Going appNUTS HGHUP, FreeTest, RPM, DRIVE etc..

  1. Going appNUTS HGHUP, FreeTest, RPM, DRIVE etc..

    Im currently on a Bulking Diet trying to get from 200lbs to 220-230. I'm currently eating an easy 3,000+ calories a day. Consisting mostly of eggs, oats, natural peanut butter, oats, peanuts, whole milk, whole wheat bread, ground beef, steak, and chicken breast. I have had great success with Applied Nutriceuticals in the past. I'm NOT SPONSORED by them and never have been. I will try and log as much as possible even my diet if i have time, finals are in 2 weeks so its going to be hard. Workouts wont be as long as usual, but they will be intense. Once i finish the HGHup I will start IGF-2 right away or a week later and continue to take Free Test. Im open to any advice. Here we gooo!

    2 HGHup and 4 Free Test Empty Stomach
    3 Rpm and 3 Drive 30 mins preworkout
    Neovar immediately after workout and a banana
    Protein 15 mins later (1 Scoop Myofusion 1 scoop IntraPRO)
    3 HGHup Pre Bed.

    I'm also taking a multivitamin and 2.4 grams of fish oil a day.

    I usually train but may vary:
    Sunday: Legs, Abs, Calves (Sometimes do Tri's or Bi's after squatting)
    Monday: Chest
    Tuesday: Off
    Wednesday: Back, Abs, Hamstrings, Calves
    Thursday: Shoulders and Traps
    Friday: Tris, Bi's, Abs
    Saturay: Off

    I will be rating by

    Sleep - Time and Quality -
    Mental Alertness/Focus -
    Energy -
    Motivation -
    Mood/Aggression -
    Stress -
    Joints -
    Endurance -
    Strength -
    Quality of Training -
    Pump and Vascularity -
    Muscle Hardness/Density -
    Body Composition and Look -
    Appetite -
    Overall Sense of Feeling -

  2. Nice opening post. . You should love this stack and you'll be pleased with the results as long as you do your due diligence with your diet and training.



    Primordial Performance

  3. Yep, you should definitely love this stack - I ran something similar earlier in the year and had a blast!

    Writer Athlete Coach
    Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose.

  4. Had great sleep last night woke up with tons of energy which hasnt happened in months. Vivid dreams have started to kick in. This whole weak is a deload week not going to heavy using only like 3/4 strength but keeping it intense only about 1 min rest in between sets.

    Day 1 3rd day on cycle Chest & Abs 11/29
    Flat Barbell Press 135X10, 185X10, 205X7, 225X3
    Incline Barbell Press 185X7X4
    Incline Fly 43X10X4
    Incline Dumbell 63X10, 73X3, 68X9, 68X6
    Straight Leg Bicycle super setted with Kimura sit up and thigh slid crunch 3 sets each exercise 20 reps

    Sleep - Time and Quality - 9
    Mental Alertness/Focus - 8 RPM and Drive FTW
    Energy - 8
    Motivation - 7
    Mood/Aggression -6 hasnt kicked in yet but i cant wait
    Stress - 7 finals
    Joints - 6 right shoudler was killng me on flat
    Endurance - 8
    Strength - 8
    Quality of Training - 7 just not my day
    Pump and Vascularity - 8
    Muscle Hardness/Density - 7 deff noticing my
    Body Composition and Look - 7 bulking but feel leaner
    Appetite - 10 feed me!!
    Overall Sense of Feeling -9 finally had some energy when i woke up on very little sleep

  5. You'll definitely enjoy this stack. I ran the same thing a few months ago and saw some good gains.

  6. Had great sleep once again actually over slept and got 11 hours of sleep lol. Deloading this week like I mention in my last post. Had great stamina during my workout. Just didnt have strength I have been trying to get over a cold for a while.

