Doc strips to 10% with Anabeta, erase and Alpha t2 (sponsored log)

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  1. Doc strips to 10% with Anabeta, erase and Alpha t2 (sponsored log)

    This is day 1 of my sponsored log from PES.

    My aim is to trim down to 10% bodyfat over the next 8 weeks. I am currently 85kg at 15% body fat. I have dropped from 89kg over the last 5 weeks so i have been loosing about a 600grams a week without the aid of supplements. I estimate i have dropped about 4% body fat during this time. I have lost a small amount of muscle mass-most of it coming off my back. Hopefully with the assistance from PES i will be able to turn this cut in to somewhat of a recomp.

    For the first half of this log i will be running
    anabeta+alphat2 then crossing over in the middle to run anabeta+erase
    I will also be using SAN Fierce as preworkout through out this log.

    I have run anabeta solo before but have never used at2 or erase so it will be interesting to see how they compliment it.

    I will be posting on each workout day (3 times a week) and once a week giving an update on the effects and changes over the week. As in each of my last logs i will be taking pictures before and after. I'll take some and post them later tonight.

    I will vary my workouts but at the moment i have been doing 1 hour of weights with 20-30 mins of cardio at the end of the workout.
    At the moment my routine looks like this:

    day 1: chest shoulders tris
    Day 2: legs
    Day 3 Back bi's.

    With the majority of my lifts being compound.

    But i also like to switch it up and do full body workouts three times a week sometimes. I have often found this style better suits me for cutting down.

    I will also be playing basketball 3-4 times a week.\

    This should be a fun run.

    Starting pics. The llight in the first two pics was very dull and didnt really show off much-but I was happy with the back pic .
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  2. solid stack here in for the fun

  3. Final Review

    Okay id really like to thank pes for the opportunity they gave me here to log their product. I made my best effort the entire time to get the most out of this stack. Overall i dropped a good amount of body fat. I started on day one at 85 kg at 15.5% body fat and finished at 81.4 at 12%. However, i went and did a skinfold reading and measured 10% bodyfat. My hips started at 37 inches and finished at 33.5. My waist was 35.5 inches and is now 31.5.However, words dont mean a thing- i'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

    Ive decided i wont rate everything out of 10. However i will give pros and cons of each.

    I had already been trimming down for about 5 weeks before i started this log. My strength had been declining slowly (understandably). So i thought these two would be a great way of kicking this stack off. While on this part of the stack i noticed that when i was in the gym i really worked hard-i pushed harder than ever before. I had not cut my calories as drastically at this point and was setting new pr's on every aparatus. My strength was through the roof and I was sweating like crazy. I was actually beating pr's i hit while i was bulking. I did notice a strength gain in my solo anabeta log as well, and it kicked in at about week 2 both times. My vascularity also started to become quite noticeable towards the end and i even got a few comments from people in the gym.

    I found the stims in at2 helped me keep going throughout the day and i did not need as much caffeine as usual. I also felt like i had to do a lot of cardio after each workout while combining these two supplements. I think this was detrimental and i lost some muscle mass towards the end as i was doing too much cardio after long weight sessions. Really i should have known better. The only real problem i had came from AT2. Sometimes(not all the time) it have me a strong rapid heart beat. This often made it difficult for high intensity cardio like basketball and i struggled in some games.

    Strength gain (while not reducing calories too much)
    Increased vascularity
    Strong drive
    Increased energy
    Strong thermogenic effect

    Sometimes affected heart rate.

    This was the second half od the stack which i started after a week break due to sickness. Both kicked in pretty quickly and i could feel a major difference on erase. I actually preferred this stack because i did get an increased heart rate and really noticed an increase in endurance. What i was really impressed with about this part of the stack is that i started to recomp even on a fairly large calory deficit. For example, one week i lost .6% of body fat, had the same hydration levels, but only lost 100 grams. I was very impressed.

    For comparison sake i'll mention that my strength went down while i was sick. While i was not eating as much as before i did notice my strength do back up. I was not setting pr's, but i was not disapointed non the less.

    The other prominent pros were the vascularity, and the positive emotional feelings this gave me. I woke up feeling like the f*cking man some days. And I really noticed the leaning effects of erase. I really noticed this in my face and mid section. After being off of it a few days though ive had a little water come back in to these areas. I wish i took the photos of my abs before today-lol.

    The only con from this that i can recall is acne. It wasnt bad, i just got a few big red zits. My joints also started getting a little tight towards the end of the bottle. I then started to tapper down.

    Strong recomp effect
    Great sence of well being
    Flushes water
    Increased endurance
    Further increased vascularity

    Tight joints towards the end.

    Would i use this again?
    Yes. Id love to try them all at once but im a big fan of Anabeta/erase.

    In summary
    I'd like to Thank PES again for the opportunity for logging this. Thankyou natty for initiating the offer and Ben for your support and advice throughout-- If you are ever looking for someone to log any new products i would be more than happy too. Its been a great run.


    Unfortunately I couldn't get a lat shot yet but i tried to do similar shots to the before photos. Ive got a few extras as well. I'll try get a lat shot up tomorrow. All photos were taken cold with no pump.

