Nimbus Nutrition Poseidon/poseidon NY/Blast review review

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1

    Def good to hear.
    You're doing a great job in here to BTW!
    Thanks man. Appreciate it and thanks again for the opportunity.

  2. Final review and thoughts:

    Poseidon NT: I would have to say that this product can not be properly reviewed due to only having two nights use of it. I will say that when I did wake from my sleep I felt better and my body "woke up" faster. I would be interested in seeing how it works for me with long usage.

    Poseidon: absolutely loved this product,
    Best of all three, for me, in my opinion. It kept me alert during my work days and kept me feeling "fresh". I felt more like a regular person on this rather then a zombie.

    Blast: I am psychologically biased when it
    Comes to this product. I like high stim pre workouts. I like the physical jitters and tingling that comes along with them. Blast does not offer those physical reactions. But I will say that the product definitely worked for me. I lifted as heavy as I always do and in some cases heavier and I had high energy that lasted for my entire 2.5 hour workouts. These are high intensity workouts where I usually feel faint after. But I felt good throughout my workouts while on blast and it offered no crash. I just personally prefer the physical sides of high stim pre's, it's a foolish mental

    All products mixed well and left no sediment behind in my shaker. All flavors were enjoyable and non were nasty. The island kiwi was the best followed by mystic raspberry, Georgia peach,
    And then southern cherry. I could drink either flavor without a problem any time of day. No taste issues whatsoever.

    I want to conclude this mini log and review by thanking nimbus nutrition and aaronjp1 for the opportunity. Can't wait for future promos and products.

  3. Nice solid honest reviews that appreciate.
    Glad u enjoyed the products and we look foward to your business in the future.
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1
    Nice solid honest reviews that appreciate.
    Glad u enjoyed the products and we look foward to your business in the future.
    Yeah man. I will be checking out some Poseidon in the future I'm sure.


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