Genomyx H.E.A.T.s up the Female Terminator with DCP to Smolder for Competition

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    Rosie, I noticed that your stress has been trending on the high side. One quick and easy way to lower stress is belly-breathing.

    You push yourself really hard all the time, so maybe you can set aside 5 minutes each day to sit or lay down and consciously breathe into your belly. Do a Google search on stress belly breathing for more detail if you're unfamiliar with this technique.
    Yes, my stress is ALWAYS on the HIGH side of high. Not a lot changes that - and what does is rare.

    I am aware of the technique and many others for stress management, but nothing really works for me - trust me, I've tried it all.

    Thanks for the thought, though

  2. Day 11: Push Me Harder!


    "Growth begins at failure, and it is only in our darkest times that we can see the brightest lights!" - Ben Booker


    DevilDriver - Knee Deep


    Cardio - Rollers:
    a. 5 min in 39x18 @ 106-108 rpm
    b. 5 min in 39x16 @ 106-108 rpm
    c. 5 min in 39x18 @ 116 rpm
    d. 5 min in 39x16 @ 116 rpm

    Stretch 11 min.

    Arms (1 min recovery between supersets/trisets):
    Superset A -
    1. Close-Grip Pull-Ups 4 x 12, 10, 8, 6
    2. EZ-Bar Biceps Curls 4 x 15, 12, 10, 8
    Superset B -
    3. Dips 4 x 12, 10, 8, 6
    4. DB French Press (standing) 4 x 8, 7, 6, 5
    Triset -
    5. Close-Grip BB Bicep Curls 2 x 12, 10
    6. Alternate Hammer Curls 2 x 12, 10 per side
    7. Flat Close-Grip BB Bench Press 2 x 12, 10

    Stretch 12 min.


    Sleep - Time and Quality: ~5 hours - Definitely the optimal sleeping period for me!

    Mood/Aggression: Mood is at odds - could easily swing one way or another, or even fluctuate all day. Depends. After training, though, it's in a neutral position.

    Energy: Yay!

    Mental Focus and Clarity: I can't afford to let up on being on the ball.

    Stress: HIGH!

    Joints: My wrists are the worst they have been in a long time - my left wrist is not perpetually aching, a deep ache like it did not long after I broke it, and my right wrist has sporadic, sharp, shooting pains. The heavy lifting re Shoulders and Arms is only adding to the issue - bring on the Erase!

    Endurance: Good.

    Strength: Same weights as this session last week, but better re reps, so that's improvement.

    Pump: Strong - from the first superset.

    Vascularity: Also strong.

    Quality of Training: Back on my bike - definitely feel it a little from being off it for so long. But, should hopefully be better for me, especially since cycling (with running) is the best cardio mode for me re fitness and fat loss . . . Resistance session was hard, but it had to be hard. Working through the pain in my wrists, demanding more of myself . . . Arms' day is probably going to be the only day that I do NOT do Post-Weights Cardio . . .

    Recovery: My resistance session took more out of me yesterday than I thought, and I passed out for ~2 hours later in the evening, completely shattered. The heavier weights are making a difference - but a good difference re health and fitness.

    Appetite: Been able to drink more lately, albeit still an effort some days (not sure what is up with that). Bad eating days are BEHIND me!

    Other Notes: Finally got around to watching the rest of The Fighter yesterday afternoon (was falling asleep and had to watch the last 5-10 minutes ~3 times, LOL!) Slow movie, but ended well. Watching it made me want to get back into boxing - something to think about . . .


    Pay attention to your body. Learn how it responds to everything from nutrition to training to supplementation. Knowing your body allows you to adjust things if they are not giving you the effects you desire, enabling you to make progress and get thee best results for your goals.

  3. Day 12: Happy Impulses


    "Taking the high road is usually not the easy one to take or the most popular. The low road seems to offer instant satisfaction. It may seem better for the moment, but if you compromise you principles and your integrity, it will always end up costing you far more in the long run." - Billy Cox


    Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away


    HIIT Cardio:
    a. 4 min jogging
    b. 8 x 20 sec sprint/40 sec rest
    c. 4 min jogging

    Stretch 10 min.

    Full-Body (30 sec recovery between sets):
    1. Supinated BB Bent Over Rows 5 x 4-5
    2. Overhead BB Squats 4 x 5
    3. Weighted Dips 4 x 5
    4. Ab Rollout 4 x 5

    Post-Weights Cardio - Treadmill:
    a. 1 min @ 14.4 km/hr
    b. 1 min @ 15.2 km/hr
    c. 1 x 30 sec @ 16 km/hr / 30 sec rest
    d. 1 x 30 sec @ 16.8 km/hr / 30 sec rest
    e. 1 x 30 sec @ 17.6 km/hr / 30 sec rest
    f. 1 x 30 sec @ 18.4 km/hr / 30 sec rest
    g. 8 x 20 sec @ 19.2 km/hr / 40 sec rest
    h. 1 x 30 sec @ 19.2 km/hr / 30 sec rest
    i. 1 min @ 14.4 km/hr

    Stretch 10 min.


