LiveToLift wants supernatural test with tropinol

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  1. LiveToLift wants supernatural test with tropinol

    First off I would like to thank I-Force for the opportunity to log this product. Really like the hype on this product and will give a good honest opinion on my results. I haven't had great success in the past with natty booster's so I'm hoping that this one really rocks like advertised!

    My goal for this product is to add 3-5 lbs putting me up to 170-172 lbs. during the length of the bottle so that I can go on cycle with a great starting point. Not too mention I'm hoping to boost my strength with the use of this product as I'm starting to hit a plateau on many of my compound lifts! I'm wondering how I should dose the product as I work 2nd shift and lift at about 10:30 am, I was thinking one right before bed at about 2am and one upon waking at 9am. It is instructed to take one upon waking and 1 pre work-out but as I've stated above that would only be an hour gap. Will try my method first unless someone has a better Idea.

    Current Supplements:
    Whey protein
    Multi Vitamin
    Fish Oil

    Alright let the fun begin! Here goes nothing.

  2. Started my first dose last night, and just took my second one about an hour ago. Today and tomorrow are off days for me, will be celebrating my fiance's bday tonight and Turkey day tomorrow! I Don't expect a natty booster to kick in immediately anyway so I will start to have workout logs on here come Friday.

  3. Let the gains began


  4. Quote Originally Posted by StakedCop View Post
    Let the gains began
    I agree!

  5. I like your list of current supplements. We should get a real accurate description here of how well tropinol works.


  6. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    I like your list of current supplements. We should get a real accurate description here of how well tropinol works.

    Yessir! I did not want to influence my test in any way so I laid off all products like daa etc! Or any type of AI, for accuracy reasons.

  7. In.
    So you work out more towards the "morning" or after waking up you say. I would say that upon waking dose should be taken about an hour before the gym instead of immediately upon waking, then take your second dose maybe like 6 hours later.
    Also, I can't remember if it's been reformulated or not but the first batch of Tropinol I remember having some natural form of caffeine in it. May not be enough to inhibit sleep but just a heads up in case.

  8. subbed!!
    iForce has shown to have some good products! Lets see what they can do for you
    RecoverBro ELITE

  9. Did everyone get the newsletter? Testosterone stack (Testobolan/Trop/Reversitol) is pretty cheap.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    Did everyone get the newsletter? Testosterone stack (Testobolan/Trop/Reversitol) is pretty cheap.
    Yups, not a bad deal at all
    RecoverBro ELITE

  11. Happy thanksgiving all! No big update today as I'll be out with family most of the day, back hitting the gym hard tomorrow!

  12. Alright, today I do not have to work so I will be trying the recommended dosing, I popped one about an hour ago and will pop one pre-workout at about 3:15 and head in to the gym at 4. Will have an update after the gym. Love having a few days off so I can really go in and kill it at the gym!

  13. Chest and tri's today due to default! Wanted to go in and hit my legs hard today but idiots at the gym like to stand around and chat while taking up both the smith and free weight squat racks. Although I ended up being very happy with the switch as I crushed a good chest workout.

    Flat bench
    1X10 155
    1X10 185
    1X8 205
    1X6 210
    1X 10 175

    Decline bench
    1X8 160
    2X8 170

    Incline bench machine
    2X8 160
    1X5 180

    Pectoral fly machine
    2X8 80
    1X8 90
    1X7 100

    Close grip bench
    2X10 105
    1X8 115
    1X6 120

    Weighted dips
    8 35
    7 35
    6 35

    Rope pulldown
    2X8 60
    1X8 65

    Didn't notice any difference with strength, but was not expecting to this early on. Was up a lb and a half but can contribute that to massive eating from turkey day and left overs! Did however leave with the best chest pump I've had in a few months, almost felt like I was on cycle. Think it may be from coming off two days out of the gym and being so well fed! Not sure If i mentioned a starting weight but I was 168.5 today and started at 167.

  14. Leg day today

    1X10 185
    1X8 205
    1X8 215
    1X10 175

    Leg press
    1X10 360
    2X10 450
    1X10 320

    Calf extension
    2X12 270
    2X12 320
    1X10 340

    Leg extensions
    2X8 130
    1X8 140
    1X10 120

    Was going to finish with abs but think all the turkey caught up to me, could barely walk near the end of this leg workout. Started with high energy but by leg press I was ready to get done and get out. Have been noticing a slight increase in libido, not sure if this early I can attribute it to the tropinol, but if so keep it coming!

  15. Took 1 tropinol upon waking. Was in the gym about an hour later. Since I did leg day yesterday I figured my dead lifts would suffer but to my surprise I actually went up a bit and popped out a few more reps. Definitely paying for it now though as I sit to type this!

