24/M/NJ seeks PRs, LTR w/ Size+Strength. (Natadrol Unsponsored)

  1. 24/M/NJ seeks PRs, LTR w/ Size+Strength. (Natadrol Unsponsored)


    Best sets:

    Bench: 350 confirmed (362 1rm calculated)
    Squats: 455 confirmed (475 calculated)
    Dead: 565 confirmed (590 calculated)
    OHP: 245 confirmed (250 calculated)

    I give the bull**** calculated numbers as a basis for comparison - it gives a way for any particularly intense set to be quantified in one number. I don't claim to be any stronger than what I have actually lifted in casual conversation; I am not "that guy")

    Training is a 4x/week split:

    Heavy Upper
    Light Lower
    Light Upper
    Heavy Lower

    (Squatting and Deading 2x/week. Yes, it hurts)

    The Diet: About maintenance. Focusing a little more on Protein and PWO meal. Cleanish "bulk". I want strength and LBM for now, with a minimum of spillover into fat. I really want the 405 bench/505 squat/605 dead combo.

    The Stack:

    Natadrol (starting at 6, will bump to 8, have 3 bottles)
    T911 (on cycle, will do something else for PCT) EDIT: Being careful with this after adverse yohimbine reaction.

    Protein/Fish Oil/Creatine/VitD/Zinc (staples)

    Yellow gold

    Leucine in the PWO shake

    caffeine/13dm/aakg/glycerine on hand for PreWO when I feel like it.
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  2. 3 doses in and I can notice a slight testicular difference - I wonder if my PCT from the HDrol cycle was not the best. Still, suggests that Natadrol definitely is an androgen in vivo.

    EDIT - difference is in "high and tight" nothing in mass obviously.
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  3. good luck bud, I'm in .. how many caps of t911 u dosing along with natadrol ?

  4. 2 a day to start with. I can feel them, but the Yohimbine I am sensitive to.

    I think I will run at least 6bromo and DAA for PCT, I may grab a bottle of Torem as well to make sure I am good and recharged.

    Also adding in Acetyl L carnitine (androgen receptor boost)

    Diuretic effect kicking in, brb!

    Marginal workout today. PRs for reps on hammer strength incline press ([email protected]) and cable row (10 @ 275)
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  5. Well, that was awful. I woke up at 6:18am with my heart pounding. I still feel a little elevated. I think I am going to have to cut the T911 out.

    I think I will still run a T-booster while on Natadrol, I just wish T911 had worked out for me. I might try to take it away from my preworkout stimulants, which I take only on rare occasions.

    The combination, though, of caffeine 100mg, 1,3 dimethylamylamine, and the yohimbine was WAY too much for me. Interestingly, I have had this exact feeling before (waking up with racing heart after being able to sleep) from taking some weight loss stimulant pill before a night of mild drinking.

    Also intriguing is that yohimbine appears to have an extremely short half life - so why did I not have my worst reaction until 12 hours later? A possible explanation that as hinted at on the internet is the long half life of the 11-hydroxy metabolite. That caught my eye, because the reason marijuana edibles can be so potent (and nausea inducing) is also an 11-hydroxy metabolite that is longer lasting and ~4x as psychoactive.

    Not that the structures are similar.
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  6. Resumed T911 without other stims, no issues yet. Maybe I'm getting used to the yohimbine.

    Bumping to 2/4/2 or 3/3/3 soon on the ND....****ed up my shoulder a little over the weekend, and gym was closed today. Big test of the ND tmrw.
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  7. Tore a hole in my belt deading today, causing me to hurt my back...(was going 535 for reps)


    olympic ez bar curls - 14RP @140
    Medium grip cable curls - [email protected] strict form (not 100% sure this is a PR)
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  8. Back and shoulder healing/healed a lot faster than expected... off today.

    Bumping to 8 ND aka getting this show on the road.