    Sleep - Time and Quality: ~5 hours. Now to get into a SCHEDULE!

    Mood/Aggression: GREAT mood today, especially during and after training. Was completely random afterwards, impulsively going lingerie shopping (those who know me know that I am NOT a shopper, and least of all for lingerie, LOL). So had fun, a day out from normal, ready to get back into life.

    Energy: LOTS. Got told twice in the space of an hour that I am "quite jumpy" and restless/"nervous" - I am a very hyperactive individual, yes, and the more physical and active I am, the better!

    Mental Focus and Clarity: Playtime is over - not it's time for work.

    Stress: Took the day off from stress today.

    Libido: Could read its head . . .

    Joints: Very painful in left wrist, especially with the heavier weights and the additional weight to Dips.

    Endurance: Great.

    Strength: Added an extra 20 pounds from last week to the exercises that matter re weight - it's good to be doing WEIGHTED Dips again!

    Pump: A little - more in my legs from the HIIT cardio than weights.

    Vascularity: Strong.

    Quality of Training: HIIT Run pre-weights was AMAZING - the BEST one in probably the last YEAR! Pace did NOT falter at all, covering the same distance in each sprint. Had a small stitch, but ignored it and just sprinted my lungs out . . . Resistance training only added to an already great session. My strength is improving by leaps and bounds, especially now that I am focusing on it. My left wrist is still giving me problems, but I can ignore the pain and just flex my wrist in my recovery periods . . . Post-Weights I felt as fresh as anything, so it was onto the treadmill for some more HIIT. After the first effort at 19.2 km/hr, I went to increase the pace, but the treadmill wouldn't go higher. So stuck at that for a bit. The last minute was a definite effort, but so very happy when I finished . . .

    Recovery: I feel BRILLIANT (probably going to feel the effects tomorrow, LOL)!

    Body Composition and Look: So, the changes in my body over the last two weeks hit home more than ever - hit with a final shock, honestly - when I looked in the mirror in the dressing room of Victoria's Secret. Age has definitely caught up on me. Abuse as well. Maybe some effects of having run products with AI properties for so long (even though I love them). Even though my body composition is reasonably low (although not as low as I would like), my body is changing and doing so many unexpected things, from leaning out whilst slowly gaining mass and definition up top, to whatever seemed to have gone from the top re fat redistributing to my lower. Odd and NOT cool. Get rid of it all!!!

    Other Notes: Used the last dose of my current bottle of IGF-2 yesterday, but will be starting more as soon as my new bottle gets here. Also going to be starting Erase as soon as it arrives (hopefully next week), along with Organic VitaBerry. And then a week after that, I will be starting Shred Matrix (all supplement changes reflected in post #1). DCP will be started as soon as it gets here (which, hopefully is next week).


    Stop looking at everyone else. Look at you and you only. There's no point in comparing yourself to anyone but yourself, because everyone else started somewhere, albeit highly likely not the same place you started from. You're competing against YOURSELF, no one else! Focus on YOU: Your starting point, your goals, and make your path from the former to the latter, and don't look at what anyone else is doing.
  4. Day 13: Cutting starts next week


    "Life is not about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself." - George Bernard Shaw


    Cold - Wasted Years


    Cardio - ~3 mile Run.

    Stretch 10 min.

    Full-Body (45 sec recovery between sets):
    1. Wide-Grip Lat-Pulldown 5 x 8RM
    2. Incline DB Bench Press 5 x 8-9RM
    3. BB Romanian Deadlift 5 x 8
    4. Close-Grip BB Bicep Curl 5 x 8RM
    5. Hanging Straight-Legs Raises (toes touch bar) 5 x 8

    Post-Weights Cardio - Stepper:
    10 min @ 11 floors/min

    Stretch 10 min.


    Sleep - Time and Quality: ~5 hours.

    Mood/Aggression: Aggressive as hell heading to the gym. Not happy in the gym. Kind of flat about now.

    Energy: My body feels heavy and sluggish today.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: This can never let up now.

    Stress: Where do you draw the line between beneficial and detrimental?

    Libido: Maybe later . . .

    Joints: PAIN in wrists!

    Endurance: Ok.

    Strength: Added yet a further 5-10 pounds on all exercises from last week (ignoring the pain in my wrists).

    Pump: Strong.

    Vascularity: Very strong.

