A quick & dirty Lecheek Nutrition SpeedXtreme / intratest Xtreme Review

  1. A quick & dirty Lecheek Nutrition SpeedXtreme / intratest Xtreme Review

    I want to thank Marms and Lecheek for sending out samples of the SpeedXtreme and Intratest.

    I took both tonight.

    Speed Xtreme about 30 minutes before i left for the gym. I used a ton (almost a full shaker full) of water. IT mixed up with basically 1 good shake. Taste was ok - not bad but there was some kind of taste at the back of the sip. not bad but noticeable. Light tingles came on as i was driving to the gym.

    I cant say i noticed any extra energy or pumps. but man i was focused. The gym time flew by felt like i was hardly there. I really think this ended up enhancing the effects of ALA because i felt super focused and super chill. odd way to describe a pre work out i know but that's what was happening for me.

    For intratest: its hard to judge on one use so this is just about taste and mix. Also its hard not to compare to Athletix Sports' Formula-X.

    like Speed Xtreme it mixes super easy (much better than Formula-X). Also it has the same kind of taste to it. Not bad but Formula-X tasted more natural.

    No doubt it will work well for people, but i think the choice of which to use would be a personal preference.

    I will try out the fat burner early next week, Tuesday or so.

  2. Thanks for the review let us know how you like the fat burner if you dont mind.

  3. I took the 1 serving of the fat burner this morning. probably 10-15 minutes later i felt warmer - and my allergy congestion was all cleared up. Minor shakes, If i think about it i can hold still but they are there int eh back ground. nothing too bad. Dont feel stimmed out or anything, but sharper. I am never really hungry in the morning and while doing IF especially so, so appetite suppression is hard to say for now.

    I'd like to try it for a week jsut to see how it feels long term, but based on the one serving and the price I would be seriously considering buying this one. Def my favorite of the bunch!

  4. Nice to hear !

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