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    I hope your deloaded before starting this, since imma guess you havent had a break from bbing for some time, jumping right into this is sure to leave you fatigued. Oh and all those 5 sets, id play it by ear and autoregulate. Say your having a rought week, cut the volume to 3 sets. gotta leave a lil room for error.
    I'm feeling alright today, I think it was mostly mental (a lot going on ATM). I've been giving a lot of thought into trying some adaptogens to help combaat some of my stress issues as they seem to be holding me back (work full time plus school at night). I used 1.5 scoops yesterday so I was flying through my workout and I hit all my numbers

    Supp Layout:

    White Flood: 1.5 scoops in 10oz water 40min before workout swishing each sip

    Purple Wraath: 2 scoops in 32oz water sipped on from beginning to end of workout

    Reduction PM shot: 1 shot 30 min before last meal of the day

    Orange Oximega kit: 4 fish oils with lunch and 1 scoop of greens with either preworkout meal or post workout meal.

  2. For stress, ashwagonda

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    ~Watermelon White Flood~

    *Final Review*

    I just wanna thank Controlled Labs and their forum reps for allowing me to try the new flavor and formula White Flood. I fully and truthfully enjoyed my run with the product and it did exactly what it was designed to do.

    Taste: 10/10

    The new flavoring is awesome! I had no issues with flavor during my whole run of WF, it was just delightful. haha

    Pump Enhancement:9/10

    I'd say the pump enhancement I experienced was on par with my creatine nitrate cycle (1.8g). Rock solid muscles with no sub-dermal bloating. Only thing better was the pumps I get from certain hormonal substances

    Energy: 10/10

    This part was surprisingly good. I only went up to 1.5 scoops during my run but it was more than enough to wake me up on days that I was dragging azz. I definitely noticed a nice increase in performance, most notably on my bench and deadlifts.

    Versatility: 9/10

    Anything that requires a shaker loses points... because I hate them...and they're a pain to clean by hand (no dishwasher in my appt) BUT it still gets a nine for the fact it does not contain 1,3-Dimethylamylamine or creatine which allows me to add my own source of creatine or extra stim (in case I'm feeling froggy). This was one of my favorite parts about WF since I like rotate my creatine sources- creatine nitrate, MCC, Trinitine, kre-Alkalyn, or Creapure.


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