Hey Guys,

I am a big fan of Allmax Nutrition in general. I use there straight beta alanine and creatine monohydrate. I love their Isoflex protein. The texture, the quality and especially the taste. I recently bought a tub of Banana Creme. I usually buy the peanut butter chocolate. I guess I will talk about both.

The Chocolate Peanut Butter is amazing. I had always been a fruit protein lover, usually buying strawberry or some other fruity flavor. After trying this though, I was converted. It tastes just like it sounds...kind of like a peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips...and it actually has chocolate chips in it! I read a review where someone complained about the chips not dissolving in water...wtf...they are not supposed to. Just down it and it tastes awesome. I have never had it in milk, but with water it's perfect. Its a 90% whey isolate, which is the highest you can get quality wise. It has 27 grams of protein per scoop. I bought a 5lb container for like $64 from another site and they sent me a shaker cup too which was nice...but still more expensive than other proteins out there.

Now just recently I tried the Banana Creme from a sample sent to me. I was a little nervous about tasting this, as I have never had a banana tasting protein...sounds pretty nasty anyway. Well...was I wrong. This stuff is awesome. Allmax really has it's flavoring down. So I went ahead and bought a container of it. Now the taste brings me back to my childhood...it tastes just like those banana Runts candies. If you were one that always pulled out the runts bananas for yourself...you will love it, but if you were a person who hated those little banana bastards, this protein is not for you. So don't expect a banana taste like from the grocery store or one of those post 5k bananas...but more of a candy banana taste.

Recommendation: If you are looking for a high quality, great tasting whey, this is definitely the one for you.

PS - I also tried samples of Chocolate Mint, Chocolate and Vanilla...wasn't a fan of any of them.