Quest Protein Bars.. Mmm yummy...

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    I was about to make a quest order. What's a good flavor to start with out of the following?
    Vanilla almond
    Mixed berry
    Strawberry cheesecake
    Lemon cream pie
    (Don't have the option of the variety pack)
    So far my preferences are:
    1. Cinnamon Roll
    2. Coconut Cachews

    I have tried Lemon Cream Pie, I would probably put it 3rd on my list but I am still waiting on the Strawberry Cheesecake to come in. The Lemon Cream Pie doesn't taste like it sounds.

    I also tried Vanilla Almond. I would put it 4th on my list. It is the older formula (not the natural line) where these tend to be more chewy and they recommend you heat them a little. I liked the Vanilla Almond and would order it again as a veriaty, but would not be my first choice.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by 0071982WC View Post
    Just ordered two boxes. Almost sixty bucks..... Damn....
    They are like $22 a box online. Plus shipping of course. I'm ordering in boxes now, the place I order from is shipping partials since they do not have them in stock all the time.

  3. Ok here is my pref list:

    1. Cinnamon Roll, I just love them and can't have wnough of them
    2. Coconut Cachew, I like it as well but Cinnamon Roll is better for my taste
    3. Lemon Cream Pie, good to change from time to time but nothig wow about it
    4. Vanilla Almond, this flavor is not bad but it is chewey. Not a bad veriaty, I would try it again if I get tired of the rest
    5. Chocolate PB and Brownie ones were ok as a snack, just another protein bar, would not be on my shopping list
    6. Strawberry Cheesecake, last on my list. I just did not care for the taste

    I will try the Ultimate Flurry ones on my next order.

  4. I'm waiting on some strawberry cheesecake. I'll let you know what I think.
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  5. I just tried the cinnamon roll, pretty decker.
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