    Quality of Training: Since running seems to help me re fat loss, decided to run. Running on an indoor track is definitely not as much fun as running outside, and the time passes much slower. However, did it, even with lateral left knee seizing up after eight minutes and stitch in right side towards the end . . . Resistance training was straight PAIN from the beginning. I honestly felt throughout almost the entire session that my wrists were being wrenched from their sockets, and the pain was - PAIN! . . . Only did 10 minutes of Post-Weights Cardio, but from next week, I am going to have to make sure that I do 20 minutes of cardio pre-weights daily and 20-minutes of post-weights cardio at least 3-4 days . . .

    Recovery: I'll feel it later no doubt.

    Appetite: DCP should get here early next week, which is good, because I need something to SUPPRESS my appetite (if I could have New Year's week back re this, I would!)

    Body Composition and Look: This is all going to CHANGE!

    Other Effects: Call me a wuss, but I canNOT handle using Eviscerate any more - my skin is just far too sensitive now (I think the hard water in the US has a lot to do with it, since it has been bad since I've been over here). The burn is never-ending and it's still as fresh >12 hours after application as it was when I applied it, and if it so much as gets wet re sweat (training) or in another shower (anything not cold water), it burns MORE. Honestly, I would rather literally crash from the top of the 45-degree bank of a wooden velodrome and slide down to the bottom than endure this 'I'm burning alive' feeling daily. So, I am stopping Eviscerate and just going to wait until the Eviscerate Smolder arrives (changes reflected in post #1).

    Other Notes: I haven't had IGF-2 for two days now, so I was interested in seeing if Assault would work as well as it has been with the addition of the Rhodiola Rosea. If yesterday is anything to go by, then it is ok - guess we'll see until more IGF-2 arrives how things go.

    Competition Notes: I was going to recomp for another two weeks. However, given where I am now and where I want to be for competition, I am going to adjust that and start cutting from NEXT week. At a rate of 0.5% bodyfat loss per week (give or take, but usually it averages out to this, regardless), it will take me ~8 weeks to get as lean as I can - this gives me an additional two weeks to tweak things, and a further week for the competition diet preparation. Since I AM serious about this, and want to win my Pro card at THIS competition, doing this the right way for results is what I HAVE to do - no more screwing around and letting life interfere with things!


    I keep seeing and having people ask how to train females with weights, thinking that there are separate distinctions between "male" and "female" training. There is NO difference in training a female than training a male - they should be doing the same exercises re resistance training (albeit most will be lifting less than a male would - this is the ONLY difference). As with everything else, the resistance training programme should be tailored to the individual specific for their goals AND needs.
  5. Day 14: End one chapter...Start another...


    "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt


    Skillet - Last Night On Earth


    HIIT Cardio:
    a. 4 min jogging
    b. 8 x 20 sec sprint/40 sec rest
    c. 4 min jogging

    Stretch 10 min.

    Full-Body (30 sec recovery):
    1. BB Front Squat 5 x 5
    2. Close-Grip Flat BB Bench Press 6 x 4-5
    3. Reverse Rows (feet on bench) 5 x 5
    4. BB Push Press 6 x 4-5RM

    Post-Weights Cardio - Run:
    a. 12 min jogging
    b. 4 x 40 sec effort/20 sec rest
    c. 4 min jogging

    Stretch 10 min.


    Sleep - Time and Quality: Woke up after ~3 hours and went back to sleep for another two, making it ~5 hours - I definitely feel better now that I am consistently sleeping for ~5 hours a day.

    Mood/Aggression: What can I say? I've closed yet another chapter of my life and are ready to move onto the next - and an exciting one it is going to be!

    Energy: After Post-Weights Cardio, I feel shattered - before that, though, was fine.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: Long day of work ahead.

    Stress: I AM going to manage it!

    Libido: Has its ups and downs - got told recently that my libido is like a switch and can turn from on to off (and vice versa) in the blink of an eye (I could have told you that).

    Joints: Left wrist aching before I even got to the gym - a dull, constant ache that I try and ignore.

    Endurance: Good.

    Strength: Better session than this one last week - improvements consistent.

    Pump: Not so much today.

    Vascularity: Strong through arms, deltoids, and legs.

    Quality of Training: Again, sprints with HIIT were about the same distance per effort, so improvement is being made - not to make them like that with with a QUARTER of the recovery time, that recovery being active . . . Resistance training was great. Strength is definitely improving, and I know that if I was having longer than 30 seconds recovery between sets I'd probably be lifting at least 20 pounds more per lift, which is positive . . . Decided to run again for Post-Weights Cardio - on a whim adding in a few efforts towards the end. I had to turn my mind onto autopilot, since my body did NOT feel like running again, and felt heavy and sluggish. By the end of it I could feel my legs dead as anything, my arms pumping to keep going, absolutely ready to flop down for stretching. Definitely made sure I could do nothing more after that . . .

