N2-Carb by NTBM a nice surprise

  1. N2-Carb by NTBM a nice surprise

    I picked up a bag of n2-carb by need to build muscle to try out at random at some point and tonight was that random moment.

    I have to say I am pretty impressed.it mixes up pretty well and has almost no taste other than a slight sugary taste which I find is great.I wanted a nice pre bed snack so I threw 5 scoops in 20oz of milk.Def a nice supplement to have around if you want to add that extra bang to your weight gain shake or to have a nice late night snack.

    here is some info on it just in case your wondering about the contents

    N2-carb is as simple as it gets. 2lb of pure Maltodextrine aka fast acting carbohydrates for use as a pre/post work out supplement or in conjuntion with Peptides such as IGF, MGF and others when timing of carbohydrates is the difference in good results and great results.
    N2-carb also makes the perfect addition to our wheytobuildmuscle protien creating a bulking shake that other companies scam customers into paying 10 times the amount for. Don't waste your money on over hyped over priced weight gainer shakes. More often then not you are simple getting charged triple the price for little more then added carbs and fats. Combine N2-carb with out Wheytobuildmuscle Protein blend and you can get the exact same thing for a fraction of the cost.
    For every unti of N2-carb you order with a 5lb bag of any of our wheytobuildmuscle you or given a additional 5% of the product combo.

    Serving size 30g
    servings per bag 30
    Calroies 130
    Total fat 0
    Saterated fat 0
    Trans fat 0
    Sugar 2g
    Carbohydrates 28g
    Protein 0g

  2. This is a great think to have around and be able to throw in a shake while bulking or just adding in carbs and calories....and pretty cheap too!!
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

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