    Bent over barbell rows
    1X10 135
    1X8 155
    2X7 160

    1X12 135
    2X10 185
    1X6 205

    Seated low row
    1X10 140
    2X8 142.5
    1X8 160

    Upper back row machine
    2X10 100
    2X8 110
    1X8 90

    Good energy, felt like I could go a lot longer today but had to finish my workout when I did to get ready for work. Strength didn't feel much different but energy was up from yesterday's workout. Thinking about uping my dose to 2 pre-workout 1 midday, anybody have any feedback as to this would be beneficial for me?
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    So you work out more towards the "morning" or after waking up you say. I would say that upon waking dose should be taken about an hour before the gym instead of immediately upon waking, then take your second dose maybe like 6 hours later.
    Also, I can't remember if it's been reformulated or not but the first batch of Tropinol I remember having some natural form of caffeine in it. May not be enough to inhibit sleep but just a heads up in case.
    Does this batch still contain that caffeine? Yes my workouts are generally in the am, due to the work schedule.
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  17. methyltheobromine or a form of caffeine is in the batch currently I take my 3rd pill right before bed and Im good to go but thats just me,
    New-Man Nutrition Services
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by JN230 View Post
    methyltheobromine or a form of caffeine is in the batch currently I take my 3rd pill right before bed and Im good to go but thats just me,
    Nice will see how it treats me, was a bit worried the caffeine that flex mentioned would wire me before bed.
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  19. Wow, didn't know there was caffeine in here lol.

    Good lifts man! Keep working hard and you'll get a lot stronger man!!
    RecoverBro ELITE

  20. Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    Wow, didn't know there was caffeine in here lol.

    Good lifts man! Keep working hard and you'll get a lot stronger man!!
    Thanks man, thats the plan! Yea I didnt know it either til they mentioned it in this log!
    PES Representative

  21. Alright figured I would drop in and do a brief update, today is an off day for me due to the fact that my fiance purchased a turkey a day after thanksgiving and I stayed home today to finish cooking it as she went to work. We went to my parents house for thanksgiving so didn't have as much left overs as I like to have for the week! :-) Now I have all the protein I need for a while in the fridge! Appetite is through the roof, between this and the PLCAR I feel like I could just eat all day! My mid section feels like its tightening up even though I have gained a pound in a half this week, noticing more definition in my arms and legs big time! Hoping it is a sign of good things to come!
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  22. Amazing Shoulder/ab workout today. Woke up at 10:15 and popped of 1 cap tropinol, had the pre-workout meal and headed out to get huge. Energy was through the roof, should probably mention shoulders is my favorite workout, little rest between sets. Work out went like this.

    Shoulder Press (smith)
    1X10 135
    1X10 155
    1X10 165
    1X7 175 (bout failed on my last rep)
    1X8 155

    Shrugs (smith, love to pyramid this workout)
    1X12 225
    1X10 245
    1X10 275
    1X7 305 (up again)
    1X10 275
    1X8 255

    DB seated shoulder press
    1X9 60
    1X6 65

    Chin raises
    2X8 100
    1X7 110
    1X7 100

    Capped shoulders with DB shrugs
    1X10 90
    1X8 95

    AB coaster
    40lb weighted 2X25 1X15
    20lb weighted 2X20 1X15

    Upright leg raises

    Abs were crushed, Shoulders were lit, Strength was crazy today. Body felt and looked full, weight was up to 170 leaving the gym up 3 lbs total!!! Alpha male feeling through the roof. Not even out of the first week of this product and libido is out of control, in a good way! I love the natty test with high libido feeling. It just cant be matched by the PH test with no drive feeling! Today was the strongest I've felt since I've been off PH's which makes me very happy!
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  23. Since you train traps with shoulders, do you feel sometimes your traps are to sore to train back?

  24. My five is usually. Chest, back, legs, shoulders, biceps. So the break is generally long enough that it doesn't effect me. Not enough to notice it anyway.
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  25. Wow sounds like you are blasting through those workouts. Comparable to PH you say. Man, I should've ordered some from nutra lol.

    Nutra is making me mad though. They were out all weekend and didn't answer my email. Wanted to adjust my order. Add a couple things to have shipped out here to japan. But they said it's too late for me to get the sale price... Understandable but still angering lol.

    Back to the workout, which you killed btw. I actually train traps twice a week. With both shoulders and deads. I have a upper pull day and a dead lift day. I train traps on both. I just use different rep ranges.
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  26. Thanks man, I'm young and motivated so I tend to push myself at the gym to I'm about toppled over! Love the feeling of a good pump!
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  27. Went in and did biceps today. Woke up with a bit of a soar throat and didn't notice till I got through my first set that I had a full blown cold and fatigue had done a number on my body. Workout suffered from it and strength was down, let me say when I am catching a cold this happens every time it has nothing to do with supplement performance. Still pushed through and finished my burn.