    Recovery: I am shattered - a culmination of yesterday's training on top of today.

    Appetite: Training is easy, but exerting self-discipline with my nutrition is something else - something else I WILL do!

    Body Composition and Look: I have 11 weeks until competition - eight weeks to transform.

    Other Effects: Actually, the last few days I have become sensitive to the Beta-Alanine in the Assault, feeling the Beta-Alanine tingles for a while not long after dosing it (all good, though).

    Other Notes: I've had some interesting and thought-provoking proposals over the last few days - 2011 is definitely looking up to be a complete and fruitful year!


    I cannot reiterate enough that NUTRITION AND TRAINING are what is MOST IMPORTANT when it comes to getting results - that and CONSISTENCY. Those who automatically look to a supplement for a "quick fix" or "magic pill" are not going to find one, and should they get results for a time using a supplement, those results will not be maintainable or able to be built on if they do not get the BASE factors and principles CORRECT. If you're just starting out on your fitness quest, coming back from injury or time off, then stick to the Basic Staples and make sure your NUTRITION AND TRAINING are targeted at your goals and needs!

  6. Day 15: Two weeks down


    "Vision? What do you know about my vision? My vision would turn your world upside down, tear asunder your illusions, and send the sanctuary of your own ignorance crashing down around you. Now ask yourself, Are you ready to see that vision?" - Huey Freeman


    Hoobastank - The First Of Me

    This song resonates with me - be YOU, not what everyone wants or expects you to be. If you have a dream, go after it, but don't compromise yourself on the way - even if it means taking longer to get there, at least you'll be able to be proud of yourself for standing to your convictions and principles (the ends do not always justify the means, and I'd rather have self-respect than sacrifice my character). It's better to be different and stand out than to be like everyone else - forge your own path and make your own destiny!


    V-Burn Challenge Circuit (no recovery between exercises; 1 minute recovery between rounds):
    7 x rounds -
    1. Jumping Split Squat x 10
    2. Hand Walkout (from toes) x 10
    3. Single-Leg Deadlift (with twist and lateral reach) x 10 per side
    4. Push-Up (with alternate side rotation) x 10
    5. Jumping Jacks x 10
    6. Side Lunges (with over head reach) x 10 per side
    7. Handstand Push-Up x 10
    8. Squat Thrust (jump and reach) x 10

    Stretch 20 min.


    Sleep - Time and Quality: Actually slept for ~8 hours last night - passed out not long after food.

    Mood/Aggression: POSITIVE

    Energy: After yesterday, surprised to find that my energy was on fire! Felt FRESH and training was AWESOME!

    Mental Focus and Clarity: More work today - and some relaxing later, I hope.

    Stress: Maybe dropped a little . . .

    Libido: Definitely far more inclined today . . .

    Joints: Wrists have been good today so far (another surprise) - although, I started Erase again today, with 2 caps first thing (and yes, it probably could work that fast, although more likely to kick in in a few days).

    Endurance: Good.

    Pump: Excellent.

    Vascularity: Good.

    Quality of Training: To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to training today. However, once I got into it, I felt GREAT. Heart was pounding by the end of the second round, and just kept on going. Anterior deltoids were in pain from the Handstand Push-Ups and I was only doing half-reps - better than nothing, though. I am debating whether or not to leave the V-Burn Challenge Circuit in my training programme from next week, whether to replace it with an "easy" cardio day . . .

    Recovery: The extra sleep must have helped.

    Appetite: Managing my appetite and getting my eating under control is going to be the BIGGEST challenge for me - but I WILL do it!

    Body Composition and Look: 120.2 pounds at 11.2% bodyfat (I made a typo last week, my apologies (which made it my worst week ever re body composition changes, gaining 2.2% bodyfat in the third week of January - so very NOT cool OR acceptable!) - corrected in that post). Lost 0.4% bodyfat this week, which is not bad, considering my diet did not change and was still sh*t (yes, I know, think about my HEALTH!) - the only change this week was the addition of the Alpha-T2 (and running out of IGF-2 and the 7-keto DHEA topical half-way through the week, which should not have had a POSITIVE effect), which goes to show that it DOES make a difference, even with NO change in nutrition and training. So, 3-4 weeks to 8% bodyfat, and 3-5 weeks to 7% bodyfat (if I can get that low) - BUT, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I am calculating my cutting period for an ~0.5% bodyfat loss as week (better to give more time than not enough), so this will be ~9 weeks, and if I get to where I want earlier, then all the better.

