APS creatine nitrate and nitrozine

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  1. APS creatine nitrate and nitrozine

    I would like to know if this is okay for the creatine nitrates. I would like to do 3 days on 3 days off.

    Let me know. I will post the reason right now. I found this and would like to try this.

    Creatine cycling stipulates the use of creatine for three days only. Then the athlete abstains from creatine use for three days before repeating the schedule. The daily dose of creatine will range from 15-25 grams/day depending upon the size of the individual. Bodybuilders that are 180 pounds or heavier are advised to use the higher end of this scale (20 to 25 grams per day). These doses are best taken in the following manner.

    Take one serving of Physique and 5 grams of Creatine mixed in cold water 10 or so minutes before training and again immediately after every weight lifting workout.

    Then take another 5 grams of Creatine within the 3-hour post-workout period as in The Anabolic Nutrient Timing Factor.

    Take another two (5 gram) servings of Creatine thoughout the day. The research suggests that best results are achieved by taking these servings with a protein and carbohydrate supplement. I always recommend using a Cinch shake (mixed with 15-20 oz water) for this in the morning and evening.

    Step 2

    On the days you train without taking creatine simply use Physique workout maxamizer for your pre and post workout supplementation.

    Step 3

    Perform Step 1 followed by Step 2 repeatedly to form a three days-on/three days-off cycling pattern throughout your 8 week Workout program.

    After your 8 week Workout program finishes, take a one week break from training. In the last three days of this rest week, restart your Creatine Cycling strategy so that you start your next workout program with optimal muscle creatine levels.

    Based on the science regarding creatine supplementation and transport into muscle, this strategy should ensure maintenance of high muscle creatine concentrations all the time, while preventing creatine receptor down regulation in muscle cells.

    The brief (3-day) loading phase serves at precise purpose; it maximizes creatine uptake into muscle without de-sensitizing or down regulating creatine receptor/transporters (located on the cell membrane). Three days without creatine supplementation should be just enough time to re-sensitize creatine transporters but not allow muscle creatine stores to decline.

    What about non-training days?

    Bodybuilders often ask me if they should use creatine on their non-training days. My answer is that it is imperative to follow this three days-on/three days-off cycling strategy regardless of whether or not it is a training day. During tough training programs the body is in a constant state of repair and recuperation; rest days are the days that allow recovery to take place. Creatine supplementation stimulates the cellular mechanisms that enable muscles to recover and become bigger and stronger. Therefore, the Creatine Cycling strategy I’ve outlined must not be interrupted regardless of whether or not it is a training or rest day. In the long term this strategy will promote rapid cellular recovery that must occur during tough training programs.

    On non-training days take Creatine after meals or with liquid meals such as cinch. Just remember to stick to your chosen daily dose. Also remember that creatine needs water to exert its anabolic effects on muscle (it draws water into the cell to trigger protein synthesis and muscle growth). Therefore, along with every 5 gram dose of Creatine 15 to 20 oz of water should be consumed.

    So there you have it. A simple strategy that is incredibly effective. I urge anyone who uses creatine to try Micronized Creatine Cycling. The positive feedback that I’ve received from athletes so far has been awesome.

  2. Optimizing the Anabolic Effects of Micronized Creatine Part-: The problem with traditional dosing strategies.
    December 15th, I believe that we have only scratched the surface with regard to the potential gains that bodybuilders and other athletes can obtain from supplementation with Creatine. I also believe that bodybuilders are not using Creatine in a way that enables this supplement to exert its true muscle-building potential. If used correctly, the gains that can be obtained from supplementation with Creatine are absolutely mind-blowing.

    In the world of sports supplements, slick marketing and a ton of hype often steals the attention of bodybuilders that are after a supplement that will give them that extra edge. However, rather than waste their time and money on expensive supplements that have no scientific proof of their effectiveness, bodybuilders and other athletes would be far better off learning how to get the most from supplements that are shown to be highly effective.

    Well-marketed supplement scams will always come and go but Creatine is one supplement that has stood the test of time, simply because it works! Research shows that supplementation with Creatine consistently provides solid gains in strength and lean muscle mass. However, I truly believe that there is a better way of using creatine than the way most athletes currently use this supplement.

