Leaning out with USPLabs and PES (C20 and Erase Pro)

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    Anytime you get that sore. Take it as a badge of honor. Just don't overtrain! Make sure to get your rest!
    Not going to lie, when we first started this regiment the first time we did arms; my arms hurt for 5 days. No joke.

  2. Day 31

    So, today was just a cardio and abs day. Nothing really extravagant to report. Ah, but I did up the dosage to 6 pills a day, so I've already taken 3 today (was going to do 2/2/2, but, my carb intake doesn't really coordinate well with that so I'm sticking with the 3/3).

    Took my weight and BF% today. No real change, to be honest. Weight went down about 2 lbs and my BF% is about 14.8%, which is still lower than where I started. Meehhh

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    Not going to lie, when we first started this regiment the first time we did arms; my arms hurt for 5 days. No joke.
    Haha Nice!! I'm starting a 6 week arm blasting program along with Helladrol! I'm hoping to have some crazy arms soon!

  4. Day 32

    So, I woke up yesterday morning and my back was KILLING me. I don't know if I slept on it funny, tweaked something during cardio, or what. But it hurt so bad. However, still went and hit up an awesome chest and bicep workout. I did notice that I'm starting to see some really sick definition in my arms. We were doing the incline bench which is set in front of a mirror and I could definitely see that I'm leaning out up there. Had an awesome pump in my chest and really feel like I'm tightening up.

    Arms are a little sore already today from hitting the biceps. Massive pump while lifting and the vascularity in my forearms was pretty crazy. Forearms are also sore from the hammer and reverse curls.

    Back is feeling better today, though, which is good since we're hitting up the legs today. Still a little tender, but nowhere near as bad as it hurt yesterday. Also felt really, really lean and tight this morning. Woke up starving, but had no bloat or anything from last night. So, feeling pretty good today.

  5. Awesome man! This stack sounds like the real deal!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Axillist View Post
    Awesome man! This stack sounds like the real deal!
    Did you ever pick it up for the GF?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by nokkT View Post
    Did you ever pick it up for the GF?
    I did end up getting it for my GF. She has been doing a running a log via microsoft word for the past week. She has been noticing great vascularity. She has veins popping out that she never knew she had. I think she looks a lot thinner but she has been afraid to get on the scale yet. I keep bugging her to post her log but she's nervous that people will somehow berate her.

    I may end up posting it for her.

  8. I'm sure quite a few people would like to see how it is working for the female. I don't think people would berate her, however, I definitely can't speak for everyone. lol.

  9. Day 33

    Legs day, again! Still increasing the weight on a lot of the lifts. Since my back was still a little tweaked, instead of doing the high volume squatting we did some leg press. The way we do our squats (or in this instance the leg press) we do like 10 reps at a beginning weight, increase weight: 10 reps, increase weight: 10 reps, and then 30 reps at the high weight. After that, we do a suicide drop from 10->1 with 5 second intervals. The leg press was substantially harder than doing it on squats, which was a surprise to me. Every time I'd pull my legs off the sled my legs would be on fire. But, all in all a very good workout. Hit up some extensions, SLDL, lying down curls, DB squats, abductors, and seated leg curls.

    Day 34 and 35

    Over the weekend(my days off), my hamstrings and glutes hurt the most. Again, that really surprised me with how much my quads were burning throughout all the reps we did. Anyway, I ate like a pig on Friday and Friday night.. I woke up Saturday feeling GREAT. Felt super tight and lean. I sit through the weekend and I always want to do some cardio or something but I can never get around to it. That, and my legs are always too sore to muster up and just go. I also devoured a TON of food yesterday... feeling pretty fantastic this morning.

    Still dosing at 6 caps a day since the start of this second bottle. I haven't really noticed a difference, though, yet. My acne seems to have gone away for the most part and still dosing the EP every morning. Really ready for the workout today.

  10. I have been wrecking my legs lately too, seems they're sore all week! I wish I could say the same about my acne issue on the stack...
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by nokkT View Post
    I ate like a pig on Friday and Friday night.. I woke up Saturday feeling GREAT. Felt super tight and lean.
    This right here is where this stack really gets me. It seems the more I eat, the better I look the next morning. Lighter, leaner, better definition. Weird.

  12. Day 36

    Another killer back workout yesterday. Really felt an amazing burn while doing the high volume/endurance type lifts on the lat pulldowns. It is the best burn that I've felt in a while doing them. To top that off, we also increased the weight while doing the cable rows which was a struggle, but they felt so good. My back is sore from doing the reverse flies, too. Felt really good all around. Oh, also, doing hyperextensions, I've increased the added weight every week without any real struggle. This week was the first week that I've failed on completing 3x15 on. So, I'll be doing the same weight next week. To be honest, it is kind of nice to fail, gives me something to really strive for next week.

