BSN HyperFX Review!

  1. BSN HyperFX Review!


    First off Id like to thank Eric at BSN for sending me this Hyper FX tub to try. I am a big fan of how the AminoX tastes from BSN. Eric went above and beyond to help me out. Major Kudos to him.

    Hyper FX Blue Razz was the container I received.

    Mix: 10
    I noticed other reviewer state they still had some grains left in the foam, I wonder if that has to deal with the amount of water used. I always use 8 12oz of water with my pre-workouts. It helps me keep pounding the water down which is important. Especially when taking certain supplements where you need to go above and beyond the normal 8 glasses a day recommended. Hyper FX mixed wonderfully for me. No problems what so ever. I use a blender bottle, so this was shaken and not stirred by hand.

    Taste: 10
    One thing BSN does amazing and is one of the best in the business in, is in flavoring and taste of their products. NO Xplode, AminoX, and Hyper FX all have wonderful flavoring and just is rare to have something has so little of an after taste. Its literally like drinking a sports beverage.

    Pump: 9
    I had some good pumps in the gym. Its on a bit better then the better PWOs Ive taken and above some of the worst ones Ive taken. I will say this right here Hyper FX destroys NO Xplode in every way when it comes to pumps, clean energy, and focus. Just like with Craze though the difference of it alone and it with agmatine a couple other sups I mix with my PWOs the added effect is still noticeable.

    Focus: 7
    I think Craze may have spoiled me here, I had good focus and I kept on the task at hand. I wasnt pure tunnel vision focused though. Focus is hard to explain but if youve tried a lot of PWOs and youve had one or two that really gives you focus this will make sense to you.

    Energy: 9
    I got a huge boost of energy with this PWO. I had a huge boost of energy with this PWO. Wasnt jittery, didnt crash hard afterwards. I was ready to burn some excess energy at the gym though! Hyper FX lives to its billing in the energy department.

    MIX: 10 Perfect
    TASTE:10 Perfect
    PUMP:9 Great Pump for a PWO, I still like adding agmatine.
    FOCUS:7 Defiantly there, just not strong
    ENERGY: 9 Close to a 1,3D stim energy feeling. No crash afterwards.

    Closing Opinion: Hyper Fx is a great PWO that is defiantly worth giving it a shot. Its been over shadowed by Craze at the current time but defiantly holds its own. I will most likely always keep a canister on hand to mix it up. A+ company service just sweetens the deal. Ill pop back in time to time to update my opinion on Hyper Fx. Ive taken it 3 work outs so far.

  2. I tasted the pepper afterwards.
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