Jay breaking PRs with Intimidate and HGHpro

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    And why does he have to appease you?

    Get out of here.
    I don't blame him honestly but it is aggravating when people doubt me just because of bodyweight(Guessing that's the driving motive, can't think of another reason since I do lift regularly and eat healthy). I'd do it but I'm really not interested in posting videos of me since I can't figure out a way to hide my face/identifying features, don't really like the idea of having videos/pictures of me over the internet since I gain nothing from it(Reason I don't have a Facebook).

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    don't believe any of the weights for your lifts....video please
    If it helps you believe me at all, I gained nothing from giving a positive review of HGHpro & Intimidate. It was all my honest opinion of the product.

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    Final Review:

    Scoring is 1-10, less than 5 means it made things worse, 5 means no change, greater than 5 means it made things better and 10 means it was phenomenal.

    Strength - 8/10. Gains weren't drastic, but if all my lifts went up this much every month I would soon be a world class powerlifter. Gains were great for natural products.
    -ATG Squat - +15lbs, 365 -> 380lbs.
    -Pause Bench - +10lbs, 295 -> 305.
    -Deadlift(straps) - +20lbs, 425 -> 445

    Sleep - 9/10. I was sleeping through the night, felt great in the morning.

    - 6/10. I was in a good mood a majority of the time but I would get a little snappy about things that normally wouldn't bother me.

    - 7/10. I'm 22 so it was already pretty high but I was definitely paying more attention to girls with good thoughts. Lol

    - 7/10. What I noticed as far as recovery goes is I started to need less of a break between sets

    Weight - I weighed 164.2 this morning up from 161, to my eyes there is no bodyfat change which is impressive to me because I did cheat a bit over Christmas.

    Overall, the results were great and I would spend the money on Intimidate and HGHpro for the same results.
    Nice review as well as some decent results. Thanks for the log!
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