    We also hit some triceps. This week was a real struggle, too. Again increased the weight from last week. But, I think it is great that I'm able to continuously hit the lifts while still increasing the weight with the amount of volume and endurance that we're doing. Another thing I've noticed is that every week, the amount of dips I do at the end of the workout has increased. We finish off tricep lifts with AMRAP dips. Each week has gone up, every set, at least a few dips. Happy about that, too.

    But man, I'm feeling great lately. Really feeling like my muscles are hard and tight, which I'm really enjoying. And I know I've lost a few pounds without changing my diet. But the biggest thing that I'm noticing is in the way my clothes fit. I'm also noticing some increased muscle definition, which I'm really enjoying, too. I'm liking the six caps a day for this second bottle. But, can't really say a whole lot about it, yet.

  13. Day 37

    Well, Tuesday was a rather disappointing shoulder day. I don't know what it is but I couldn't keep up with the lifts. Just wasn't feeling it. However, I did hit it extremely hard, but without increasing the weight on anything. Got through the overhead press reps with a lot of struggle. Let me tell you, it is extremely difficult to do like 90 overhead press reps while maxing at about 85 lbs. BUH. I did do fairly well on the front and side lat raises. Also knocked out 30 reps (3 sets of 10) of 95 lb upright rows. That was the good part of the day. Back when I was doing heavier lifting, in my last log, I think I ended at 105lbs, which I did last week. But all in all fairly good.

    One thing, my traps are KILLING me. They were on fire, such a good trap workout on shoulder day. They're actually still killing me today. I'm also not going to lie; I feel pretty great. I feel like I'm probably on the verge of being the leanest I have ever been. So, I'm looking and feeling great.

  14. Day 38

    Today was nothing special. Did some really solid cardio and some abs. Worked up a nice sweat and my abs had a great workout. Since I hid the traps so hard yesterday, they were burning while I was cardioing today, just from swinging the arms. Rather amusing.

    Also, I haven't changed anything in my diet, at all. I'm still noticing improvements almost all around in performance. The woman is even noticing that I'm leaning out all over the place.

  15. Been a while.
    Still around, just been busy promoting ya know.
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    Been a while.
    Still around, just been busy promoting ya know.
    Yep yep.

    Promote in my direction. :P j/k

  17. Quote Originally Posted by nokkT

    Yep yep.

    Promote in my direction. :P j/k
    It's out there, just let us know.
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    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  18. Well, I did make a GIANT update yesterday... all was lost due to the site maintenance and I don't remember anything that I put. Awesome. So, I'll pick it up again today and just miss those other 4-5 days.

    I'll update with day 44 today.

  19. Day 44

    Well, getting back on track due to the maintenance wiping out the update that contained the last 4 days worth of information! Got in some awesome shoulders yesterday. We kept the weight the same due to some struggle with the lifts lately and really feeling like we were doing more than we probably should for the amount of volume we were doing. But, all in all it felt pretty great. Had a great pump and burn in my shoulders after doing the overhead press. The lat raises though, man, those felt the best of the day. Shoulders felt really tight and are looking great. The definition in them has gotten so much better!

    Also got in some trap work and did some really solid upright rows. The shrugs were a little iffy, just really wasn't feeling it, I guess. Struggled to get through them and did a slightly lower weight. Meh, such is the way of it I guess. Got to have an off day every once in a while.

  20. Day 45

    Checked my bottle of C20 last night, there isn't a whole lot left. Obviously, taking 6 pills a day makes it go by so much quicker. But, didn't really realize that it was this quick!

    Anyway, nothing too fancy yesterday. Cardio and abs, same ol', same ol'. One thing to report is I don't know if it is from constantly doing cardio now or what. But I've noticed a definite endurance increase while doing cardio.

  21. Day 46

    Well, unfortunately, I had a pretty lackluster day yesterday. Started out bad initially with incline bench and then I tilted so hard. Everything that I did wasn't met. I don't think I hit any weight yesterday that I've been previously doing these past few weeks. Yesterday was one of those days that was definitely mind over matter....... and matter won. But, I guess everyone has their off days. Still hit all the lifts I was intending on: incline/flat/decline bench, cable flyes, preacher curls, hammer curls, and reverse curls.

    Hoping that today is better in terms of lifting. But, legs day is always pretty brutal when doing these high volume workouts.

