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  1. Day 18 5/11
    Tweaked shoulder on bench yesterday. Off.

    Day 19 & 20 5/12 5/13
    Cardio only

    Day 21 5/14

    Day 22 5/15

    I'm back. Killed arms. Light cardio. Weight has increased 2-3lbs
    But still look leaner. So I would diffently call this lbm.

    Ipod. Rick Ross.

    I felt like the boss in the gym today.

  2. nice info. glad to hear someone getting a strength increase. most people just mention the pump. im assuming no bad sides?

  3. No sides. Just slightly oily skin and some random acne.

  4. 5/16 5/17 5/18 Day 23-25

    Rested shoulder.
    Doing legs & back tomorrow
    I just don't push injuries. I feel it is better to take off early instead of push and multiply the injury.

  5. 5/19 Day 26

    Finally back in gym. Nothing you can do about injuries they just happen.


    Great workout. Even though I missed some days strength was still good. Osta has been good to me I did notice some more definition in my lat area. Update on weight I was incorrect on weight I used a different scale than orginally. My weight is basically the same as when I started.

    Sidenote: after a asking a couple of people I have decided to run this cycle straight into forged dzine xtreme cycle. That is what is so good about osta you are off methyls.

    Ipod : slim shady every song.

  6. 5/20 day 27

    Did cardio at park.

  7. 5/21 Day 28

    I blasted my shoulders. I have decided to dedicate a whole workout a week to shoulders. After looking my body over this is where I need to improve. I need a more round ball looking shoulder. Also did abs.

    Ipod : Rick Ross.

  8. 5/22 day 29

    Great chest workout. Strength has been great on this product.

    Ipod : rage against machine

  9. how are the bodyweight and bf% stats looking?

  10. Bf % has dropped a slightly. Weight -2lbs.

  11. Day 30 5/23

    Final day. Killed arms.

    Ipod : linkin park / kid rock

    Final review.

    Weight: -3 (204)

    Recovery 10/10
    Seemed like soreness was gone by next day.

    Vascularity 11/10
    I know 11/10 but my veins are crazy get comments seems like daily.

    Doses: 10/10
    I switched to once daily 3 pills. And no support supps make it easy.

    Side effects. 9/10 slight acne. Probably due to the amount of sweat during my workouts.

    Price: I bought mine early so I can't complain. In my rough estimate on fair pricing this is a 59.99 supp. This would still make it a deal vs some other over priced companies(pp).

    Overall great product. I think iml put out a nice and safe version of this product. People must remember this is not some research grade Bs it is sold by real company . I would love to see what would happen in a 60 day run.

  12. I will lift Friday and Saturday and then take off for the holiday. Starting new log Tuesday Forged dzine extreme. I was hoping to run the new super dmz but it never showed up. Can't wait .


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