    Day 2 4th day on cycle Legs, Calves, Bi's
    Squats 135X11, 185X8, 205X8, 225X4
    Hack Squat(number of plates one each side of sled) 2X8, 3X4, 2X10X2
    90 Leg Press 3X10, 4X8X3
    Close Grip BB Curl 65X10, 85X8X3
    Donkey Calve Raise 160X12, 180X12X3
    45 Preacher EZ Close Grip curl 75X8X4
    Calve Raises on low box 4 sets of 12

    • Sleep - Time and Quality - 9
    • Mental Alertness/Focus -9
    • Energy - 8
    • Motivation - 8
    • Mood/Aggression -6 still waiting
    • Stress - 8 finals
    • Joints - 7 knee hurt a little
    • Endurance - 9
    • Strength - 8
    • Quality of Training - 8
    • Pump and Vascularity - 8
    • Muscle Hardness/Density - 7 deff noticing my
    • Body Composition and Look - 7 still feelin lean
    • Appetite - 10 cant eat enough
    • Overall Sense of Feeling - 9 slept great feeling leaner

  7. Didn't get enought sleep was working on an essay. I only got about 6 hours. Had a gread shoulder workout, partner couldnt come and I only had a spot here and there only 1 other person at the gym no one works the counter. I had great focus and was able to have a very intense workout. Pump and endurance was good. Aggression was also a little higher than usual.

    Day 3 5th day on cycle Shoulders, Traps, Abs
    Seated BB Shoulder Press 135X11, 165X7, 175X5, 175X5+3FR
    Bent BB Shrug 185X12, 225X12X3
    Arnold Press 48X10, 53X9, 58X7, 63X4
    Seated BB Bent Shrug on flat bench sitting on the edge barbell directly underneath shoulders 185X12, 225X9X3
    Side Raises 18x10, 22X8X3
    Reverse Bench Crunches 4 sets of 20
    Rear Delt Fly 18X20X4
    Flat bench leg tucks 4 sets of 20
    Lying Bench leg raises 4 sets of 20

    Sleep - Time and Quality - 7 not enough but felt decent
    Mental Alertness/Focus -9
    Energy - 9 didnt even need a min rest between sets
    Motivation - 9
    Mood/Aggression -7 slowly getting there
    Stress - 8 finals
    Joints - no pain
    Endurance - 9 couldnt stop me
    Strength - 8 strength was good for the short rest i was getting
    Quality of Training - 9
    Pump and Vascularity - 8 traps got a nice pump
    Muscle Hardness/Density - 7
    Body Composition and Look - 7
    Appetite - 10 im starving
    Overall Sense of Feeling - 9 good intense workout on little rest

  8. libido?
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  9. Quote Originally Posted by schwellington View Post
    Totally forgot Ill edit my posts. But it has definitely gone up!!

  10. Took the day off yesterday so i took all 5 caps of hghup pre bed felt great starting to get leaner. Didnt get to much sleep last night but Im still feeling good. Had a great back tricep workout. Pumps were good and stamina kicked in about 20 or 30 mins into workout. I need to start dosing my pre workout sooner lol.Still deloading. Libido is through the roof!!!

    Day 6 Super setted Triceps, Back and some bis and abs
    Close Grip Bench 135X12, 185X8, 205X6, 185X10
    Stiff Legged DL 135X12, 185X10, 225X6X2
    Weighted Dips 12, 25X10, 35X10, 35X8
    Wide Grip Pull Up 4 sets of 8
    Over Head DB Extension 68X12, 73x10, 78X9, 83X7
    T Bar Row 115X12, 150X10, 185X8X2
    Wide Lat Pull Down 140X8X4
    Tricep Rope Push Down 50X10X4
    Decline Bench Sit ups 4 sets of 20
    Dumbell curl drop sets went to failure every set from 43,38,33,28,22,18 3 sets

    Sleep - Time and Quality - 8 not enough went to sleep late had to study
    Mental Alertness/Focus -10
    Energy - 10
    Motivation - 10
    Mood/Aggression -7 cant believe it hasnt hit me yet
    Stress - 8 finals
    Joints - no pain
    Endurance - 10
    Strength - 8 strength was there even though i was supersetting
    Quality of Training - 9
    Pump and Vascularity - 8 Bis and tris were jacked
    Muscle Hardness/Density - 8
    Body Composition and Look - 8
    Appetite - 10 woke up hungry but got a little lathargic around lunch time
    Overall Sense of Feeling - 9 good intense workout


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