    My C20 bottle is getting awfully low. It'll probably be gone by next Monday or Tuesday. So I've only got about 2-3 more lifting days on C20. I think when I'm done with the C20 I'm going to take a break from the high volume and move over to some hypertrophy after taking a few days off from the gym.

  22. Day 47

    Well, had some delays since I was out of town this past weekend. But, going to post up the last few days.

    Friday - Had a pretty intense leg workout day. I was already still disappointed from the really poor outing I had at the gym on Thursday, so I still didn't have my head in the game. But, I still went at it. Everything went pretty well.. lifts were on par with what they have been lately in regards to squats and I managed to get through every set.

    However, it was warm in the gym and I really wasn't feeling all that hot since I was really pushing myself. I really felt like I was going to vomit in the middle of doing hack squats superset with db squats. Moving onto the hamstrings though made me feel a little better and it quickly subsided.

    I was in a rush though and finished up the workout and hurried back to work. I had to drive 8 hours Friday night and my legs were so extremely stiff the entire time.

    Day 48

    So, Saturday I was out of town at a party. My diet really sucked this weekend. I was just trying to enjoy myself. My legs were killing me, didn't workout, and diet sucked. Buh. Still dosed everything like I was supposed to but I didn't feel as tight as I have been lately during the day on Saturday.

    Day 49

    Sunday, woke up and my legs were killing me, again. Even worse than Saturday. Ate like crap again Sunday due to me being back in the car driving back home for 8 hours. Legs were getting all stiff on me again. I still didn't feel as tight as I have been. Really kind of disappointing. Today I feel a little better, but I only have about 2 days of the 6 C20 pills left, so I've got to get back on track and finish up strong.

  23. Day 50

    Since I'm off of work for the next few days and I'm down to my last dose of C20, I decided that I'd go into the gym and do a light full body before I took the rest of this week off from the gym to kind of deload. Well, I didn't do the high volume work like I have been doing, I hit up some 3x8 at heavier weight for all the lifts as well as incorporated lifts back in that I haven't been doing (like deadlifts). Got a little bit of chest, arms, back, and shoulders done. Skipped the legs because, well, they're still really sore. hahaha.

    To be honest, it felt great. I was happy with what I put up. I had some really sick pumps going and everything felt awesome. Now, in my previous post I had stated that I felt like crap because I ate terribly over the weekend and I didn't feel as tight. But while I was lifting, oh man, I looked great! My definition was pretty insane and everything was looking good. Since it was my last day at the gym and I only have 1 dose of C20 left, I decided to get my weight and BF% again.

    Well, I didn't have high hopes because, like I said, I felt awful. So, started out by weighing myself and weighed in just under 184 lbs. Which, I was a little disappointed in because about 2 weeks ago I was sitting around 181 and had just stopped taking creatine. But, fine, time to take the BF. Well, I had to take my BF% 3 times because I didn't believe it the first time. But, my BF is sitting right around 13% which is awesome! That is like a 1% drop from the last time that I took it. So, I'm really happy with that.

  24. Review

    All in all I'm really happy with how this stack turned out. It seems to really shine when you have more volume/endurance in your workouts. Also, I noticed that while my diet was on point for a vast majority of the stack I was noticing improvements. I also was able to increase weight on at least 80% of my lifts on a weekly basis while still keeping up with the endurance. But, admittedly, on the days that followed when my diet slipped, I felt great. I don't know what it is about the C20, but I generally came out better than when I went in eating the garbage.

    I didn't change much of my diet, at first, just my lifting habits. My diet stayed exactly the same until I finished my first bottle of both the C20 and Erase Pro. After that, I upped the dosage of C20 to 6 pills a day and dropped a few carbs in my diet. I started to notice substantially more definition in my shoulders, arms, and quads, mostly. This stuff made me feel great no matter what I ate.

    Erase Pro; this is some pretty potent stuff. I can say that I didn't receive any joint pain or any real side effects except for a week or so of some really dry lips as well as some mild acne on my shoulders. But, I am going to contribute a good portion of my tightening up and just getting nice and hard from the Erase Pro. I'm glad I tried it out and am glad that I invested in it for some future cycles.

    Beginning stats:
    188 lbs
    15.7% BF
    = ~159lbs LBM

    End stats:
    =~160lbs LBM

    To me, that is great. I was able to maintain my LBM while dropping a LOT of my fat. I'm going to keep up with this cut until I can get to about 10%. But, I can say that Erase Pro and C20 really helped me start it out, and to a great start at that!

    Big thanks again to USPLabs and PES!!


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