    No more negative sides from the T911 yet. Honestly haven't noticed much. Diet is probably still around maintenance:

    AM 20g whey shake - http://www.ergo-log.com/proteinbreakfast.html

    Breakfast wrap - eggs, tortilla, cheese, ham or turkey bacon typically - probably 30g protein in here

    Lunch - 1+lb of meat, some carb source - 100-150g+ protein

    Prewo - 20g shake, carbs

    PostWO - 20g whey, 32oz milk, chocolate syrup

    Dinner - 1+lb meat, more carbs (2 cups rice is typical), 100-150g+ protein

    Pre bed shake - Muscle milk + 16oz milk - 50g protein
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  9. Best sets of the day

    Bench - 315x4

    Hammer incline press [email protected] (PR)

    Did some cable flyes 12 @ 120 per arm, felt pretty good squeeze, I never do traditional bodybuilding stuff like this anymore, but the week got cut short by 4th of july so I went with a split

    Skull crushers [email protected] 125

    Bumped to 8 caps ND, looked a little more vascular IMO, maybe slightly better pump and a harder feeling. Strength increase?...Maybe. Too soon to tell.
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  10. Maybe kicking in at 8 caps/day??? I feel and look a little harder, noticing bits of vascularity here and there.

    If anyone reading this has access to the paper regarding the androgenic access of tinaspora cordifolia, please contact me - I'd like to try to extrapolate the Q ratio for this stuff and try to figure out the effective dosage compared to other PHs.

    Back and Bis:

    PR: Flite machine (like a nautilus lat pulldown) 315 8,2,2 RestPaused (hadn't done these in a while, but massive PR here)

    T-bar row machine - the weight is further out than normal so it is a bit harder than with an olympic bar + handle. 270 7,3 RestPaused Also did one at 315 just to max the entire bar with 45s.

    Olympic EZ bar curls: 8,3,2 @ 140 PR by 5lbs, matched reps.
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  11. Looking pretty good so far, what day are you on? Any bodyweight changes?

  12. Today is Day 13. The minor injuries I mentioned have cleared nicely, weight is up a little, and I think I look better right now.

    I will really be trying to hammer strength in the coming weeks. Strength is why I train.
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  13. Looking good bro. Keep it up. Im following. Studded.

  14. Thanks bro.

    Nice strength pop today.

    Best Set:

    Incline DB Press 130s 7,3,2 <---probably would have gotten more if it wasn't wobbly from never doing these.

    I should note at this point I have experienced no negative sides. I'm hoping that I get a strength boost in my major powerlifts when I go back to them next week. I can feel myself sliding into a DC scheme...love that intensity.
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  15. Best Sets

    DB shoulder press
    4 sets of [email protected] 100lb DBs - felt heavier than it should have, interference from incline bench, for sure.

    Leg press
    [email protected] plates -> 7 lockouts off the pins
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  16. Update: Slightly concerned about my libido/suppression. Bad mood today (possibly jet lagged, back from vacation)

    Seated military - [email protected]
    Hammer Strength Shoulders - 5 @ 315
    Cybex seated leg press - [email protected] 505 (whole stack)
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  17. ****ty workout tonight.

    Did some rehab Deadlifts, back is still a little tweaked. I won't be hitting a new max I don't think.

    Bench @265 - 8,6,6.5 -> basically the same as 3 weeks ago
    HS incline 8 5 [email protected] 315 (this is shamefully terrible if you look at the last workout I did with this)

    Decent cable rows 10 9 8 @ 285 (PR)

    Overall, not impressed at the moment with natadrol @ 8 caps. I might need to go to 10. Advice from an LG rep is welcome at this point.
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  18. Hit a nice set of squats [email protected] - these had been lagging so I'm glad to get back to this pretty shameful level of strength.

    should presses with 90s - 15,5,3 <--monster set

    triceps overhead press - 110 db - 15,7,4 <---sore today

    No suppression or libido problems now, weird how I feel like that is pulsing in and out....had some good sex today so everything is working lol.

    Maybe this is the week the strength starts to pop.
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  19. nope, NO PRs today (chest/back)
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  20. [email protected] squats (ehhh, OK i guess)

    [email protected] seated military (PR)
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  21. Didn't eat enough, terrible day. Sort of trying to lean out a little while retaining strength since ND doesn't seem to have particularly favorable bulking properties for me.
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  22. Felt some prostate "pressure" last night - not very confidence inspiring. Thinking about quitting this stuff and getting rid of the last bottle.
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  23. I'm done. I don't know what to do with the rest of this stuff, but it isn't working for me. I believe that it is an exogenous androgen, yes, maybe I just don't respond? I don't have anything positive to say, really. I did set some PR-ish sets, but those weren't anything out of the norm. I had a TERRIBLE workout yesterday. Also, ether the yohimbine in T911 or something in ND seems to keep me up too late. This log has not been a paragon of perfect training or diet, so for that I apologize. Injuries didn't help. This is probably the last thing I will log.

    I spent $75 on products whose principal function seems to be reminding me that I could have had a cycle for that.
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