hvactech's m1d, formx log/review.....

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  1. hvactech's m1d, formx log/review.....

    hello everyone, again thanks to lg science, xR1pp3Rx (bb.com) and Rhadam for giving me the oppertunity to log this. my goal is an overall recomp with calorie cycling, 3000 cals on workout days, 2700 non workout days. training will include 4 day splits, 1 day light cardio.

    mon legs/abs 10min warm up cardio
    tues shoulders/traps " "
    wed back/ bi " "
    thur chest/tri " "
    fri light cardio
    sat off
    sun off

    exercises will focus on compound movements with a few isolations. after chest there will be a few tri push downs and single pull downs, after back there will be a few db curls and hammer rope curls..i will post exercises after each day as these will change depending on mood, time, and overall feeling..

    7:30am 3caps m1d black, 1 scoop wf, 1.5 scoops pw, i scoop aen creapure (almost empty)...
    7:45 warm up cardio, back/bi's...not going to post exercises/weight/sets/reps due to i undershot my weight and targeted reps, i felt stronger so i had to adjust weight and reps accordingly, but ended up having a killer back workout, bi's-standing 25lb curls 2 sets, at this point my forearms and biceps were extremely pumped mostly from back workout. may adjust wf and pw intake, workout took about an hour and stopped just in time to go to work (i work at the gym) would like to get a better bi workout next time.
    9:15-9:30 finished sipping pw
    10:00 pwo shake...30g muscletech pro (sams wholesale) 50g NOW carbo gain 8g cheap bcaa's
    10:30-1200noon extreme headache, slight naseua...i am not relating this to m1d, i dont eat my whole food meal till 2pm, wondering if i should increase my water intake during the day...
    12:30 ate some blueberry greek yogurt with a steady supply of water intake, headache and naseua have seemed to calm down

    its currently 12:45, once i get home i will continue my daily feeding schedule as normal and take another 3 caps at 730pm, i will keep the dosing at exactly 12 hours apart..i will update tonight if headaches and naseau return.... Edit Post Reply Reply With Quote .

  2. made a quick shake for the ride home, 40g oats, medium banana, 2tblsp peanut butter, handful strawberries..headaches and naseua are completely non existant, i will have to start bringing a whole food meal to work and consume it hour after my workout for atleast the duration of this log. okay some personal feedback on myself..average weight is 180 daily, little less than 5' 6", 31 yrs old, estimated bf 16-18%. ive basically free styled my workouts and nutrition for the last year which i did manage to put on some fat, year ago roughly same stats but an average 11-12% bf. im not looking to set any records or anything with this experience but more so increasing lbm and hopefully drop some body fat in the process. i am definately using formx for pct but still unsure on t911 as of now but is subject to change
    my diet will be as the following: traing days 3000 cals, non training days 2700. carbs, pro's, and fats will fluctuate but overall cals will be met everyday in the form of 4 meals of 750 cals each on training days, and same thing on non training days minus the post workout shake...

  3. rhadam i got your post in the other thread, i did close it, my post workout eating schedule has been like that for a while now, today was the only day i did not use oats, fruit, and greek yogurt in my pwo shake...but like i said for the purpose of this experience i will incorporate a whole food meal post workout which will more than likely be a can of tuna on a wheat bagel. im actually in a slight calorie surplus, i calculate TDEE at 2700 cals..

    will m1d black cause any problems on pre employment drug testing?

  4. day2
    730am 1 scoop wf, 1.5 scoops pw....did not take m1d today due to changing my doseing regiment, it will now be dosing at 1pm and midnight
    800am 10min warmup cardio, chest/tri workout...started with incline bb-135lbs 10rep warmup, 155lb 10, 175lbs 8, 195lbs 6...decline bb-160lbs 8, 175lbs 6, 180lbs 5...flat bench bb-185lbs 6, repeat...2 sets incline flyes 30lb till failure. triceps- v angled tri push downs 150lbs 8, 155lbs 7, 160 6....
    9-15am finished sipping pw
    930am pwo shake..1 universal real gains sample strawberry, 25g whey, 40g oats, strawberries
    12 noon-banana, greek yogurt...
    1pm will dose m1d at 3 caps, eat my first first meal at 2pm and see how the side effects are in reference to headaches and naseau...i believe this will be the best way to negotiate this based on my daily schedule.
    i will only repost if i feel any sides after dosing tonight..

  5. Typically those employment screenings test for narcotics/methamphetamines. You should be ok

    Glad to hear you can play around with your food intake, i really don't want you to continue to feel ill.

  6. took 3 caps roughly 130pm, ate at 2pm and as of now (430pm) no adversed side effects, theres no doubt taking this with a meal and increasing water consumption throughout the day will be the "golden ticket" for me

  7. took 3 caps at midnight with a meal slightly prior, slept like a champ, woke up feeling refreshed...

    decided to hit some bi's after cardio today and im glad i did!
    felt stronger over all, same morning ritual with wf and pw...

