Ev52's get's lean with Genomyx Glycemyx Beta Log

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  1. I'm almost out, but I will be purchasing as soon as it's available. So far, it does not seem to inhibit my weight loss goals and the added energy/pump pre-workout is a huge plus. My final review will be up at the end of the week when I finish.

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    nobody chimed...haha. I'm gonna try 100mcg

    I think MrKleen (sp?) a popular memeber I'm sure you've seen on here, knows about topical clen. I'd throw him a PM.

  3. Exclamation Genomyx Glycemyx Final Review

    Genomyx Glycemyx

    Final Review

    Once again I would like to thank Matt and Genomyx for this opportunity

    Taste: The powder has a very mild taste with slight hints of oats. In a shake it was tasteless and did not alter the flavor. In a pre-workout it is hard to describe but add a nutty flavor.

    Texture: I like the added thickness it gave to shakes. However you must drink if quick. It will continue to thicken and you will need to add more liquid if you donít. I wasnít a fan of the texture if a pre-workout so I would mix it with water separate and chug it.

    Pre-workout dosing: I really began to love dosing it pre-workout. It provided me with added stamina and increase in pumps. The stamina was excellent and surpassed other carb sources I have used in the past pre-workout. I had stopped using carbs pre and now I am addicted.

    Post-Workout: It mixes fine into the shake and is an excellent source for slow release carbs. I felt it did an excellent job of replenishing glycogen and bringing life back to a tired man.
    Results: I am very carb sensitive and have battled carbs my entire life. My favorite aspect of glycemyx was that it did not hinder my goals at all like typical carbs do. This allowed me to increase my carb intake which in turn increased the quality of my workouts and overall energy. I ended up losing two lbs. on the scale but I am noticeably leaner and fuller.

    I used glycemyx to make pancakes and as a substitute for cooking. I even made pizza dough out of it. A little strange but could work with some tweaking. I will be buying more as soon as it is available.


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