    Barbell curls
    1X12 65
    1X8 95
    1X6 95

    Seated DB curl
    2X8 40

    Reverse EZ bar curl
    1X12 65
    2X8 75

    Machine Cable curl
    1X10 65
    2X7 72.5

    3X25 30lb
    3X25 20lb

    Have been dosing three times a day one cap. One pre-workout(10am), one post(12 am) and one about 7 at night. Was very depressing to have come down with a cold as yesterday my visual appearance looked more cut then I have been since I started working out! Hoping this passes and will see how i feel tomorrow.
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  28. Well, Well, Well..... LiveToLift is back my friends! Tried out the maximize today and popped my pre gym tropinol dose and your boy is back from the dead!!!

    Rocked an incredible chest/tri split today, wasn't that my strength was up, it was the energy, drive and endurance that was on overdrive. Woke up again today with just a bit of a cold, took the son to school and said the hell with lifting for a day. Took my morning supplements and had a huge change of mind. By the time I was in the gym an hour later it was like someone released a lion into a gazelle breading ground! Was damn near racing to each set. Workout went like this:

    Flat bench (smith)
    225X5(failed on last)

    Incline bench
    155X6 Think I over crushed flat bench because I was weak on incline today

    Wide grip machine bench
    170X8 twice

    DB flat fly's
    40X8 3 times


    vbar pulldown

    weighted dips

    DB OH

    Was able to finish with ab coaster
    40lbX3 20
    20lbX2 20

    Crushed the gym, left at a nice 169 and this is 4 days off creatine so I thought I would see my weight plummet a few lbs! Left feeling like a king and that is exactly what I go for! If I had any doubts so far they were completely done away with today. I am up 2 lbs since the start of this log and body fat is diminishing. Think the 3 tabs a day is where it kicked in for me. Once again I'll say that I am sick today and still kicked ass and left with an amazing pump. I had done a run of RV2 to help post cycle before and was very impressed, now the feeling I got from maximize and tropinol I am thoroughly convinced I-force rocks and knows exactly what they are doing!
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  29. Yesterday was an off day in the gym due to a xmas party for my work. Did notice that all yesterday and so far today, chest has been very sore which makes me pleased as I know I did something right on my chest workout this week. It's not typical for me to be sore after chest the next few days.

    Great back day, Due to time limitations I will not be able to post the whole workout. Have to rush off to work to collect that doctor pay today(double time). Strength was slightly up, body is very tight! My abs are looking cut like crazy. I'm not used to this as I've never had cut abs. Strength on deadlifts was up 20 lbs which brought a smile to my face! Can't say it was completely due to this product as I just started incorporating deadlifts into my routine about a month ago so it's gone up steady every week. Libido does continue to rise with each day. Body is filling out nicely and will only improve when I start my creatine load tomorrow. Weight is still up to 169. Keeping my dosing to 1 pre workout 1 post and one 6-7 hours after that, seems to be working good.
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  30. Alright, have to give yesterday's workout details as I woke up today hardly able to move! Some might say aww that's terrible but I say its the feeling I live for! Couldn't even make it to the gym today I was so sore not too mention I still have that lingering cold.

    Lat pulldown (wide)
    1X10 140
    1X10 142.5
    1X8 160
    1x7 162.5

    Pull up (narrow)

    Lat pulldown narrow
    1X10 140
    1X8 142.5

    Dead lifts
    1X12 135
    1X10 155
    1X10 185
    1X8 205
    1X7 235 PR
    1X7 185

    Bent over row barbell
    1X10 135
    1X8 155
    1X8 165
    1X10 135

    Amazing workout yesterday, and was already sore by about 2 hours after leaving the gym! Tomorrow I will go in and do shoulders, usually do legs after back but now that I'm doing deadlifts on back day I'm going to give my legs a few days in between.
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  31. Here we go! What is it about Shoulder day that get's me so fing pumped!

    Shoulder press (smith)
    1X15 135
    1X12 155
    1X8 165
    1X7 170
    1X 8 155

    Shrugs (smith, in front of bar)
    1X12 185
    1X12 225
    1X10 255
    1X10 285
    1X8 255
    1X6 225

    Chin raises
    1X11 100
    1X8 110
    1X10 100

    Shoulder press machine
    1X10 140
    1X10 150
    1X8 150

    DB shrugs
    1X12 80
    2X10 85
    1X10 80

    Seated sit-up machine
    1X20 45
    1X15 55
    1X15 60
    1X12 55
    1X10 55

    Aggression is up tremendously, libido is through the roof. Had that tough guy feeling today. Energy was through the roof and I was very pleased with my workout today. Body feels really tight even though I have gained 1.5 lbs. Don't know what it is about the feeling of raised nat test that just gets me so stoked mentally. Cold felt like it was in check today and I should be 100 percent by tomorrow, strength was up a bit and was very pleased with both the feeling and workout today in the gym.
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  32. Alpha male!