    20lbs db warm up curls/ wrist twists
    25lbs db curls 12
    30lb db curls 8x2
    40lb mini bb reverse curls 8x2
    35lb hammer curls 6x2
    sitting curls 20lb with wrist twists
    sitting preacher curl iso 45lbs failure
    over all very solid workout, great pumps, noticeable increase in vascularity, little fatigue, overall increase in libido. i had plans to run hemavol/mv2 but decided with the new assualt and mp creatine (got a promo) and continuing with pw

  8. Subbed, looks good so far.

  9. on saturday 2/4 hit legs...
    my original training gameplan will change periodically for a few reason but will continue to use a 4 day split...
    im new to focusing directly on my legs for mass but smith squats, hack iso's, leg curls, and standing calf raises were combined for a killer workout.
    used animal rage vs wf and did not like rage, will be using new assault next week.
    muscle hardness, extreme aggression during workouts, less fatigue, and noticeable vacularity are a few of the pro's while using m1d black...
    no adverse side affects to report at this time..

  10. 2/7 tues...
    45 db overhead press warm up 12reps
    90 lbs iso over head press machine 10 reps
    110 lbs " " 9 reps
    130 lbs " " 8 reps
    150 lbs 6 reps
    170 lbs 6 reps
    sitting lateral raise 15lbs 10 reps x2
    standing front raise 20lbs 8 reps x2
    cable upright rows 135 10 reps warm up
    " " 145lbs 8reps
    " " 155lbs 7 reps
    superset shrug iso machine/db shrugs
    iso 90lbs 10 reps db shrugs 50lbs 8reps
    " 90lbs 8 " db shrugs 55lbs 7 "
    " 95lbs 6" db shrugs 60lbs 6"
    all in all took 50minutes...swithched to MP creatine today, used the last of white flood, took 3 caps of m1d 9:30
    with gainer shake...zero negative side effects thus far

  11. in, good start man

  12. Looking good, any change in libido or aggression? May be to early to tell but I was just wondering.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by 23SammyD View Post
    Looking good, any change in libido or aggression? May be to early to tell but I was just wondering.
    im a week into this and here is a list of pro's and con's:
    increase in libido
    decreased aggression, i feel "happier"
    increased vascularity
    muscle hardness and fullness
    extreme eagerness to hit the weights
    if i dont take m1d with food i get naseau and headaches
    minimal backpumps
    so far taking m1d with food and drinking tons of water keep these sides at bay, i have zero acne, rashes, hives, etc..so far this product is doing exactly what it claims....

  14. do you usually get acne? most everyone that has taken it that usually doesnt get acne when on it, but do get it on other supplements.

  15. no i dont get acne anymore, im 31 and as a teen i had it bad....im going to bump up to 8 caps daily and see what happens,

  16. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    im a week into this and here is a list of pro's and con's:
    increase in libido
    decreased aggression, i feel "happier"
    increased vascularity
    muscle hardness and fullness
    extreme eagerness to hit the weights
    if i dont take m1d with food i get naseau and headaches
    minimal backpumps
    so far taking m1d with food and drinking tons of water keep these sides at bay, i have zero acne, rashes, hives, etc..so far this product is doing exactly what it claims....
    I think the pros out way the cons with this, the muscle and fullness and increased libido sounds like a plus. Wanting to actually lift and craving the weights also has to be nice. Looks good so far, glad you're not feeling any sides.

  17. yeah the sides were my main concern, considering this is my first exp with tests, gh's, etc im very please with the outcome so far..

  18. back and bi"s, training off a day this week
    weight across the board is up 10lbs on all back exercises, hammer curls low rep high weight and db curls high rep low weight finished off bi's...

    nothing more to report on, ordered t911 and formx...scale weight up 3lbs

  19. 2/10
    incline and flat bb bench...weight stayed the same for a few more reps than normal, stayed in the 8-10 range vs 6-10
    triceps...standing tri push downs, i enjoy the short tri workout after chest, my tri's are extremely worked and pumped after chest to the point where a few pushdowns are only needed to finish them off.
    going to bump up to 4 caps twice daily to finish off...

    leg press, hack iso machine, standing ham curls, seated ham curls and thigh extensions were used for a killer leg workout, finished with seated calves...
    used the new MP assault, MP creatine, and pw wraath today...
    still zero sides to report......

    scale weight at 182-184 with an average of 3300-3500 cals on workout days...

  20. Good luck I loved my run on this
    IDL REP http://www.innovativedietlabs.com/

  21. so far so good...lookin forward to those samples btw...

  22. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    so far so good...lookin forward to those samples btw...
    You should have them in no time
    IDL REP http://www.innovativedietlabs.com/

  23. good calorie intake man

  24. Quote Originally Posted by DiabeticLiftr View Post
    good calorie intake man
    i feel like i cant eat enough these days, i struggled with 3000 not filling me up, i ended sayn "the hell with it" and just stuff my face all day...extra fat doesnt bother me and will come off when i cut anyway

  25. Subbed
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  26. sweet!
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  27. taking 2 days off to rest, recover and regroup.....started 4 caps twice daily today, still zero sides to report.....
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  28. Looks good so far, let us know if you feel any different from upping the dosage.

    @LG Reps, what's the recommended cycle length if running at 8 caps a day from the beginning. Can you go beyond 4 weeks??

  29. back....
    been taking 8caps for a few days now, felt little light headed towards end of workout today but i did start using assualt vs white flood and it may have something to do with it...managed to increase the weight across the board a good bit but went for 6-8 reps with an extra set vs 6-10...may decrease back to 6caps for a comparison after a week.
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  30. whats the best duration for a run like this? 1 month at 8 daily or 5 weeks at 6 daily, either way it requires 2 bottles for both...for everyone else asking about pct, what is the recommended formx and t911 dosing...
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