    Creatine has undergone intense scrutiny from the scientific community and has come up trumps every time; it is highly effective and completely safe to use. It is also an extremely economical supplement. In essence, creatine is the “Holy Grail” of sports supplements. I have examined all the research on creatine; its absorption kinetics, cell transportation, metabolism and results on athletic performance. From this information I have devised (what I believe to be) the best way to obtain the greatest possible anabolic effect from creatine supplementation.

    The supplement strategy I’m going to outline for you is designed to create a synergy between intense training and muscle cell metabolism to trigger a potent anabolic response at the cellular level that provides rapid strength and muscle mass gains. If you’ve used creatine in the past and have been disappointed with the results, you will benefit enormously from this strategy. If you’ve obtained good results from creatine in the past, hold onto your seats as this protocol will provide you with phenomenal gains!

    Background Information: Bringing you up to speed . . .

    The traditional way of using creatine involves a 5 to 7 day loading phase of 20 to 25 grams a day followed by a daily maintenance dose of 2 to 5 grams of creatine per day. These standard recommendations are considered the best way to supplement with creatine, but only by default. Bodybuilders, other athletes and their coaches don’t realize that the traditional creatine dosing strategy is based on a very limited amount on research. It is a very basic “scatter-gun” approach that gets the job done but probably destroys 70-80% of the potential gains that could be obtained.

    All of the studies that have examined the effects of creatine have lasted only 6 to 12 weeks. Even before the end of these short-term investigations creatine’s effects have begun to diminish. Athletes in the real-world use creatine for a lot longer than 6 to 12 weeks.

    One reason why some athletes may not experience creatine’s true performance-enhancing potential is that they follow these science-based (but short-term) supplementation protocols for long periods of time (many months or perhaps, years!) This is like someone attempting to practice medicine after they complete a first-aid course! Applying a limited amount of information to a much bigger (complex), long-term picture is sure to wind up in disaster. Or, at the very least, short-circuit the enormous potential benefits that can be obtained from this amazing supplement.

    The research-based “clues” to how to obtain a greater anabolic effect

    The research available shows us that achieving a high concentration of creatine within muscle cells is essential to experiencing the potent effects from supplementation. When creatine accumulates within muscle, a higher concentration of energy resides in cells and number of important physiological effects takes place; up-regulation of the muscle genes responsible for rapid size increases, increased muscle cell volume and accelerated protein synthesis rates as well as greater glycogen (carbohydrate) storage for future workouts.

    Ten years ago scientists believed that only anabolic steroids were capable of exerting these effects. Now we know that creatine supplementation is able to trigger all these responses but without the undesirable side-effects of anabolic steroid use. The problem is that traditional recommendations for creatine supplementation may actually short-circuit creatine’s potential by knee-capping a person’s ability to obtain a high concentration of creatine within muscle cells.

    A high blood plasma concentration of creatine is required for effective uptake by muscle. One 5 gram dose of creatine saturates blood plasma levels nicely for a couple of hours. However, 5 to 7 days of traditional creatine loading may result in prolonged saturation of blood (plasma) creatine that may lead to creatine transporter down-regulation in muscle cells. The creatine transporter (in the muscle cell membrane) is the only way creatine can get into cells. The desensitization of the cell transporter (caused by constant saturation) will reduce the uptake of creatine by muscle.

    The traditional loading phase constantly saturates the blood with creatine and bombards muscles with high concentrations of creatine. When constantly bombarded with high concentrations, creatine transporters actually fall off the muscle cell membrane![5] It takes a substantial amount of time for these transporters to grow back again. And, they will only return under conditions of low creatine concentrations, outside the cell [5].

    The traditional way most bodybuilders use creatine will get results but it also destroys the potential to obtain the truly phenomenal gains that this supplement is capable of providing.

    Closer scrutiny of the research on resistance (weight) training and creatine supplementation reveals that the traditionally recommended maintenance dose (approximately 5 grams of creatine per day) is ineffective at maintaining high creatine concentrations in muscle cells [1,2,3]. Only three studies have actually assessed accumulation within muscle during intense resistance training programs (I have performed 2 of these studies) [2,3]. The results of all three studies show that although significant strength and lean mass gains were obtained from supplementation, muscle analysis revealed that the maintenance dose failed to maintain high muscle creatine concentrations over the duration of the program.

    The traditional maintenance dose isn’t enough.

