Enhanced looks for Epic gains with FRL

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  1. Enhanced looks for Epic gains with FRL


    First & foremost, I'd like to thank the good fellas over @ FRL for giving me this opportunity to log their product. This company has many great products and it seems like they're definitely moving in the right direction with their line-up.

    For those of you that aren't familiar with me or my logs, I try to keep them simple, but to the point. I won't be giving you all the details on what I'm eating throughout the day, and I won't be breaking down my entire workouts in the gym. What I will give you is what I'm feeling and seeing in AND out of the gym. I'll be posting my before pics soon. I took some last night, but didn't like how they turned out. I'll try & get some tomorrow morning before I go to bed. I'll also be posting some half way and after shots as well. If I have a kick a$$ workout & I'm feelin swole, I'll get some shots just to post those up..

    I moved in w/ the mother in law back around the 1st of April while we build our new house. We should've been moving out around early to mid-July.. Well, the builder screwed up big time, so now we're put back around mid to late August!! Gotta love living w/ mom in law.. I now have to drive over an hour to/from work and where I live, it's a busy street. I used to do my cardio around the house & then go to the gym. Now, I've only had time for gym/weights, so I've definitely gotten soft. I haven't been on a scale since I've moved either, so I'm guessing I'm around the 175/180 mark. I'll try & get an accurate morning weigh in as soon as possible. Hell, after thinking about it, here's the pics that I took yesterday & today after my shoulder workout.

    I'll be dosing the Epic @ 12.5mg 4x a day, rather than the 25mg 2x a day. I've been trying to get in around 180-200g of protein a day in, along w/ about 1-2 gallons of water per day, depending on my schedule. I'll also be taking fish oil, a multi, and some form of pre-workout powder. Right now I'm just about finished w/ C4. After that, I'll move onto Flashover. I also have some N2-AMP left that I usually save for my first day off of nights.

    My workouts will be primarily one body part per session. If my week gets jammed up, I may do back & shoulders on the same day. Also, if I can get up early enough on my days off, I try to get on the bike for about a 30 min ride. Not quite the cardio that I want, but it's better than nothing.

    Today's workout was shoulders. Obviously, todays workout was not affected by the 1st dose. I'm going to keep better track of my poundages so I can update any significant strength increases.

    Thanks to all those that follow along here. I'm really excited to get this started & hit it hard in the gym. Feel free to discuss/critique anything you find in here!

  2. Along for the ride. Good luck.
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  3. Subbed. Can't wait for mine!
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  4. It has begun!!
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  5. give it hell!!!

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  6. Quick question: with or without food?

  7. Epic Day 2:

    Well, I'm officially 24 hours into it & can say this stuff is awesome!! I'm up 10lbs & all my lifts are way up!! LMAO!!.. Just had to throw that out there.. As of tonight, I really can't report a whole lot just yet. When I got off work this morning, I did the full 1ml dose for a pre-workout jolt. I THINK it may have helped a little.. I did chest this morning, w/ about 90% emphasis on upper pecs. Because I had to work again tonight, I didn't take any pre workout drink. I'm very sensitive to all stims & wouldn't be able to sleep during the day if I did that. I did manage to get about 2 hours of sleep last night, so I wasn't completely exhausted during my workout. I will say that I did feel just a tad bit stronger than usual on my lifts. I did push myself a little harder, especially considering I had no stims in me, so I was a little surprised at my strength. My joints/shoulders did limit my inclines a little, so I just did more sets/reps.

    This afternoon, on the way to work, I stopped at the gym for an awesome back workout. The only thing I had for my pre workout was a 200mg caffeine pill. I forgot to bring my Flashover w/ me when I left the house yesterday.. Again, I dosed the Epic @ 1ml for pre-workout. I think I'll continue to do that on workout days. On off days, I'll split the dosing up to 4x a day. Like other UTT supplements, I'm squirting it under my tongue, holding it there for at least 1 minute, then swishing it in my mouth for another minute to ensure complete absorption. I was curious though if this would absorb better though, either w/ or w/out food.

    I weighed in @ the gym this afternoon wearing my shoes/socks/underwear/shorts/wife beater. I probably drank about 32oz of water & ate 1 banana before I weighed in. The digital scale listed me @ 178.8. Again, I'll try & get an even more accurate weight, right after I wake up & use the bathroom.

