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  1. Quote Originally Posted by scw538

    Something must have happened to raw costs or something. I just don't see ironmag sticking people for the fun of it. They are supposed to be like one of the most legit companies on the mkt.
    Yea I'm eager to try it but not paying a buck for it. Planning on using it for pct :-)
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    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  2. I'll pay close to anything if it works . I mean hell I ran androhard / andro lean . That was close to 200.00.
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  3. Day 10 5/3

    Off day. Just tired worked 12.5 hrs yesterday. Left for gym at 4 and didn't get home until 8. Dosed 1 pill at 6am. Muscles did feel full this morning.

  4. Day 11 5/4
    Dosing 1 pill 3x

    Awesome workout. I was on a roll. Blew out 3 sets of bp then jumped on inc db . 3rd set incline db repped out 7 with the 100's. ALPHA DOG IN THE HOUSE. Strength is diffently up no doubt. Supersetted machine chest press with machine flyes. Then jumped on decline smith machine. Followed by 3 sets of db flyes. Then did a bp burnout followed by 2 dropsets on chest press. Chest was blown up. I really think this osta pushed me. Looking leaner for sure.
    I think this osta has reved up my metabolism. I am processing my food so much quicker. Basically instead of the normal daily " duece". It is like 2 in the morning and they are epic. This has elimnated most of the daily bloat I was holding all day. Diffently leaning but stronger. That is a dream scenario for us users.

    Ipod: metallica every song on the ipod. I felt like I was living" Don't tread on me "when I walked out the gym.

  5. Hug it out.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Ari Gold
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    That bump worked on my thread. Just lost yesterday will repost.

  7. Day 12/13. 5/5&5/6

    Took the new baby to visit family. Ate alot of chicken and a ton of fish.

    Side note : went brim fishing at a private lake came home with about 60. Needless to say where the fish I ate came from. Also had my shirt off getting some sun saw an old friend and he was like dam dude you done swole up. Nice feeling to hear that. Even from guy.
    But that comment made me think about how much I have learned about training for growth. When I was young I would destroy the gym for like 2 hrs daily and never get desired results and stop working out and then restart. It was a never endings cycle I loved the gym and putting in the work the results just disappointed me. Fast forward to now I'm early 30's and stronger and seems like making gains easily. Difference is FOOD. FOOD IS THE FOUNDATION FOR GROWTH. After forcing myself to add in a 4th and 5th meal and sometimes a 6th my body has no choice but to grow. I used to eat like 3 squares as kid just not enough. REST IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT. TRUST YOUR BODY ALWAYS.

  8. Day 14 5/7
    Back. Good workout can't remember specifics. Post got deleted. Did some cardio.

    Day 15 5/8

    Day 16.
    Legs / shoulders

    Did both of these today since I didn't plan in being off yesterday. Great leg workout did leg Ext.,leg press , Deads , calfs ,squats. Shoulders went very good superset delt. Machine and delt press. Then cable Ext. Followed by supersetted front & side db raises followed by db press went heavy on these.
    Had plenty of energy broke a big sweat . Checked weight last night same weight as start. But I look a lot more cut and vascular.

    Ipod. Godsmack,motley crue

  9. Day 17. 5/10

    Not as strong as last Friday not sure reason why will check my log. But anyway good pump. Slight acne on forehead.

    Ipod. Guns n roses.

  10. Day 18 5/11
    Tweaked shoulder on bench yesterday. Off.

    Day 19 & 20 5/12 5/13
    Cardio only

    Day 21 5/14

    Day 22 5/15

    I'm back. Killed arms. Light cardio. Weight has increased 2-3lbs
    But still look leaner. So I would diffently call this lbm.

    Ipod. Rick Ross.

    I felt like the boss in the gym today.

  11. nice info. glad to hear someone getting a strength increase. most people just mention the pump. im assuming no bad sides?

  12. No sides. Just slightly oily skin and some random acne.

  13. 5/16 5/17 5/18 Day 23-25

    Rested shoulder.
    Doing legs & back tomorrow
    I just don't push injuries. I feel it is better to take off early instead of push and multiply the injury.

  14. 5/19 Day 26

    Finally back in gym. Nothing you can do about injuries they just happen.


    Great workout. Even though I missed some days strength was still good. Osta has been good to me I did notice some more definition in my lat area. Update on weight I was incorrect on weight I used a different scale than orginally. My weight is basically the same as when I started.

    Sidenote: after a asking a couple of people I have decided to run this cycle straight into forged dzine xtreme cycle. That is what is so good about osta you are off methyls.

    Ipod : slim shady every song.

  15. 5/20 day 27

    Did cardio at park.

  16. 5/21 Day 28

    I blasted my shoulders. I have decided to dedicate a whole workout a week to shoulders. After looking my body over this is where I need to improve. I need a more round ball looking shoulder. Also did abs.

    Ipod : Rick Ross.

  17. 5/22 day 29

    Great chest workout. Strength has been great on this product.

    Ipod : rage against machine

  18. how are the bodyweight and bf% stats looking?

  19. Bf % has dropped a slightly. Weight -2lbs.

  20. Day 30 5/23

    Final day. Killed arms.

    Ipod : linkin park / kid rock

    Final review.

    Weight: -3 (204)

    Recovery 10/10
    Seemed like soreness was gone by next day.

    Vascularity 11/10
    I know 11/10 but my veins are crazy get comments seems like daily.

    Doses: 10/10
    I switched to once daily 3 pills. And no support supps make it easy.

    Side effects. 9/10 slight acne. Probably due to the amount of sweat during my workouts.

    Price: I bought mine early so I can't complain. In my rough estimate on fair pricing this is a 59.99 supp. This would still make it a deal vs some other over priced companies(pp).

    Overall great product. I think iml put out a nice and safe version of this product. People must remember this is not some research grade Bs it is sold by real company . I would love to see what would happen in a 60 day run.

  21. I will lift Friday and Saturday and then take off for the holiday. Starting new log Tuesday Forged dzine extreme. I was hoping to run the new super dmz but it never showed up. Can't wait .


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