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    Subbed. Im a follower of DC training although I dont diet CKD. I never seem to get it right nor do I believe in complete carb depletion. I see your giving the total reps for each motion but I'd like to see the 3 set breakdown too.
    I have been enjoying it, although I have not been as CKD crazy as I used to, I just keep carbs low during the week because, well, I just do, its the way I enjoy eating the most, and then have weekends as "carb ups" although not as strict as I used to be anymore.

    Will start trying to give a breakdown for what I remember, big issue is that my log on my cell phone only has total rep (well, the easy log at least) so I end up just going by that one and getting an "idea" of what I did previously.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  2. Hey guys!

    I had to go away for work for 3 days last week and was unable to workout or to have any free time to do anything, so I slacked on updates last week.

    The good news is: Since there is Memorial Day around the corner this means I'm going to be going WILD at the gym this week and will be working out extra hard to get that last little boost before I'm on a boat modafocker! Take a look at me! Anyways, I will be doing my DC workout the 3 times as per usual this week, but am also adding the jump rope routine after each one of those, and hitting the cardio machine on Tuesday and Thursday as well as swim sessions on those days as well.

    I stepped on the scale the other day, am down to 208lbs. Haven't been this low in quite a long ass time, pretty visible mirror wise as well, circumferences haven't dropped much in the muscle areas, keeping about the same on those; it has, although, dropped significant on my ab section so I am pretty happy about that.

    My Dexaprine bottle is running its course, we are nearing the end legs of it, I sure have been dosing that little sucker high!
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  3. lol nice post I'll be following =)

  4. So I was back to the gym on Monday; did my arms + legs routine.

    Barbell Curls: 50lbs on the bar, 8, 5, 3, 1 (felt like doing an extra set to max out at one)
    Hammer Curls: 40lbs dumbbells, 7, 5, 2
    Widowmaker at 50lb bar and went to 19.

    So that's for Arms.

    Leg Press: 450lbs, 10 reps.
    Widowmaker Leg Press: 360lbs, 24 reps. Should probably have kept a little more weight.

    Seated Hammy: 150lbs, 9, 7, 5, 2. Way too little weight.

    Calves on Leg Press: 405lbs. Did the whole Push, 5 seconds back to original position, 5 seconds stretch on original position, push again, that's one. Did that for 10 reps, dying at the end of it. Took 10 breaths and then did a straight series of 6. 10 breaths, 3. 10 breaths, 1.

    Calves are my def weak spot so I've been really pushing on them with a little variation on the DC training. And let me tell you, HOLY FREAKING ****. My calves were DESTROYED yesterday. I could barely walk. Seriously, barely walk.

    So Tuesday night with my calves killing me, what did I decide to do? Well, let's put some more stress on them, duh! So I went for my jump rope routine. Did the whole Jump Rope, drop down to abs, Jump Rope, repeat 4 times routine. Calves were dying at the end of it. Soaked in the hot tub for a good 20 minutes after and then went to the sauna to sweat out some more.

    Took a nice muscle relaxant to sleep and slept like a baby, for the first time forever I slept through the night and had my alarm actually wake me up. God I love muscle relaxants...

    Anyways, I've been taking 2.5 dexaprines a day, been sweating balls, am sitting here at work, it's about 55 degrees outside and I'm soaking wet from my own sweat. Appetite has been on the low side, very low side, I have to push myself to eat, have been subbing in some Protein Shakes in times I know I should be eating just so I'm not destroying too much muscle on the process. Continuing with my Anabolic Diet, thanks to an AM member I actually got my hands on an Anabolic Diet PDF book (hit me up if you want it) and have been loving it.

    As far as overall life goes with Dexaprine: I am full of energy throughout the day but get a little tired at the end, around 5:30. I'm almost always heavily inclined to take a nap when I get home. It has been giving me some GI problems when I go to the gym and workout, probably because of the 1,3. So I have been taking my last dose a little earlier in the day to make sure I'm not nauseated during my workout.

    It also has been giving me a little bit of rough sleep, I wake up more often than I would regularly, but that's expected on any stims. I've been taking some sleep aids and it's been helping me.

    So that's it for now!
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  5. 2.5 dexa, wow that's intense! Gotta have some good workouts from that. A DC combo of arms and legs sounds brutal!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  6. Took some more measurements the other day, 208lbs. Have been working on Anabolic Diet for a while now but have now just kept it around maintenance level of calories to try to do a little recomp since I am taking a fat loss product.

    Right now I'm hitting 22lbs of fat according to the caliper test. This is the first time since I can remember that I'm hitting sub-10's on the caliper measurement (sub-10 as in the measurement ON the caliper itself; not sub10%) and I've been real pleased with that. I enjoy seeing that most of my upper abs pinch has been mostly skin and not so much fat.

    My lower abs, which are BY FAR my problem area, are still, well, problematic. I still can't see my lower 2 ab muscles which annoys the sh!t out of me because I am pretty damn lean everywhere else and hitting at roughly 12% BF. I'm thinking of running some Eviscerate to see if that can help me with that once I'm through with this log. Definition has been popping all over, my arms are the veiniest I've ever had them, my shoulders look like two melons were attached on top of my arms, my double chin has retracted significantly since I started this + neck workouts; my legs are popping like crazy, muscle jumping from just walking, always fun to see. My lower abs on the other hand... motherfockers.

    My calves are still sore from my Mon / Tue workout so I've been mostly swimming to not put added stress there. Did 30 minutes of swimming laps yesterday. Then hot tub to try to relax the calves. I'm gonna be hitting the gym tonight for chest / back and then some more laps, hopefully won't overtrain them as I do not feel like being sore during my weekend away.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  7. Memorial weekend was pretty darn sweet. Actually got quite a bit of working out in.

    Did a kayak ride for 2 and a half hours bright and early in the morning, right after taking my morning dose of Dexaprine. Had plenty of endurance throughout the whole thing, which was pretty darn good. Wasn't on a high pace at all, just strolling away, checking out new islands and whatnot.

    Sunday instead of taking the kayak I went swimming, had a good 40 minute swim around the island we were at. Pretty damn great as well. Was able to keep my nutrition in check throughout.

    This week will be my last one, unfortunately. I am getting close to the end of the bottle, probably 2 days or so left in it. It has been a pretty incredible run and I look forward giving my last impressions. Would def buy this again.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  8. Kayaking. Damn that sounds fun.

    I've been trying to attack the rowing machine, which is way less cool the the real thing. Getting my ass beat and logging it.

  9. Went to the gym yesterday; had been out of it for a little while so I did a full body workout, one exercise for each muscle group, just to get back in the groove of things, burn the carbs I had eaten previously so I could get back on my Anabolic Diet routine and so I wouldn't be in major pain the few upcoming days as it had been a while since I had trained my back and chest well.

    Strength was still up there, I was able to use same weight I would on DC on most of my splits, just not same reps or training style, wasn't too bummed about it though, saw that one coming.

    I also did some more cardio, 40 mins on the elliptical.

    Diet was a little off during the weekend thanks to Memorial day, obviously, but we are back in full force; went shopping yesterday and got myself some anabolic goodies at Sam's Club.

    Really getting upset, my Dexaprine will officially run out tomorrow Stay tuned for final review soon!
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  10. 2 1/2? Geeze
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