AE tackles Muscle Marinade (Sponsored)

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  1. Feeling great, workouts are excellent considering the time.

    I will also say, on a very positive note, that the cherry limeade flavor is quite appealing. Instead of getting sick of it, I actually enjoy it. It is not overpowering, and is very subtle. One of my favorite flavors of a pre w/o thus far

  2. Like what I see here AE. Curious about the dose you use though. Is 1 scoop the ticket or do you use more?
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  3. I have been using 1 scoop and have found that to be a strong dose. It is not over stimming or over powerful in any way. Seems just right

  4. That says alot if 1 scoop can get the job done!
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  5. I was surprised by that as well. Add in that it tastes good, and it's a real winner.

  6. Another several days of solid workouts. Seems I have a few days left of MM, then I will give an in depth write up. Needless to say I am quite pleased.
  7. Final Review

    I have what looks to be about 3-4 scoops left. SO, with that said, I feel I can give a fair assessment of MM after my run.

    Taste: 5/5
    The flavor is quite subtle. In many instances with pre w/o's the flavor wears on you during your time with it. This was not the case. It seemed regardless of the water amount that i used, the flavor was not greatly changed. It never became too tart or too powerful. Very well done.
    Mix: 5/5
    Besides WF, this mixed the absolute best. About 30 seconds in a shaker, and there was minimal to no residue at all floating at the top or resting at the bottom. I personally cannot stand when there is a surprise at the bottom, and I am left to chug bulk powder.

    Energy: 4/5

    I workout very early in the morning. I am up at 3:45am, and the MM has worked nicely. The reason for the 4 score, is that it was not a consistent kick in the a$$. I felt that could have been slightly stronger. Still excellent, just not the best I have tried.
    Focus: 4.5/5

    This shines here. Eventhough it seemed no one else in the world was up when I am, I was almost always aggressive and focused on what I was doing, which says a lot for a pre w/o

    Overall: 4.75/5
    I will no doubt purchase again. This makes it to #2 on my list of favorite all time pre w/o powders. I had high expectations, due to so many people raving about MM. It did not fail to disappoint. Excellent job by Purus with this, they should be commended for adding a tremendous product to a crowded market.

  8. Nice review, looks like this is something worth trying!
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  9. Definitely need to get this in my pre-workout supplement rotation! Nice review AE.
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  10. thank you Az, much appreciated


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