    Before / After
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    I filled these pants out prior to this log

    Name:  Cut1.jpg
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    Before/ After
    Name:  cut2.jpg
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    Other After shots (no before pics here)
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  4. Day 1: Back bi's

    Today i did back and bis. Ive been very thirsty all day (anabeta) and ive felt like an absolute furnace after the gym (At2).

    Diet: very clean

    Wide grip chins > Machine shrugs
    x12 x9 x10x10 > 60kg 60kg 80kg 80kg x10

    no break

    Wide grip lat pulldown
    90kgx6 80kgx5 60kg 8>50kg X5

    Bent barbell row underhand >overhand> shrugs

    Close grip pulldowns > machine rear flys (i did dropsets on each set but it would be too confusing to show this)
    70kg x12>56kgx10
    90kgx6 >56kgx10
    80kgx6 >56kgx8

    Bent db row >Rear db flys
    30kgx 10> 6kg each x 10
    30kgx10> 6kgx10
    30kgx8 (dropset 24kgx6) > 6 kgx8
    30kgx8 (dropset 24kgx6)> 6kgx6

    Deadlift (i had a **** night with these)
    60kgx6 (warmup)

    Barbell curls
    30kgx8> 25X8 >20X6
    25kgX8 >20X6

    Incline db curl

    30 mins on epiliptical 420 calories

  5. Get it done Doc
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    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
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  6. nice workout there

  7. Thanks Mitch and Natty. Its nice to see you following along.

    Day 2: A little quick update for today-its my only day i do absolutely nothing

    Even though i did back and bis workout yesterday my chest is quite sore today which has stumped me. Im quite sore along the borders of my chest (from the bottem right up and around the sides) Ive never had this from a back workout before. It must of been the way i did dead lifts or something.

    I took two at2 this heart was pounding for about an hour. I might cut back to just one morning and one in the afternoon fora few more days. I'll take my last AB with my last meal.

    Im feeling nice and pumped all over today and can feel my muscles starting to harden up a little.

    I really felt like doing some cardio tonight - I might go for a quick jog after this. I also Might get up early in the morning and do some fasted cardio before playing bball tomorrow night.

    Thats it for today.

  8. Day 3: Cardio day

    Today is a cardio day. I started with 45 mins fasted cardio. I took 1 alpha t2 + Preworkout (SAN FIerce+alcetyl carnatine) hit the cross trainer and burnt 640 calories in 45 mins.
    I then took a second alpha t2 -i was trying to see if splitting the dose would have any less effect on my heart rate. Unfortunately i still had the same issue so i will have to have just one morning and one afternoon. I look on this as a good thing and see that my bottle will last longer than expected.

    I still have the whole day ahead of me with basketball game tonight. Catch you guys tomorrow.

  9. You must react very sensitive to the Higenamine. Not a bad thing!
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    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  10. Sub'd. Kill it!
    "The only way to achieve your goals is to bite off more than you can chew, and fu©kin chew it!"
    — Mickey Mouse

  11. In. Good luck.
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  12. Thanks for following along guys. Starting pictures have been added.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Docmattic
    Thanks for following along guys. Starting pictures have been added.
    Wow you look a bit leaner than 15%.

    Looks like you have a great cycle ahead of you. .
    RecoverBro ELITE

  14. Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    Wow you look a bit leaner than 15%.

    Looks like you have a great cycle ahead of you. .
    Thanks man, I was tensing my stomach a little (everyone does this right? haha ) but im just going off what my scales tell me. My stomach has a nice shape when i tence it but still no visible abs. My goal is for the 6 pack.

  15. Day 4: Chest shoulders abs.

    I went back too two at2 today and that worked great. I really started to feel overheated while sitting doing nothing in class. After my second dose and gym visit i was even warmer.

    I ate more carbs today than I have been. I was trying to give myself strength for the session. Unfortunately my post workout meal was ****:fried food rice and sugary crap i was made feel obliged to eat (a birthday party). So i went back to the gym after and did 20 mins cardio to try burn some of excess energy off.

    During my first cardio bout of HIIT-people were actually looking and pointing at the amount of sweat coming off of me. Go AT2!


    Benchpress:I felt like i could do more here put held back as i didnt have a spotter. There went many people around to help if i dropped it.
    60kgx10 (warmup)
    90kgx6>80kgx7> 60kgx10
    very short break

    Standing Millitary press: (Im not great at these. I arch my back too much.)

