Getting smacked by Purus Labs!

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  1. awesome bro
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  2. So yesterday after seeing the scale I had a little cheat day I took SLINshot before all carb meals to help control my blood sugar during my binge.

    This morning I weighed 190lbs! I am gonna go for a run and be back on my diet. I am thinking I will be around 188lbs tomorrow. I have 6 more caps Fat Smack left which is just enough for today and Im all done with the SLINshot.

    So After today the log will be done. I should have a formal final review typed up sometime thi s week. All and all I am pretty happy with the stack. The words "effortless weight loss" comes to mind when trying to describe it. I also feel it targeted my stomach the most.
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  3. Congrats on the weight! mmm cheat meal lol

    Looking forward to your final review Josh
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  4. there you go ya beast!
    BJJ = life


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