tomorrow. Hoping to get back in the gym on Tuesday. On a side note,I did convince a co-worker to get a tub of Formula X. He's a 41 y/o tri-athlete here in Baton Rouge. I broke down each ingredient & the role they play. He was sold rather quickly.

  8. Still running that leg routine every once in awhile Not sure if my body will ever be able to go through that routine again, I got some srs back issues at the moment, but damn I'll be happy if I can ever get back to that, it's the ultimate leg pumping routine lol.......all tho I saw Kai greene's leg routine and wow it's just crazy lol

    Great updates!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  9. Actually, that's why I like your routine. It's easy on my lower back because it's mostly body weight exercises. I'll have to Google Kai's routine. I know he's got a sick set of wheels.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    Actually, that's why I like your routine. It's easy on my lower back because it's mostly body weight exercises. I'll have to Google Kai's routine. I know he's got a sick set of wheels.
    I just messaged my buddy who sent it to me before, I'll link you up with it a bit later, he puts this other PRo through a workout and the guy could barely get through it lol
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  11. Nevermind found them lol




    3 Parts to it, he has such amazing form, I couldn't imagine ever trying this routine.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  12. Thanks, I'll watch it tonight. Still no gym today, but I work tomorrow, so chest @ 4am!!

  13. Finally made it back to the gym yesterday. Had a great chest workout that I didn't want to stop. I drank my formula x with the e/c stack. By the time I got to the gym I was ready to tear it up! I know the formula x is working great for endurance because the ephedrine normally makes me tired. I made it through each set with minimal rest. The pump that I left the gym with was awesome! Today my chest does not feel 1 bit sore. That tells me that my body is fully saturated with formula x!!

    This morning on my way to work I stopped for a haircut. I had no intentions of going to the gym so all I did was drink 1 cup of coffee. The barber cut my hair in about 10 minutes so I had about 30 minutes to kill. I stopped at the gym and had an awesome 30 minute arm workout. I didn't drink my formula x because I was going to drink it tonight. I walked out of the gym with an intense pump. I'll drink the formula x tonight before I go to bed. I think my wife is enjoying it as much as I am!! Lol.

    I'm off tomorrow, so I'll post a better update after I hit shoulders. This whole update was done by talk to text on my phone. No way could I have typed all of this on my phone!

  14. Wicked update, Formula-X RUELS!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  15. Formula X Day 15

    Weight - 173..

    Yeah, I've put on a couple lbs. And not where I want them.. I've literally been living out of my car the last 2 weeks! We're hoping to close/move into our house on the 19th. If that doesn't happen (VA Loan), someone's getting choked!!

    This morning, I got up after a refreshing 6 hours of sleep. I felt great! I dosed 2 scoops of C-4 & w/in minutes, I was feeling the BA rush. Before I left the house, I poured a scoop of Formula X into about 15oz of water & was out the door. I went in this morning to hit shoulders. I had the whole gym to myself! I started w/ the military presses. I did 2 warmup sets of 30 & was on to the working sets. I did 4 working sets, working my way up to the 60's!! I only got 4 reps, but damn, I've never gone that high! I guess, though, I usually do the military presses under the smith machine. But damn, 60's??!!??

    After that, I did probably close to 15 sets of laterals! Front, mid, and rear. By then end of those, my delts were fried! After that, I did 3 sets of upright rows, and finished it all off w/ db shrugs. By the end of the workout, the gym had about 6 other patrons, & there was someone else in the bathroom. So, I wasn't able to get any updated pics. The shoulders were freaking goin off!!!

    I know that the addition of the preworkout supplement helped, but like I mentioned yesterday, the Formula X in me is workin it's magic. The libido is definitely the most notable aspect. I've always been a great responder to DAA. Having the little extra stims and the creatine nitrate pushed this workout into the next area code!

    Here's what's up for the halfway point:

    Energy/Endurance - It's not huge, but I can definitely tell a difference.

    Recovery - This is where the supplement really helps. I can't get over how quickly I recover from sets, reps, and full workouts! Usually, the day after a workout, I'm pretty sore. Now, I have to question myself to make sure I'm not just *****-footin around in the gym!! I'm getting in and out of the gym quicker too! Great stuff...

    libido - This is the No. 1 aspect of this for me. I love me some DAA, & this stuff is straight up kickin!!!

    Sleep - Formula X has improved my sleep quality a little bit. I do feel a little more rested when I wake up. I've been trying to get to bed sooner, to get more recovery sleep, but it hasn't been happening. This helps me w/ my reduced sleep.

    Strength - I think the X is starting to help here. Not huge PH type gains, but nice, consistent gains in strength. Perhaps the few days off helped me a little bit.

    Physical appearance - Well, after todays workout, the physical appearance is nice. Shoulders are nice & pumped, w/ some nice vascularity goin on in the guns. I even noticed some vein shadows on my thighs earlier today when I was sitting on the couch. I'm going to stick w/ the preworkout supps from here on out. Ready to try to pack on a little more size.

  16. Don't you love the C4/Formula-X combo! C4 is my current fav pre-workout to date and Formula-X is just amazing for that focus, fast recovery and big natural test boost.

    Damn living in the car for 2 weeks! Must be pretty hot trying to sleep in there! So you eating a lot of drive-thru food eh lol

    I'm debating about having a cheat meal tonight :O.......damn carbs are just so tempting lol
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  17. Yeah that combo is pretty freakin sweet. Dude my car is so full of junk, junk food bags, Hunt Brothers pizza boxes, cheap. Beer cans... life will be back to normal in 7 days!!

  18. damn...daa is one of those products where everyone seems to respond differently....my libido takes a dive but i get ph like results in the gym!!!

    great log, great product!!!

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  19. For me, the only downer has been the mud butt. Lol.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    For me, the only downer has been the mud butt. Lol.

    sounds like my experience with the original superpump, aka-superdump, lol. i never got that from f-x though...

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  21. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    sounds like my experience with the original superpump, aka-superdump, lol. i never got that from f-x though...
    I got that from superpump as well lol.

    Thats a bummer for everyone who can't stomach DAA, I can take 6g a day with no issues.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  22. Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    I got that from superpump as well lol.

    Thats a bummer for everyone who can't stomach DAA, I can take 6g a day with no issues.
    same here, never had any stomach issues with daa!!!!

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  23. I've never tried 6g. That would be interesting to say the least!! Rack op's 24/7!! Lol.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    I've never tried 6g. That would be interesting to say the least!! Rack op's 24/7!! Lol.
    6g a day of DAA and 4g of LCLT a day with Formula-X = amazing
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  25. Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay

    6g a day of DAA and 4g of LCLT a day with Formula-X = amazing
    I just might try that! How do you dose/take it?


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