I just want to say thanks to AI for sending me out samples. I recieved 2 samples of Recover Pro and Manica, 1 samples of HGH pro,perform, test pro and motivate. So I tryed the 2 pre workout snd I got a great workout. I didnt get all nuts and crazy like other pre workout get me. But i did get good results. The post workouts had a good taste and i felt it hit my muscles hards. Again 2 grat products from AI. To me the best samples I got was the HGH Pro. It felt like i took a sleeping pill. I was knock out within 40 min. and I got great sleep. So good I ended up buying 2 bottle of hgh pro and 2 bottle of test pro. Taking test pro samples didnt do much. When I bought 2 bottles and started taking them, after a week in a half I started felling it. All I can say about AI is thanks for the samples and thanks for coming out with great products.

Mark the Polishcyborg