    40kg x7>30kgx8
    Superset with : Upright barbell row

    Explosive pushups>normal pushups to failure these things take it out of you)

    Side lateral machine

    Inlcine db press
    24kg each
    Superset with
    Incline db side lateral raise
    6kgX10 3 sets

    cable flys
    3 sets with double dropset on last

    Dips: concentrating on chest
    x8 x8 x7 x7

    Gymball situps
    20x 5 sets
    superseted with
    Hungarian split squat
    20kgx10 3 sets

    I then did Hiit (130 rpm during sprint) for 12 mins on a bike (i dug deep for that) and finished the last 7 mins off with low intensity at about 90 rpm

  16. WOW! work is soooooooooo boring today! Not even at2 plus caffine is keeping me awake haha.
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~

  17. Day 5:
    Today was very low carb day. I ate all my carbs from vegetables except at breakfast and post workout.

    I did 4 exersises on abs

    Situps on a Gym ball: 5 sets of 20
    Side situps on the hyperextension machine (obliques) : 3 sets of 15
    Lying leg raises (lifting ass off ground) 4 sets of 15
    Machine crunches
    55kg x10>35 kg x10 4 sets

    I then did 25 mins cardio-15 of which were HIIT and 10 mins were low intensity.
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~

  18. Day 6: arms
    Today was awsome! I felt a real lift in endurance and strength!
    Before my workout day i had bball training which had me feeling pretty rough and ready to puke. I went in to the gym drinking my preworkout hoping for a half assed workout at best: it was only arms after all. But to my suprise i felt like a machine once i got going. I absolutely smashed chinups! I also focused on very short breaks.

    Chinups: 100 in around 15-20 mins
    The first 5 sets were in a superset with cable pushdowns 24kgx10

    *I was really really happy with 100 chins. It was actually really easy until about 80.

    Close grip bench press:
    60kg x10 x10x8 x7

    Barbell curls:

    Lying triceps extension

    Preacher curls Reverse grip>normal grip
    15kg x10 >x5 4sets

    Dips>Cable pushdowns
    5 sets of 10 >5 of whatever weight i could manage

    Cable curl burnouts
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~

  19. I missed this one!

    In, better late than never.
    PEScience Representative

  20. Welcome Ben, its good to see you here.
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~

  21. Day7: Legs

    Today was fairly decent. I tweaked my lower back in the gym so im going to take a day off tomorrow and just do cardio for a few days. It was my first day back doing squats after doing my back 2 months ago. This time, instead of continuing, i stopped and just layed on the floor for 10 mins straight away instead of ignoring it. Its sore and stiff-but it will definatly be okay in a few days. Im glad i didnt ignore it. I might do hack squats from now on where my back is supported.

    BW: 20 reps
    20kg x20

    Seated calf raise
    30kgx12 3 sets


    I was working my way up through the sets for this. My legs found it easy-apparently my back didnt even though it only hurt once i racked it. I was watching in the mirror. It didnt look like i was leaning too far forward-i may have done something wrong, or maybe its just my back, i am unsure.

    I stopped the workout here.

    I checked my blood pressure tonight. It was 120/64 with 54 pulse.

    Weekly weigh in tomorrow!
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~

  22. Weekly write up1:

    Weight: 83.5kg
    Body fat: 14.6% (down from 15.5 if i take the word of the scales)
    Muscle: 48.2%
    Water: 61.5%
    Blood pressure:120/64
    Resting Pulse: 56

    Putting Anabeta and alpha-t2 together is an interesting combination. Ive found alpha t2 has strong appetite suppression and anabeta has a strong appetite increase. So at one point you have the thought of food making you nauseous and at other points absolutely dying for a meal haha.
    Ive found i am particularly sensitive to alpha t2 and my heart beats very strong if i take 2 tablets or take it with 2 bigger dose of caffeine.

    I've been very thirsty this week and really making sure I'm hydrated has been a solid task due to the amount of activity I'm doing.

    I have noticed a slight increase in endurance so far and a slight increase in strength while looking visibly leaner each day. I actually got a lower body fat reading earlier in the week, but that was right after HIIT, so i figured id be cheating myself if i believed that.

    Ive eaten fairly well this week. I've been trying to carb cycle. Earlier in the week while i was on cardio only days i was only getting my carbs from vegetables (and oats in the morning). However as the week went on and i started doing compound lifts i ate more carbs (well a little more in general) through out the day before hand to power the workouts and to encourage some growth. However im on a few days off now so i'll drop my carbs again.

    That's it for the first week! I'm absolutely stoked with the results so far.
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~

  23. Looking visibly leaner each day is the best you can hope for. Great work Doc!
    PEScience Representative

  24. Day 9: Back, rear delts, traps

    Today i was careful in my workout not to aggravate my lower back which was feeling better today. I mainly stuck to machines and cables just to be safe. I really pulled some heavy loads on these machines though.

    Pullups> Machine shrugs
    x10 4 sets > 100kgx10 80kgx10 80kgx8 60kgx10

    Hammer strength seated rows
    60kgx10, 80kgx10 (pr) 100kgx5 (pr) 80kgx8 80kgx8>60kgx8>40kgx10

    Hammer strength lat pulldowns
    100kgx10 120kgx10 140kgx6 140kgx3 120kgx8>100kgx6>80kgx6

    Cable rows overhand>underhand

    Close grip pulldowns>machine rear flys
    80kgx8 >56kgx6

    Gym ball situps +5kg
    x20 3 sets

    Reverse db flys
    6kg x10 3 sets

    20 mins cardio on treadmill with incline of 7-9. I was mainly walking with a light jog at the end.
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~

  25. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    Looking visibly leaner each day is the best you can hope for. Great work Doc!
    Thanks Ben, im really working hard at the moment.
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~


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