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  1. Awsome PR man! Yea im with you on the deadlift platues. Keep killing it and youll smash your meet


    I'll break this down into several categories:

    Flavor: 9/10
    Very smooth and didn't taste overly artificial. It also was not overly sweet, which is usually the case with Watermelon flavors.

    Mixability: 10/10
    2 ice cubes, Blender Ball, shake, and it's done. No clumps at all and took about 20s to disperse.

    Energy/Focus: 8/10
    I took a little longer to kick in than I expected, but, once it did, it was a clean, smooth energy. I didn't have a 1,3 high, but I also didn't get the crash or appetite suppression that I get with 1,3.

    Thermogenesis: 10/10
    This kicked in before the energy and I would often find myself sweating while I was foam rolling and doing my pre-hab. By the end of the session, I would be drenched and my towel was saturated.

    I would definitely recommend this to people in the future. The price is great and you get a whole lot of servings. I didn't notice any attenuation to the product and that's pretty rare on the pre-WO market right now. I also liked the changes to this one compared to the OG version.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys



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