CountryLiftin gets mean and lean with Erase and Natadrol.

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  1. Well, I have taken some real time off to heal. Still having problems but I went to the gym today and got a good workout in almost no pain. I'm down to around 183 and finally leaning out with a pretty tight diet. I think I'm gona start my stack in a few weeks. Found an amazing Chiropractor who is doing work for me that is better than anything any of the other doctors have done. I have also got myself some supps done research exercises and more for recovery. So. Time for me to make a comeback. Good thing about muscle memory is that I barely lost any strength and will gain it back fast.

  2. Weighed in 176 today. Lean gains ftw. I want to get back lifting hard again soon. Have had a few workouts but not how they should be.

  3. Leg strength is good, back strength is at like 75% chest is about 75% and same with arms. Core is strong. I have some work to do. Had a few flare ups of pain after the first week being in the gym 3 times. so I am going to rest a little bit and let whatever became inflamed to subside. I have a regime of specific exercises geared towards stabilizing my pelvis and lower back that I continue in addition to a chiropractor and some spine alignment techniques. That have accelerated everything the past month or two.

  4. Sad to see some good friends are no longer posting here. Going to continue some updates until I feel ready to do a full log again. Pain has continued to decrease, from everything I have researched it could be 2-3 (1-2more) years til pain is fully diminished as far as its gona get. Whatever. I have started working out regularly again as of about 2 months ago. Have made good progress, I have seen rapid growth (thanks muscle memory) but still nothing to be proud of. I look great at around 173 pounds, and have been pushin some decent weights and even squatted(225) dead lifted(135) and power cleaned(135) for the first time in a while last week. No crazy weights but good starting numbers. Squats were somewhat painful. I have dead lifted 225 as well. Pain comes and goes in waves and I have decided to keep exercises until I force the injured part of my body to heal or stop hurting. We will see where this leads but I know that I can't stop living life because of pain. I get pissed and angry beyond belief at times, the frustration is unbelievable. To go from what I had to what I am now with no control. But that also gives me the determination to rise above it and succeed, no matter what it takes.

  5. So I did actually finish up the natty/erase, I feel pretty good, I look awesome (IMO) compared to how pathetic I looked there for a while. I am decently defined and have gained a good deal of strength back. I look good, but my body weight is way down (about 170-173) and I would like to be around 185 by Octoberish, while continuing LG/IF.

    I have a new training partner a few days a week so that is helping my workouts too. Really pushed my last few workouts with him, so thats good. Need to retrain my mind to pushing for more reps and to failure, sometimes when I am fatigued (thanks LG) at the end of my workout I just lack the motiviation, but a partner helps keep me out of that. I got another bottle of erase and am running it 2 caps a day, dosed AM, just to keep me going through the rest of summer. Maybe do something a little more serious once I get myself back where I want to be. I don't need to supplement like crazy while I am still getting my old gains back. I know I can do that naturally like I did before.

    I am taking Beta alanine, creatine mono, L-leucine w/ my protein (ON GS cookies/cream) and litup/1MR hybrid for my PWO. Diet has been good lately, a cheat day here and there. Tomorrow is a leg day again, this should be interesting. Leg workouts are usually followed by a flare up of pain and all that for a few days. So it is somewhat bitter sweet. Gona concentrate on lots of stretching and good form. I have really been a stickler to make sure I am hitting perfect form on everything lately, but keeping the weights just slightly lighter. I hit 225 for reps on bench the other day, and I was doing rows/curls/tris with pretty decent weight, so my strength is definitely coming back. Chest and Tri are def my weak points, as they always have been. Been having trouble with my shoulders growing like crazy but being very tight and sore, and not hitting my chest enough on chest days. Going to be incorporating more decline oriented bench movements, and concentrating on mind muscle connection on all my chest exercises.

  6. Going to start a new fresh workout log: The Phoenix/Dark Knight/Countrylifter Rises


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