Hi Everyone,

I have got myself a bottle of Anabolic Pump, Powerful and 6 Bromo on their way from NP. I am going to do a little experiment with the three together. I had a couple of sample of AP and i responded very well to them (felt leaner, even after a few days) I am hoping that the combo will be a really good recomp. I'm mainly looking to lean up but still maintain mass or even add some mass.

I'm weighing in at 188p at the moment and will try to maintain a eating plan around 2000 cals. I will adjust training depending on how i feel using these together, but recently i have really cut rest time down between sets and i really enjoy training this way.

I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this or tips about these products as its the first time on all three (except for sample of AP)

I'm looking forward to what these products could bring together. Cheers Everyone