    Other Notes: I started Erase again today. Also going to use DermaTherm Target until the Eviscerate Smolder arrives (and will stack with the latter when it does). I have used DermaTherm Target before and it was nowhere near as effective as the original DermaTherm, but it was also during a time where I was not training (and we all know that TRAINING is the primary determining factor is my results), so that could definitely have affected any effects. However, the DermaTherm Target does not contain the 7-oxo DHEA and 7-OH DHEA, which is also another reason why, whether training or not, it was not as effective as the original, so I am also going to be adding in LG's 7-keto DHEA topical when more arrives, applying pre-DermaTherm Target application (yes, I know, seems like a lot of stuff, but I am covering ALL my bases this time around, because I am dead SERIOUS about getting as LEAN AS PHYSIOLOGICALLY POSSIBLE!) (supplement changes reflected in post #1) . . . And despite protein powder upsetting my stomach, I went ahead and tried the Cranberry Splash flavoured Maximum Absorbed Protein in the cupboard - it smells so good and i love cranberries, I figured why not see what it tastes like (just once, and then it's only my MuscleGel Shots) and deal with any unpleasant effects (if applicable). Brief review on my experience in my next post . . .

    Competition Notes: 11 weeks until my competition from today!


    "No one can go back and change a bad beginning but one can start anything, anytime and create a successful ending." - Push Harder

  7. Well my plans were to catch up on some things because ive been away. CHANGE TO THE CHANGE! I'll be catching up here through out the day!

  8. Awesome log, very detailed, really enjoying the FIT TIP OF THE DAY

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    Well my plans were to catch up on some things because ive been away. CHANGE TO THE CHANGE! I'll be catching up here through out the day!
    Be seeing you around on and off then, Chris
  10. Thumbs up [Mini] Review of Primordial Performance's Maximum Absorbed Protein (Cranberry Splash

    There are tubs of Maximum Absorbed Protein in our cupboards, and all the flavours have been, are, or gone (and yes, I've opened and smelt every one of them) I've held back from using Maximum Absorbed Protein because the reason I STOPPED using protein powder was that my stomach did not reacted well to ANY that I used, even if it is only a one-off, random scoop since early 2010 (and I have actually NOT used protein powder consistently in quite some time, using MuscleGel Shots as my exclusive source of supplemented protein for the last few months). Anyways, the feedback on Maximum Absorbed Protein has been so positive and good that I figured why not try just a scoop and see how it goes (I can put up with being uncomfortable for a day if it upsets my stomach). So I used a scoop . . .

    What is it?

    * Improves strength and recovery better than standard protein
    * 2-3 times more effective than whey or casein protein
    * No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors
    * No lactose. No bloating. No cramping.

    For more information, review Primordial Performance - Maximum Absorbed Protein.

    Formula: 10/10. Maximum Absorbed Protein is a perfect formula for someone like me, as it contains NO lactose, and little carbohydrates/sugars (I don't like to have carbohydrates in my protein, and if it has them, I prefer them to be complex). Maximum Absorbed Protein also contains an amino acid complex, which allows it to "double" as both a protein and BCAAs product. The fact that it contains actual FRUIT and not artificial flavours, sweeteners, and flavours is also a huge PLUS

    Smell: 9/10. Smells like cranberries (I like cranberries)

    Taste: 9/10. Cranberry Splash flavoured Maximum Absorbed Protein has a sharp, tart taste - true to eating fresh cranberries, and this tartness lingers at least a good 90 minutes post-use. I personally like cranberries and their tart taste - which was the primary reason I decided to try the Maximum Absorbed Protein in the first place.

    Mixability: 10/10. On shaking there was no trace of the powder and no clumps or excess was left in the water or on the bottom of the shaker.

    Texture: 10/10. Maximum Absorbed Protein has a very light texture, not like the heaviness of protein powder - in fact, it was just like shaking up and having BC+EAA, and I didn't feel like I was having protein powder at all, but rather something akin to a preworkout product or BCAAs formula (which it technically is, though).

    Strength: N/A. After only one serving, this is not applicable. Not only that, but it was on a day where I did not perform resistance training. For noticeable effects in strength, a longer period of time would be needed to assess this, and even then, training goals and routines, as well as nutrition and other supplements used would affect this, so I would not be able to say whether it made a difference to my strength.

    Recovery: N/A. I used the Maximum Absorbed Protein after a training session and was fine. I will not know until later in the day - or even tomorrow or a few days - how my recovery really was. Add to that the fact that I am already using products that help enhance my recovery, any recovery benefits will be a combination of everything.

    Other Effects: 10/10. Surprisingly, I did not experience any tummy upsets, bloating, air, or cramping afterwards - as I did with every other protein powder before I stopped using them altogether. The only "other effect" it has was causing me to feel slightly cold inside for a bit and a warming in my face - which is an effect I get when I consume tart things, fruit especially (and actually has similar effects on me as eating cranberries does, which is not surprising since it contains freeze-dried cranberries).

