Sarguy's SNS TTA-500+ALCAR Lean-out Log (sponsored)

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    Sally was pretty old for a Basset, plus she had diabetes, cataracts, and back problems. With the right meds she was a happy dog, but it just got to the point that she was miserable more often than not. Getting old sucks, which is why I keep working on getting in shape. I don't want to be in her place in my later years.
    gotch ya, my inlaws went through that last year with their dog w/very similar issues...

  2. Just an update, weight is holding at 205. Will be doing measurements this weekend. I just started a day shift position back in hyperbarics, as the night shift thing was getting to I e too much for school and trying to get in shape. Unfortunately it has messed up my workout routine and thus far I've only been able to get into gym for quick kills outs of cardiovascular and a couple of full body circuit workouts. Im feeling a bit stalled out after my cheat day on Monday. Grrrrr ...

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    Sarguy's SNS TTA-500 and ALCAR-500 Log:

  3. And so it comes to a close...and really, I'm rather impressed! I hit 202 lbs this morning, entailing a total loss of 51 lbs since October 2010! Final measurements:

    Weight: 202 lbs!!!
    Neck :16 inches
    Waist: 38 inches
    Beltline: 37.2

    I left my calipers at work today, but I'll be able to enter a Bf% to round this thing out. Some might notice that this went closer to six weeks long than just a month, reason being that I had a few days post stomach bug, as well as some forgetful days where I didn't get to dose the TTA and Alcar on a regular basis. However, I pushed on instead of giving up when I mucked up, and now I'm enjoying the results!!! Thanks again to SNS for a great supp opportunity, one that I'll be adding into my regimen for the last 15-20 lbs I'm wanting to ditch before 2012.
    Sarguy's SNS TTA-500 and ALCAR-500 Log:


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