Alpha-T2 Review

  1. Alpha-T2 Review

    I only had a sample - 1 day's dose, but I'm sold . . . or I would be if every last dime wasn't about to go to moving and graduate school.

    Dosed 2 @ approximately 6 am and followed with breakfast about 15 minutes later.
    Usually, I eat a small second breakfast and brunch, then have lunch between 11:30 and 12, but I found that I wasn't hungry for second breakfast or brunch.
    By 10 am, there was no ignoring the thermogenic effects. I work in a relatively cool (temp. wise, definitely not cool in any other means) office, but I was hot. It felt like I could explode in sweat any minute. This feeling wasn't exclusive to my torso or head; even my forearms and hands felt the same. I even went to the bathroom and took my shirt off for a while, which just felt great.
    Took the second dose, 1 capsule, at 11:30 and waited for lunch until about 12:30. Halfway through lunch, I thought "maybe I don't need this other half of this sandwich," (an unheard of lunchtime phrase for me), but I went ahead and ate it.
    The thermogenic effects weren't as strong in the afternoon, but I held off on my 2 pm snack and waited to eat until about 4 pm.

    All in all, a great supplement. I'd give it 10/10 for both thermogenic effect and appetite suppression. As far as energy goes, I didnít' really expect much from the ingredients. I'm used to taking large amounts of stims and I don't think I'm phased much - more an avoidance of withdrawal headaches thing nowadays. That said, energy levels were fine, much better than they would have been had I not taken anything, but my head was killing me. Not the supps fault - I should have been more prepared.

    Like I said, this is a great supplement. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back on my feet quickly after I move and start school. When that happens, I see a couple of bottles of Alpha-T2 in my future and some fat pounds in the past.

  2. Awesome review - well said. I also agree with the body heat increase after the first dosage.

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