    Overall: 9.7/10. Based on my experience with Maximum Absorbed Protein, and the fact that it doubles as a BCAAs product, and uses real fruit for sweetness and taste makes it very favourable in my opinion. In fact, as far as formula (re fitting my personal goals and needs), effects (no bloating, etc.), and flavour (especially flavour), Maximum Absorbed Protein is my #1 protein powder (and yes, this IS a call one can make after ONE serving of a protein powder), and I may even consider adding it in with MuscleGel Shots re supplemented protein.

    Would I use again? If I used protein powder, then yes, I would. If I did not have any more MuscleGel Shots and was concurrently out of BC+EAA, I would use Maximum Absorbed Protein then - this says a lot, because I will not use any OTHER protein powder, period, even the ones that used to be my top and favourite protein powders. I may even consider adding it in with MuscleGel Shots re supplemented protein and replace my BC+EAA with this - get both benefits in one.

    Would I recommend? Yes. Maximum Absorbed Protein has a solid ingredient profile. Feedback on the product is solid. Flavour tastes great. It can be used pre, intra, and post-training (intra and post re recovery effects), so an all-round product.

    This review can also be found as a separate review in the Primordial Performance subforum: Rosie's Mini-Review of Maximum Absorbed Protein (Cranberry Splash flavour)

  11. hello, miss lady.

    better late than never?
    HYBRID Performance Nutrition
    Mike ~ R/D
  12. Day 16: Recovery Day


    "Past is past, you need to pay attention to your present because your future depends on it." - Darrell Hamby


    Janus - Say It


    This week's day OFF - going to focus my attention on WORK today.

    This week is going to be like last week, starting the "Training" week on Tuesday.


    Sleep - Time and Quality: Another ~8 hours. Interesting.

    Mood/Aggression: Calm and collected.

    Energy: Lots of nervous energy that I might take out later with something (not sure what yet) - would be a good day for training, actually . . .

    Mental Focus and Clarity: Today is all about work.

    Stress: Working through things helps take my mind off this.

    Libido: Attention elsewhere today - maybe later.

    Joints: The reason I allowed myself to make today my day off this week is because my right wrist is in constant sharp pain (usually I only feel this pain when I am lifting heavy and pushing myself more than I should) - let it recover a little before Shoulders tomorrow (since Shoulders' day takes the biggest toll on my wrists).

    Recovery: Aside from my wrists, I feel fully rested.

    Other Notes: Since the Cranberry Splash flavoured Maximum Absorbed Protein did not cause any unpleasant effects for me re stomach yesterday, I decided to use the Tropical Mango flavour instead of my BC+EAA this morning. It had a strong mango taste (using REAL [freeze-dried] fruit makes a HUGE difference re flavour), and was light like BCAAs re texture as the Cranberry Splash was. Definitely liking Maximum Absorbed Protein, especially since I do not experience any unpleasantness like I do with other protein powders, and when I run out of BC+EAA, I will replace them with Maximum Absorbed Protein . . . Shred Matrix arrived later today (changes reflected in post #1). SO happy to have that back again (as happy as I was to see Erase!) Going to be GOOD times! . . .

    Competition Notes: I am going to wait until I am back below 10% bodyfat before starting posing practice.


    If you're just starting out training, then you do not need any supplements but the Basic Staples (creatine, multivitamin, good fats, protein, and BCAAs). Until you have built up a solid training base, you don't need anything else - NUTRITION AND TRAINING are what are going to get you results!

  13. Sorry I'm late!

    Subbed now!
  14. Day 17: And my body keeps changing . . .


    "Don't feed the negative habits. Eradicate them! We need to BREAK THROUGH old patterns and replace them with new POSITIVE, EMPOWERING habits. Create new challenges, set new standards for yourself. Live Life Well!!" - Nicole Acker


    Sevendust - Redefine

    Awesome movie - one of (if not THE) Jet Li's best! One of my favourite actors, he can act volumes with his eyes alone - truly one of the greats!


    HIIT Cardio:
    a. 4 min jogging
    b. 8 x 20 sec sprint/40 sec rest
    c. 4 min jogging

    Stretch 10 min.

    Shoulders (1 min recovery between supersets/trisets):
    Superset A -
    1. Behind-the-neck Military Press 4 x 12, 10, 8, 6
    2. Single-Arm DB Lateral Raises 4 x 12, 10, 8, 6 per arm
    Superset B -
    3. BB Military Press 4 x 12
    4. DB Hammer Raises 4 x 6
    Triset -
    5. DB Clean and Press 2 x 12
    6. DB Lateral Raises 2 x 12
    7. Seated DB Rear Raises 2 x 12
    Superset C (no recovery between supersets) -
    8. Rope Crunches 2 x 15
    9. Plank 2 x 1 min

    Post-Weights Cardio - Stepper:
    20 min @ 12 floors/min

    Stretch 10 min.