    What I'm feeling right now: Full all over. As of yesterday, I've already hit shoulders, chest and back, so obviously, I'm going to feel this way. I've kept the protein & complex carbs up way high, along w/ the water intake, so I think some of that fullness is coming from the carbs. I don't plan on making any changes to my diet while on this. I try to keep the protein high and on training days, keep the complex carbs high as well. Right after my workouts, I get one of those small chocolate milks & add about 50g of protein powder to it. I'm on a very tight budget, so I try to stay as disciplined as possible w/ my diet, and still feed a 4 year old and 2 year old. I've just about cut beer out of my diet 100%. I've resorted to a small glass of red wine at night to help me relax.

    I'll be doing arms tomorrow morning when I get off shift. If I stay busy all night tonight & don't get any rest, I'll just go home, take a nap & then go to the gym.

    Thursday will be my first full day off where I have a normal sleeping schedule. I'll go do legs that morning. I'll hope to have a better feel for energy/endurance, strength, pumps, vascularity, and libido.

  8. Late but in , kill it bro , I wanna learn a lot from this!
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  9. I see you are doing 50mg total, I will probably see what 75-100 mg is like when I get mine. Most products like this I need to run high to see things but I am definitely interested how it goes. I get mine tomorrow and hope to start it Thursday.
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  10. Just left the gym after an awesome arm workout!! After 2nd warmup set pump was already visible!!! Wow!

    More on this later today.

  11. EPIC DAY 4:

    Weight - 170! Wow, am I leaning out already?? I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror & actually thought I looked a little leaner. Sure enough, I stepped on the scale & it was at 170 exactly!! I even ate a bunch of pizza last night w/ the kids!

    Wasn't able to get to the computer yesterday when I got home. The kids wanted to stay outside all day & play. I was all for it! I'm happiest when I'm spending time outside w/ my babies..

    Yesterdays arm workout was incredible! Like I mentioned, the pump was already intense after only 2 warmup sets. I was like, WTF??!! I even mentioned it to a dude that's there the same time I'm working out. He said he could see the difference. It was funny too, I'd drink water & feel it even more! Like the water was going directly into my arms! Strength felt pretty good throughout the workout. The pump was beyond anything I've ever used. Oh, btw, my pre-workout was a Dexaprine pill @ 4am. I was in the gym by 6:30am.. I had no other vaso-dialators in me, so this pump was ALL EPIC!!

    I'm still feeling swole from the chest & back workouts I did 2 days ago too!

    This mornings leg workout was brutal.. Anytime a company offers me the opportunity to log their stuff at their cost, I tend to push myself that much harder in the gym. This mornings workout was no exception! Here's a quick rundown of my normal leg routine:
    Deads - 4x20
    squats - 4x20
    leg presses - 4x20
    seated calf raises - 3x15

    stationary bike - about 20 min at a decent pace w/ enough resistance to really fill the thighs up w/ even more blood!

    On the drive home this morning, I realized I forgot to do my db lunges.. Those are an excellent finisher that I'll be sure & add in next time I hit legs.

    The pump in my thighs was pretty intense this morning. I don't normally see a whole lot when doing legs - at least nothing out of the norm.. My quads this morning were looking pretty damn good though, if I do say so myself!

    So far, here's what I'm seeing/feeling:

    Energy/Endurance - seems elevated. I took a full 1ml dose this morning upon waking & then about 30 min later, on the drive to the gym, I drank my C4. Before I even left for the gym I noticed a decent little jolt of energy. I got enough sleep last night, I should've tried the workout w/out any pre-workout supps.. Might try that next time.

    Strength - This too, seems like it's going up. It's hard to tell on leg days, because I'm more about the reps than the actual weight. My next leg workout, I'll pay close attention to the plats I put on the bar. I've hit every body part now on this. The next go around should be interesting.

    Pumps/Vascularity - So far, this is the biggest thing I've noticed! The pump is beyond intense.. I've always been fairly vascular, so I'll update more on this next week.

    Libido - Nothing really to report yet, bad or good. For a 40 year old, I'm usually fairly horny anyway!!

  12. In bro
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by LiveToLift
    In bro
    Thanks bro.

  14. Liking what I'm reading here big man! Only day 2 for me so it looks promising for me.
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    Quick question: with or without food?
    Doesn't matter
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  16. Yeah, I played with this yesterday and noticed nothing as far as pro or con with either.
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd

    Doesn't matter

  18. Today was my off day. Legs are tightening up more & more as day goes by.

    Crushing chest tomorrow morning before shift.

