After the colossal failure of my MStack log, and a great trip to the Arnold I have decided to try another LG stack.

I really enjoyed the natabolic stack and I couldnt pass up the deal the guy at the LG booth was offering so I bought a box, $60 he threw in a jar of ASGT and an extra bottle of GHenerate . I got the trifecta stack in my car and I figure
WTF why not double the dose shorten each run and bridge the 2

I havnt quite figured out the dosing yet but i remember the drying out for the first couple of days so Ill build it slow. Just popped my first two pills at lunch. Got overanxious. Im figuring 4ed today and tomorrow, then 6ed for the rest of the week then 8ed and 10ed for the subsequent weeks, after that ill figure out how to dose the MM and M1D. Ill run the GHenerate through out before the wo and before bed. 2 bottles is nice Ill leave one in the car and one on my dresser.