Leaning out with USPLabs and PES (C20 and Erase Pro)

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  1. Day 46

    Well, unfortunately, I had a pretty lackluster day yesterday. Started out bad initially with incline bench and then I tilted so hard. Everything that I did wasn't met. I don't think I hit any weight yesterday that I've been previously doing these past few weeks. Yesterday was one of those days that was definitely mind over matter....... and matter won. But, I guess everyone has their off days. Still hit all the lifts I was intending on: incline/flat/decline bench, cable flyes, preacher curls, hammer curls, and reverse curls.

    Hoping that today is better in terms of lifting. But, legs day is always pretty brutal when doing these high volume workouts.

    My C20 bottle is getting awfully low. It'll probably be gone by next Monday or Tuesday. So I've only got about 2-3 more lifting days on C20. I think when I'm done with the C20 I'm going to take a break from the high volume and move over to some hypertrophy after taking a few days off from the gym.

  2. Day 47

    Well, had some delays since I was out of town this past weekend. But, going to post up the last few days.

    Friday - Had a pretty intense leg workout day. I was already still disappointed from the really poor outing I had at the gym on Thursday, so I still didn't have my head in the game. But, I still went at it. Everything went pretty well.. lifts were on par with what they have been lately in regards to squats and I managed to get through every set.

    However, it was warm in the gym and I really wasn't feeling all that hot since I was really pushing myself. I really felt like I was going to vomit in the middle of doing hack squats superset with db squats. Moving onto the hamstrings though made me feel a little better and it quickly subsided.

    I was in a rush though and finished up the workout and hurried back to work. I had to drive 8 hours Friday night and my legs were so extremely stiff the entire time.

    Day 48

    So, Saturday I was out of town at a party. My diet really sucked this weekend. I was just trying to enjoy myself. My legs were killing me, didn't workout, and diet sucked. Buh. Still dosed everything like I was supposed to but I didn't feel as tight as I have been lately during the day on Saturday.

    Day 49

    Sunday, woke up and my legs were killing me, again. Even worse than Saturday. Ate like crap again Sunday due to me being back in the car driving back home for 8 hours. Legs were getting all stiff on me again. I still didn't feel as tight as I have been. Really kind of disappointing. Today I feel a little better, but I only have about 2 days of the 6 C20 pills left, so I've got to get back on track and finish up strong.

  3. Day 50

    Since I'm off of work for the next few days and I'm down to my last dose of C20, I decided that I'd go into the gym and do a light full body before I took the rest of this week off from the gym to kind of deload. Well, I didn't do the high volume work like I have been doing, I hit up some 3x8 at heavier weight for all the lifts as well as incorporated lifts back in that I haven't been doing (like deadlifts). Got a little bit of chest, arms, back, and shoulders done. Skipped the legs because, well, they're still really sore. hahaha.

    To be honest, it felt great. I was happy with what I put up. I had some really sick pumps going and everything felt awesome. Now, in my previous post I had stated that I felt like crap because I ate terribly over the weekend and I didn't feel as tight. But while I was lifting, oh man, I looked great! My definition was pretty insane and everything was looking good. Since it was my last day at the gym and I only have 1 dose of C20 left, I decided to get my weight and BF% again.

    Well, I didn't have high hopes because, like I said, I felt awful. So, started out by weighing myself and weighed in just under 184 lbs. Which, I was a little disappointed in because about 2 weeks ago I was sitting around 181 and had just stopped taking creatine. But, fine, time to take the BF. Well, I had to take my BF% 3 times because I didn't believe it the first time. But, my BF is sitting right around 13% which is awesome! That is like a 1% drop from the last time that I took it. So, I'm really happy with that.

  4. Review

    All in all I'm really happy with how this stack turned out. It seems to really shine when you have more volume/endurance in your workouts. Also, I noticed that while my diet was on point for a vast majority of the stack I was noticing improvements. I also was able to increase weight on at least 80% of my lifts on a weekly basis while still keeping up with the endurance. But, admittedly, on the days that followed when my diet slipped, I felt great. I don't know what it is about the C20, but I generally came out better than when I went in eating the garbage.

    I didn't change much of my diet, at first, just my lifting habits. My diet stayed exactly the same until I finished my first bottle of both the C20 and Erase Pro. After that, I upped the dosage of C20 to 6 pills a day and dropped a few carbs in my diet. I started to notice substantially more definition in my shoulders, arms, and quads, mostly. This stuff made me feel great no matter what I ate.

    Erase Pro; this is some pretty potent stuff. I can say that I didn't receive any joint pain or any real side effects except for a week or so of some really dry lips as well as some mild acne on my shoulders. But, I am going to contribute a good portion of my tightening up and just getting nice and hard from the Erase Pro. I'm glad I tried it out and am glad that I invested in it for some future cycles.

    Beginning stats:
    188 lbs
    15.7% BF
    = ~159lbs LBM

    End stats:
    =~160lbs LBM

    To me, that is great. I was able to maintain my LBM while dropping a LOT of my fat. I'm going to keep up with this cut until I can get to about 10%. But, I can say that Erase Pro and C20 really helped me start it out, and to a great start at that!

    Big thanks again to USPLabs and PES!!


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