  33. Quote Originally Posted by StakedCop View Post
    Alpha male!
    PES Representative

  34. atta boy! must say i love the detail in here!
    New-Man Nutrition Services
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  35. Leg day....... I should be sore and pissed right.... Wrong, pumped through it with ease even smashed abs for 20 mins at the end. This is by far my weakest body part as when I started at 140 lbs a year ago my legs looked like brittle tooth picks. In any case workout went like this:

    1X10 135
    1X8 155
    1X8 185
    1X7 195
    1X7 205
    1X6 215
    1X7 185

    Rear kick
    1X10 90
    1X10 115
    2X8 125

    Calf extensions (did a calf extension to partial squat back to calf extension with no pause on this one, energy was through roof)
    1X15 180 1X6 1X10
    1X12 205 1X5 1X8
    1X12 215 1X5 1X8
    1X15 180
    Hope you get what I did there. Did calf extension, then with same machine went into a squat and back to calf extension.

    Leg extensions (seated)
    1X15 130
    1X12 140
    2X8 150

    Ab coaster
    3X25 30lbs
    2X15 30lbs

    Hanging leg lifts
    3X12 body weight

    Strength was up on quite a few lifts today, same alpha male feeling and can't stress enough the strong libido. Hard to not wander my eyes in between sets..... :-) Usually cant even think about doing abs after legs but for some reason I didn't have any problem today!
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  36. Bicep day today. Once again I'm noticing some size changes in my body though I am leaning out a bit. My arms look fuller and my chest is getting pretty chizzled, yet my stomach has tightened up a bit. I think now that I will be dropping the PLCAR out of the mix my weight which is up 1.5 lbs already will probably go up about a pound or two, being that I'm also loading up on creatine right now too. Very excited to see what this product will do for me in the last few weeks here as I'm already feeling a difference especially in libido and aggression!

    Straight bar curl

    Reverse bar curl (EZ curl bar)
    3X8 75
    1X8 55

    DB curls
    2X8 40
    1X8 35

    Hammer curls
    2X7 45

    Cable curls
    2X8 65
    1X7 67.5
    1X5 72.5

    Good workout today, strength wasn't up too much but energy was good. Day off tomorrow and then we will really put this to the test with chest and tri's on Saturday.
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  37. Well....
    Had to hop on and post real quick, just got home from work and took a shower got out and noticed in the mirror some serious definition in my chest and arms! It has been getting better day by day in the last week but the last few days it has really been noticeable to me. I love the fact that even though I've upped my diet considerably I am more slim and tight looking then normal. The diet hasn't just been increased by choice, I have been feeling as if I have to eat all the time! It is a good thing for me being that I want to gain quite a bit more weight. Very pleased with what is going on here and hope that it is just a sign for what is to come in these last few weeks! Off day tomorrow due to some things come up and being that I work mon-sun almost every week! Will be hitting chest and tri's hard on Sunday!
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  38. Glad tropinol is treating you this good! I haven't used it yet but will be next month

  39. Finally felt up to hitting the gym today after a couple of rough days of work and injury(pinched nerve in back). Used mainly machine's today to try not to aggravate the injury. Very good energy and strength today. Weighed in at.........169.5!!!!! Up 2.5 lbs from the start of this product and am the heaviest I've been since cycle 4 months ago! Very happy at where my strength was today and my body even after being off for a few days was very full and the pump was amazing.

    Bench press machine
    1X10 180
    1X8 200
    2X7 210

    Wide press machine
    2X10 180
    2X8 200

    Incline press machine
    1X10 130
    2X8 150

    DB fly's
    1X10 40
    1X10 45
    1X8 50

    Close grip bench
    2X9 95
    2X8 115

    Vbar pulldown
    1X12 72.5
    1X10 80
    1X6 82.5
    1X12 65

    DB OH
    1X9 60
    2X7 65

    Definitely feel 3 caps should be the standard with this product but that's just my opinion. Cant really say I have any sides besides maybe just a few extra pimples on the arms etc. Nothing too noticeable but usually don't have an acne problem at all. So far I'm happy with the product.
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  40. Back day, still a little sore from the pinched nerve but just did a little lower weight and higher reps on some of my lifts to accommodate. Workout went like this:

    Lat pulldown (wide)
    1X12 120
    1X10 142.5
    1X7 160
    1X5 162.5

    Narrow pulldown
    2X8 160
    1X6 162.5

    Dead lifts
    1X10 145
    1X8 185
    2X8 205
    1X12 155

    Bent over BB rows
    1X12 135
    2X10 155

    Ab coaster
    3X30 40lbs

    Very good work-out still looking full and vascular. Diet has been insane lately, always hungry. Once again I have to add that my libido has been through the roof.
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