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  1. Wow, already!!!??

  2. Final thoughts and results

    weight- 151.4
    Waist- 26
    Hips- 36

    With this stack I used T2 Xtreme, and Tight! Xtreme Reloaded. I loved the over all all day energy I had with the products. I saw great results with weight loss and inches lost.
    Over all I gained strength and really got into a groove with my running to begin training for my next half marathon.

    I would recommend the products and would use again with the results I had from the past 45 days.

    thanks again to Poison and the folks at San for giving me the chance to log this great product. I really appreciate t
    Starting weight- 4/06- 245 LBS after birth of 2nd child
    Now 151 22.9% BF

  3. Starting - Finishing

    Starting weight and Measurements
    Weight-154.2 lbs - 151.4 lbs
    Waist- 29 in - 26 in
    Hips- 37.5 in - 36in
    Thighs- 20 in - 19

    Excellent, Sawa! Thanks for your commitment, detail, and frequent updates!


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