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  1. Everything is going smooth right now, lifts are still going up. but the biggest difference while being on this is the overall shape of my torso. My back and shoulders have really started bulging out. I finally have the look I was after, just scaled down a little. Sorry about the lack of updates I just moved out on my own, and only had internet for a few days here.
    I got 2 days left and will post my final workouts then. So far I know I'm up at least 5 lbs. I've been hovering around the 173-176 zone for a while.

  2. Nice Good to hear the stack is treating you well.

    Keep up the good work!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. Chest/Triceps
    Decline Bench-----160x9 165x7 170x5----180x5
    Rope Pushdown ---130x9 135x7 140x6 -----155x5
    Incline Bench -----130x9 135x8 140x6------ 155x5
    Arnold Press ------30x9 35x8 40x6--------45x6
    Flat DB Flyes -----25x10 30x8 35x6-------30x3x10
    DB Skull Crusher --17.5x9 20x7 22.5x6---------25x6


    *I switched to a lower weight higher rep form for this workout, had I not hit the rut I did, all big lifts would have most likely went up 10-20lb
    Wide Grip Lat Pulldown -----320x9 320x8 320x8
    BB Curl --------------------70x9 75x7 80x5
    DB Lateral Raises ----------22.5x9 25x7 30x5
    Bent Over BB Row----------140x9 145x7 150x5
    Shoulder Shrug-------------255x10 265x8 275x8
    Rear Delt Flyes-------------22.5x10 25x8 30x6
    Concentration Curl----------22.5x9 25x7 30x5
    Reverse BB Curl-------------50x9 55x7 60x5

    Squats------------210x10 215x8 220x6----- 235x5x5 but got up to 245x5
    SLDL--------------235x9 240x7 245x6------250x6
    DB Lunges---------50x9 5x7 52x7-------52x3x10-8
    Lying Leg Curls-----85x9 90x7 95x5 ----same
    BB Calf Raise ------225x9 230x7 235x6 -------230x4x10

    Overall I give this whole stack 8/10. Its a very solid group of products. I would take this again without any thought. Over that last two months I have got over the "do you even lift?" look, at least when I take my shirt off. My back and chest are way bigger. Overall way thicker everywhere else too. I gained 6+ pounds of muscle while losing some body fat. Diet kinda sucked for part of this, I was moving so there were times I had to skip meals and gym time. I think my results could have be slightly better. I would like to see this stronger dosed in the future if thats possible. Thanks for the opportunity to run this.

  4. Good to hear the stack went great for you, 6+ pounds and losing bodyfat is pretty wicked. I can't wait to run this stack with our new Anti-Estrogen
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    Good to hear the stack went great for you, 6+ pounds and losing bodyfat is pretty wicked. I can't wait to run this stack with our new Anti-Estrogen
    want to do it all over again with that

  6. Quote Originally Posted by randysavage View Post
    want to do it all over again with that
    Everyone can soon enough, it should be much longer until the new product is out
    Core Nutritionals Representative


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