SPANKIN THAT ASZ with ASZ LIGHTNING from Need 2 Build Muscle

  1. SPANKIN THAT ASZ with ASZ LIGHTNING from Need 2 Build Muscle

    Today is the day I get to use some ass lightning.

    I had to be at work early today. so woke up at 7am and busted open some asz lightning.

    man, I have to admit, my experience with energy shot drinks has not been pleasent, so i was a little afraid to taste it.

    WHOA, hey, this stuff actually taste good. unlike redline, which taste like paint thinner smells. (to me at least)

    so tues & thurs are my cardio days, so I went to the gym. I took my ass lightning before my protein shake.

    The first thing I thought when I heard the name of this product was, "is this a colon cleansing product?" but turns out the name is meant to imply it'll be like a shot of lightning to your azz.

    to me, the energy didnt kick like redline did. it was more of an, awake, ready to go feeling.

    I'd think if you stacked adderline with ass lightning, you'd get a similar effect to using some redline (capsules, the energy shots aren't as strong).

    I hit the the gym for 20min of cardio today.

    I for one am not a morning person. so I feel it gave me the extra kick i needed to be clear headed, and ready to run on the tread mill.

    but It a wasn't crack head ready to race feeling, It was a happy medium.

    If they had this in a capsule form, I think I might be hooked. good stuff to have on hand for work though. def.

    In my opinion there are stronger products out, I believe their n2kts packs more of a pre workout energy kick to it.

    but if your looking for a better than 5hr energy drink product, this is def it. enough energy to do the job, without the jitters, or crash.

    taste: 10

    energy: 6

    sides: 0

  2. I was wrong, this is actually from brutal alchemy. it can be bought at need to build though.

    good stuff to have at work to get over the mid shift hump.

  3. very honest review here.I agree this is a great item to have around when you need a nice clean boost without feeling cracked out.I've been looking for reviews and this one is a solid one.

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