  19. EPIC DAY 6:

    Weight - n/a Stayed @ mother in laws other house last night & didn't have access to a scale. My workout attire @ the gym this morning was my steel toe boots, long pants, & a wife beater. Would've thrown the scale off just a tad. I'll try & get a more accurate weight on Monday.

    I got up early enough this morning to get to the gym @ 4am. With that extra time, I was able to hit chest and back. I dosed 1ml about 30 min prior to my workout, along w/ 3 scoops of Flashover. Evidently, I didn't get enough sleep last night (about 4 hours), because I just couldn't wake up in the gym this morning.. I didn't let the fatigue ruin my workout though. I was able to put up a pr on my incline press on the smith machine. Every exercise I did this morning felt great! I was also able to pump out some extra reps on some other sets. The pumps are still pretty friggin sick!

    I noticed that I'm recovering much quicker from workouts too. That leg workout that I did 2 days ago is already just a memory. Normally, I feel the tightness in my legs for at least 3-4 days! As for recovery during workouts, I think that's about the same. I wish I had more time for cardio. I'm so friggin out of shape cardio-wise, it makes me sick.. I'm practically gasping for air after each set! WTF!!??

    I'm also noticing an all-day muscle fullness that I really like. All of my shirts have gotten a little tighter, and I can see a definite improvement in my pec development. My wife even mentioned that I'm looking bigger, & she see's me every day.

    I'm hoping I can get a little more sleep tonight, cuz I wanna get up @ 3:30 & hit shoulders before I come back into work tomorrow morning. I'll be @ my local gym, so I know I'll have it all to myself that early on a Sunday morning.

  20. In.
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  21. That, right there, is why my gym sucks!! We never have anything to drink during or after a workout...

    Rant over..

  22. lol my gym sucks because a RTD Isopure Zero Carb is like 5 bucks. They are amazing though.
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  23. EPIC DAY 7:

    Again, no weigh in. I'll be sure & get it tomorrow morning. I got up @ 3:20 this morning to get to the gym early enough to get in a solid shoulder workout. Right when I got up, I dosed a full 1ml of the EPIC. This gave me about 45 min between dosing and beginning my first set. About 10 min later, I took N2-AMP for my pre-workout supplement. By 4:00, I was tingling & wired and ready to go. By about 4:10, I arrived at the gym ready to frickin tear it up!

    As expected, I had the place to myself.
    I started w/ 2 light sets of db military presses. By the end of the 2nd set, I was feelin it! My delts were already full! I ended up hitting 4 working sets of the db presses. I could've gone for a pr on those this morning, but my joints were telling me otherwise.. I've already had 1 shoulder surgery, I'm not ready for the 2nd one just yet. For my db laterals, I started light & used very strict form for my 2 warmup sets. At this point, I now had a decent little vein running through both front delts. Very rarely do I ever see that vein, so I know the blood was pumpin big time this morning. I literally thrashed my delts with 5 working sets of laterals. I looked at the clock & noticed I still had a decent amount of time left, so I hit the rear delts with the same lack of sympathy. Right now, (6 hours later) I'm still feeling it big time back there! I finished up my workout with shrugs - and lots of them! I hit 3 sets of db shrugs, followed by 3 more sets of heavy smith machine shrugs. Yeah, the traps will be feelin it big time tomorrow.

    Like I mentioned earlier, the strength definitely seems to be going up. In some areas, where I think I can throw another plate on, or hit the next set of db's, I may opt for a few more sets. I gotta make sure my joints/tendons are ready for the commitment to make that next step. For whatever reason, I stopped taking fish oil. I think I'll be picking up some tonight when I get off shift & dosing it around 4g a day. I might even check Nutra for some cissus powder.

    Couple other things I'm noticing: Libido. Yep, I think it's on the rise.. lol, yes, the pun was intended.. Itchy scalp. It may be the 95 degree weather we have down here, but it's just something that seems to be a little more active than normal. Oily skin - big time! My face could supply enough oil for my next oil change in my car! Acne seems to be coming w/ it too.. I guess I just need to increase my showers from 2 a week to 5 maybe?? LMAO, just kidding. I shower daily & still have that oily skin. AWESOME!! Lol, that tells me this stuff is definitely working.

    Gun show tomorrow bishes!!

  24. Here's a couple 1 week update pics. No a huge difference, but I personally can see/feel a difference in my pecs.



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