    Sleep - Time and Quality: All the extra sleep I have had the last couple of days must have 'filled' me up, LOL - I was still bright, bubbly, and wide-eyed when I should have been passed out cold. Ended up falling asleep for ~2 hours, perky and ready for the day.

    Mood/Aggression: Good - gathering myself for the day.

    Energy: Should have used that nervous energy yesterday, LOL. Energy today is great too - more focused, though.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: Training is done, so now it's time to settle into some work.

    Stress: Elevated.

    Libido: When my stress levels get above a certain level, I have no interest in this - otherwise, no worries.

    Joints: My right wrist had sharp pains yesterday. This morning, just lying in bed (yes, watching episodes of Basilisk, as I tried to fall asleep), my left wrist started twinging sharply, and this has continued throughout the day, with it feeling like it did not long after I got my cast off it during Post-Weights Cardio. Definitely hope the Erase starts working its magic by the end of the week!

    Endurance: Great.

    Strength: Same weights for the most part as last week, but for more reps, so improvement.

    Pump: Strong.

    Vascularity: Getting to be pretty good - in fact, got told the other day that I'm starting to get "double" veins through my chest and deltoids appearing that I've never had before.

    Quality of Training: HIIT was not like last week. Whilst my sprints re time covered about the same distance each time, I could feel myself faltering on the last two efforts, and between them my heart was pounding so fast it felt like it was going to burst right through my chest! . . . Resistance training was good. Gritting my teeth and pushing through any wrist pain . . . Post-Weights Cardio was an effort for the last few minutes with my wrist pain, and right foot also felt weird . . .

    Recovery: Excellent!

    Appetite: Being out of control is NOT an option!

    Body Composition and Look: Even after only 1-2 days of being back on Erase and Shred Matrix I can already feel and see the difference!

    Other Effects: Definitely sensitive to Beta-Alanine when not using Rhodiola Rosea, feeling the tingles ~10 minutes after dosing Assault, lasting until I start training . . . Also, have almost a month off stimulants seems to have made me slightly sensitive to starting back on them again (re Shred Matrix stacked with Alpha-T2), which is very interesting - and GOOD (I don't consider either Alpha-T2 or Shred Matrix to be strong stimulants, but if being sensitive to them makes them more effective, then I don't mind) . . .


    You cannot follow a generic exercise plan and hope that it gets results. Whilst there are general principles that everyone should follow re training, the BEST way to get results is to have a training programme designed specifically for YOU, individualized based on not just your goals (i.e. fat loss, fitness, muscle gain, recomp, etc.), but your NEEDS (i.e. flexibility, injuries, muscle imbalances, weaknesses, etc.) as well.

  15. Found ya... Not that you are hard to find, just look for the crowd.

    Keep doing it up right and nail that competition and get that card!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by EMARTIN View Post
    Found ya... Not that you are hard to find, just look for the crowd.

    Keep doing it up right and nail that competition and get that card!
    Hey, Eric

    That's the plan!

  17. Original post = 1/13/11

    Contest = 13 weeks out

    The Arnold weekend (numerous competitions) in Columbus, Ohio = March 4-6

    Conclusion = not Rosie's competition.


  18. Quote Originally Posted by DGA3 View Post
    Original post = 1/13/11

    Contest = 13 weeks out

    The Arnold weekend (numerous competitions) in Columbus, Ohio = March 4-6

    Conclusion = not Rosie's competition.

    Nope, not my competition . . . I'm probably not going to make it to the Arnold this year . . .
  19. Day 18: Life Audit in Progress...


    "Sometimes you need to face adversity in order to become successful. In fact, adversity can be the very spark that fuels your drive into a new direction - a GPS system that guides you to success." - David Young


    Saliva - Rest in Pieces


    Cardio - Rollers:
    20 min in 39x17 @ 110 rpm

    Stretch 10 min.

    Arms (1 min recovery between supersets/trisets):
    Superset A -
    1. Close-Grip Pull-Ups 4 x 16, 12, 12, 10
    2. EZ-Bar Biceps Curls 4 x 12
    Superset B -
    3. Dips 4 x 6
    4. DB French Press (standing) 4 x 6
    Triset -
    5. Cable Bicep Curls 2 x 12
    6. Alternate Hammer Curls 2 x 12 per side
    7. Straight-Bar Tricep Push-Downs 2 x 12
    Superset C (no recovery between supersets) -
    8. Rope Crunches 2 x 15
    9. Side Plank 2 x 1 min

    Stretch 12 min.


