Whats the road ahead for a guy like myself?

  1. Whats the road ahead for a guy like myself?

    I have been using AI's and different estrogen control supplements for about the past 2 years now. And i love them. I love the results that i got when using 6-oxo and I even respond very well to gaspari's novedex (despite many peoples hate on it). I havent been staying up to date on forums discussing supplements of the such, but i have noticed that the bans are increasing pretty rapidly. Im noticing all of my favorite estrogen blockers and even the better test boosters are no longer available. For someone like myself who thoroughly enjoys cycling around with products like these, what are some products out there now that may offer me similar results of hardness, definition, increased test, lower estro, and everything else that comes along with a product like 6-oxo?

    Also, is it safe to say with everything the fda is doing now, that we can pretty much say so long to actual quality test boosters in the very near future?

    I love using these products way to much to one day wake up and no longer have anything available to me.

  2. any feedback would be much appreciated please

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