    The results of another recent study ram home the message that a small maintenance dose is futile at maintaining high muscle creatine concentrations [4]. Using a group of healthy males, this study demonstrated that after a one-week loading phase, a 6-week maintenance dosing schedule (2 grams a day) resulted in the men’s muscle creatine stores returning to the levels that were seen before supplementation began! The benefits of creatine loading had completely disappeared within six weeks! Additionally, these men did not perform any exercise during this study. Intense training depletes muscle cells of energy substrates such as creatine.

    Therefore, based on this research, there is no way that a 5 gram maintenance dose is going to maintain optimal muscle creatine concentrations during intense resistance training programs.

    In this article I have identified some important reasons why the traditional use of creatine may actually be counter-productive to obtaining the phenomenal benefits that are possible. In the next article, I will detail an effective dosing regime that is designed to maintain ultra-high concentrations of creatine within muscle to trigger a powerful, long-lasting anabolic response that produces rapid increases in strength and muscle mass. The athletes that have been following this supplementation strategy for a while now have experienced incredible results. So don’t miss out!


    1. Volek et al. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 31: 1147-1156, 1999..

    2. Cribb et al. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 35: S400, A2239, 2003.

    3. Cribb et al. Presented at The Australian Association of Exercise and Sports Science Conference, April, 2004.

    4. Van Loon et al. Clinical Science 104:153–162. 2003.

    5. Guerrero-Ontivers, M.L. and Wallimann, T. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. 184: 427-437, 1998.

  3. Can I do the cycling with the 3 days on off? Can someone comment on this protocol?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    Can I do the cycling with the 3 days on off? Can someone comment on this protocol?
    I didn't even know you started your log ya should have sent me a PM!

    Sure give the cycling a try, imo I would think Creatine Nitrate would be better everyday because of the No2 effects, but give it a go.

    How did the 4 caps of Creatine Nitrate feel pre-workout? pump?
    It seems like a lot of people perfer 6 caps pre-workout and 2 caps post-workout.

    The shirt looks pretty bomb cut off like a muscle shirt.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  5. Can any one tell the video gap from 1 to the last one was 45 minutes in to my workout right after chest going triceps

  6. Thanks. I have been so busy I forgot to pm you, my bad. I will start week one at 4 than week two 6 caps. I read many message boards and they also agree the ATP and creatine part out weights the NO effects there for would not matter if its mono or nitrate or another form but 3 on 3 off would be more beneficial. That will optimize my gains making better bang for the buck so to speak.

  7. a lot more veins after workout!
    Lockout Supplements Rep
    Discount Code = anabolic05

  8. That's what I wanted to here. Leg day was 90%. The rain killed the mood but I still tried really hard. Will post in a few.

  9. 16 minute cardio today. Good session. Hills mode.

  10. Today will be back and calvs I believe. I will be working out at 6 since im heading out to my gym any way and my buddy is in town for a week visiting from college so I will have him workout with me.
    Today is no creatine but yes on the nitrozine. I really think this 3 day on 3 day off can't hurt to try at least once in our lives of using creatine.

  11. I believe you're taking 4 caps of Creatine Nitrate pre-workout correct?, if so I would give 6 caps pre-workout and 2 caps post-workout and let me know what you think. I find those extra 2 caps pre-workout works great!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  12. So this week I will go with 4 caps and next week I will go with 6 and see which one is better that way I can say I did try both directions from the label.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    So this week I will go with 4 caps and next week I will go with 6 and see which one is better that way I can say I did try both directions from the label.
    Sounds like a good idea! Log is lookin good!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  14. Do you know how much gplc is in the nitrozine? In the future I want to use it again but try to get 4.5 grams of gplc in the future.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    Do you know how much gplc is in the nitrozine? In the future I want to use it again but try to get 4.5 grams of gplc in the future.
    I believe 8 caps(max dose is roughly 4.5g)
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  16. Today I tried to get in the back room and snapped my key.
    lat pull ups 22 (isolator) 15/15
    lat pull down isolaor 130/130/130 x 12
    cable row isolator 130/130/130 x 12
    lat stright pull over 40/40 12
    cable lat pull down 7x15

    calve smith 210/220/220 12
    seated calves 95x12x3
    calves seated 7x15

    veins were good pumps were good no creatine today it was the 4th day. Will post some pictures in a few. Jacuzzi time.


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