    Sleep - Time and Quality: ~5 hours.

    Mood/Aggression: My head is in a good place - today is the start of an intense few days.

    Energy: Definitely had energy - going to get back out in the snow later for more shoveling.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: I couldn't be more focused. I've decided to do a Life Audit, a spring cleaning of my life, starting from the inside out, clearing up the clutter and getting rid of anything that does not have value or a purpose in my life, is not in line with my career objective and/or goals, and that may have a negative influence on my mental, psychological, or physical health and well-being!

    Stress: High.

    Endurance: Awesome.

    Strength: Consistent progress.

    Pump: Always strong on Arms' day.

    Vascularity: As well as the veins coming out through chest and deltoids, there are blue lines (like on my legs) running down the side of my torso.

    Quality of Training: Rollers was good . . . Resistance training was intense. Added some abwork in at the end . . . Didn't need to do post-weights cardio - the snow-shoveling for 45 minutes after my last stretching session was enough to double as post-weights cardio . . .

    Recovery: Feeling my body moaning when I woke up, but it feels fine now.

    Other Notes: The snow and blizzards have been bad everywhere in the US, so it seems. After training I went out and did some shoveling. Only did about half of it, because most of the snow drifts were up to my waist, and it was slow work. Did enough so that people can walk up to and around the house, though, and it's like walking along a narrow path surrounded by white walls, LOL.


    A Life Audit can help you gain perspective on your life, on what is important to you and what is not, what is essential and you can do without and what. If your health and fitness is important to you - and it should be - then it will become clear what you have to do to improve and get where you desire.
  20. Day 19: RESOLVE


    "Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race." - Calvin Coolidge


    Hatebreed - Hollow Ground


    HIIT Cardio:
    a. 4 min jogging
    b. 9 x 20 sec sprint/40 sec rest
    c. 4 min jogging

    Stretch 20 min.


    Sleep - Time and Quality: ~5 hours. I also passed out early evening yesterday for ~30 minutes.

    Mood/Aggression: Looking ahead.

    Energy: I have energy, but my back has pain - it is inflamed and I'm being smart about training today and letting it recover.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: A couple more things left to do today . . . And then it's time to try and relax (I say "try", because there is no guarantee that my mind will turn off) - I'm going to do this every night before going to bed, whether I watch a movie, read, or just chill out listening to music; something to try and get my stress levels down some and better manage my constant need to be "doing" . . .

    Joints: My back has been killing me since the shoveling yesterday, and right now it is quite inflamed (although not all from the shoveling I am sure). I have had problems on and off since my back injury in 2004, and I will continue having them for the rest of my life (like I will with my wrist), so I have to learn how to manage them - rethinking the squats and deadlifts in my training programme, since these both aggravate it badly.

    Endurance: Good.

    Vascularity: Strong.

    Quality of Training: HIIT was a little harder today. Feeling the impact inferior to my knees, trying to ignore the pain in my back. As I was stretching I realized that my mind had already lost focus and that to continue on would be doing more damage than good, so am using this as my training day without weights (replacing the V-Burn Challenge Circuit).

    Recovery: Just my back (not from training).

    Appetite: My nutrition is one factor that is being scrutinized excessively during my Life Audit. Just because I have always gotten "away" with it means nothing anymore, and I have the resolve to ensure that my HEALTH takes #1 precedence re diet.

    Body Composition and Look: Despite the abundant amount of basmati rice I have been consuming (several times daily - so much that we got a 10kg bag of it, and that's not going to last long at all!), my body mass is slowly dropping as I lose any water weight that my body might be holding onto. Have also noticed top of my midsection, obliques, and hips tightening up - Erase and Shred Matrix make ALL the difference!

    Other Notes: Second day of my Life Audit. Everything is going well so far, and it's actually a RELIEF to be cutting some of the ties I have been holding onto!


    Learn how to fish and don't just be fed. It's not enough to simply blindly do as your trainer (if you have one) tells you. Ask questions. Want to know WHY the trainer has you doing what they have you doing. Understand how it is specific to you, will help you achieve your goals, and fulfill your needs. Get INVOLVED mentally as well as physically!

  21. Loving that quote above, brb printing it out

  22. Quote Originally Posted by gainweightnow View Post
    Loving that quote above, brb printing it out
    It's awesome, isn't it? If reading that doesn't light a fire under your ass, I don't know what will (aside from an actual fire, LOL)

  23. I really hope your back doesn't give you more issues... those are the worst.

    your life Audit really has me thinking, id be afraid to Audit mine though..just kidding it be easy!


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